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What Is The Geo-Political Base Of West Hollywood?

West Hollywood Kids Kiterunning in the gay communityThe 2010 Census states that West Hollywood’s population is 34,399 people, and in the past ten years, it has shown a 3% decrease. Within that 34,000 population, there is a variety of different races, ages, religious views, and sexual orientations. The racial demographic is predominantly white, making up 84.2%.

The next race with the most extensive presence are Latinos at 10.5%, then following them are Asians at 5.4%, and African-Americans at 3.2%. West Hollywood has a very minute population of Native Americans and Pacific Islanders. Combined, their presence in the community totals less than half of a percent (0.4%).

The general age of West Hollywood’s population is on the older side, with 88% of the population being over the age of 25. Moreover, the largest age group ranges from 25-44 years old. People of the age of 19 years old or younger only made up approximately 5% of the population.

Data taken on one’s sexual orientation showed that approximately 40% of the male population was gay. There was no finite data taken on the sexual orientation of the female residents, however, one can accurately assume the percentage of gay women would be higher than most other cities since West Hollywood is the friendly gay city in America.

Out of the gay population in West Hollywood, there were 1,321 households that were same-sex couples. For opposite-sex couples, there were 3,060 households. The rest of the 18,000 households in town were occupied by single occupants or people married with children.

A large portion of West Hollywood’s population is active voters. According to the LA Almanac, 27,761 residents are registered to vote. The majority of the registered voters were affiliated with the Democratic Party, with a total of 17,096 registered voters. The Republican Party only had 2,463 registered voters within the city.

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There’s a very small disbursement of voters between the Green Party and others, but many people chose to opt-out of stating their political affiliation (6,965 people).


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