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Date Modified: March 13, 2023

Located in Northern Orange County, California, Fullerton is a city with a strong sense of tradition, treasuring the historical past and staying focused on future challenges. Fullerton is known for its diverse mix of residential, commercial, industrial, educational, and cultural environments, providing its citizens with an outstanding quality of life.

However, even with the city’s prosperity and vigor as it continues to expand, there are certain hazards and risks, just like any other large city in California, leading to severe accidents and injuries.

Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys work closely with injured victims in California, including Fullerton, to protect their rights and fight for the compensation they deserve. When you’re struggling with the aftermath of an accident, the right attorney can help ease your burden and hold the responsible party accountable for your loss.

Contact our Fullerton, CA, personal injury attorneys if you’ve suffered injuries in an accident in Fullerton due to another’s negligence.

Types of Claims Ehline Law Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

There are many types of accidents that can lead to a personal injury claim. Personal injury law is a vast field, and some of the practice areas our personal injury lawyers excel are as follows:

  • Car accidents and other motor vehicle crash claims (car, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles)
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Premises liability claims
  • Defective products
  • Wrongful death.

There are many other practice areas our personal injury attorneys have substantial experience. We’ve successfully helped over 3,000 injured clients pursue claims and recovered in excess of $150 million in compensation. If you’ve suffered injuries in an accident that was not your fault, contact our experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your case and learn more about your legal options.

Proving Liability in a Personal Injury Case

Under personal injury law in California, injured victims have the right to recover compensation if they’ve suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence or failure to exercise reasonable caution.

For example, drivers are responsible for exercising reasonable caution when driving to prevent harm to themselves and others. Failure to exercise reasonable caution can lead to car accidents for which injured victims may pursue personal injury cases to obtain monetary damages.

However, pursuing a personal injury claim is not so straightforward. There are a lot of challenges one needs to face, including a defendant who is unwilling to accept fault. An injured victim must prove the critical elements of negligence to have a valid legal claim. However, not all personal injury cases require victims to prove negligence, and these include intentional misconduct (assaults, battery, intentional infliction of emotional harm, trespass, and others) and strict liability cases (dog bites and defective products)

Ehline Law and our personal injury lawyers have more than 15 years of experience handling personal injury cases. We can help gather the relevant evidence to prove causation, establish negligence, and aggressively fight to protect your rights.

Potential Damages You May Recover in a Personal Injury Case

An accident can lead to physical and mental injuries for which injured victims can pursue a personal injury claim. The damages available to injured victims vary from one case to another and depend on several factors, including the severity of injuries.

Typically, there are two types of compensatory damages that an accident victim may recover, including the following.

Economic Damages

The most common type of damages after an accident are economic damages or special damages. These compensate the victims for the out-of-pocket expenses they may face following their injuries, such as:

  • Medical bills (medical treatment costs, surgery, therapy, rehabilitation, prescription medications, home modification, future medical expenses, and other medical bills)
  • Lost wages (past, current, and future losses)
  • Property damage

It is essential for accident victims to keep all the bills and receipts of any expenses incurred following their accident, as they would need to submit them when filing personal injury claims.

Non-economic Damages

An accident can also lead to non-economic damages, which compensate victims for non-monetary losses, such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of companionship
  • Reduced quality of life

Unlike quantifiable economic damages, non-economic or general damages are much more difficult to calculate as they don’t have a value. It makes it challenging for injured victims to recover these types of damages without the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Ehline Law is a premier personal injury firm that works with leading medical experts to help assess and calculate non-economic damages.

In rare cases involving serious intentional misconduct or extreme recklessness that leads to injuries, our personal injury lawyers have experience pursuing punitive damages. Courts award punitive damages to punish defendants and deter others from carrying out such misconduct or acts.

Statute of Limitations for Fullerton Accidents

After an accident taking legal action against the negligent party is not on the mind of many victims. However, it is crucial to note that you don’t have much time to bring a civil action. Under the California statute of limitations, injured victims have two years following their injuries to pursue a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the at-fault party. The statute of limitations shortens to six months if the negligent party involves a government entity.

Certain exceptions put the statute of limitations on hold or pause, such as the discovery rule, injured minors, out-of-state defendants, fraudulent concealment, disability, and legal insanity. It is best to speak to our personal injury lawyer and get a free case evaluation to determine how much time you have to pursue legal action.

Why Should You Hire Ehline Law Personal Injury Law Firm for Your Accident Case in Fullerton, CA?

Whether it is a car accident or any other type of accident that leads to injuries, it is crucial to seek legal representation. Ehline Law is a leading personal injury law firm, and our personal injury lawyers can help you in many ways, including the following.

Free Consultations

Our Fullerton personal injury lawyer provides a free case evaluation to discuss your case and help you know your rights. Free consultations are an excellent way for injured victims to get some guidance on their personal injury case and learn more about the attorney who might be handling the case.

Resources to Investigate and Gather Evidence

Whether a car accident, medical negligence, or any other personal injury case, Ehline Law has the resources to investigate your accident, gather necessary evidence, and get you the legal help you deserve.

Legal Help on Contingency-fee Basis

Besides free consultations where injured victims can discuss their cases and know their rights, our Fullerton personal injury attorney works on a contingency fee basis. We don’t charge any upfront legal fees but only take a share of the award if we win the case.

Many Locations

Ehline Law has more than 15 law offices across California and Texas. If you’re injured and can’t make it to our law office for a free case evaluation, our attorney will come to you wherever you are.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Ehline Law

If you suffered injuries in an accident in Fullerton due to another’s negligence, contact us at (833) LETS-SUE for a free consultation, as you may be able to seek compensation.

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