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The trusty Ehline Law Firm is a leading catastrophic personal injury law firm. And Ehline Law Firm has a location just for you in Glendale, California.

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What do we do, you ask? Well, our services range from proudly helping clients with neck pain from accidents to dog bites and truck accidents.

Typically this is when your car collides with another vehicle. Someone engaged in risky behavior or activities is likely to cause people harm. Our mission is making people liable for injuries they caused to another person.

  • When someone else causes injury from sheer negligence, they are accountable for their actions.
    Michael Ehline at the court
    United States Supreme Court
  • This law firm has successfully recovered over $30,000,000 for personal injury cases.
  • We also help with all kinds of calamities involving long-term, permanent damage.

We are so fortunate that clients and even the news media seek us out for answers. Mostly, these individuals want to know about the latest shocking events.

But sometimes they want to know about the Law Office Study Program or our outreach to disabled veterans, etc. In any event, if it’s on the local and national scene, they ask us our thoughts. Most say they selected us due to our national reputation as proven leaders.

Of course, back to what we do in our law practice. Anyone visiting this city will probably notice the old, dangerous highway on-ramps and off-ramps.

Many commuters like you will see these as they enter and exit the city.

  • What you must know is that many drivers and passengers get hurt by these old style Glendale ramps. In fact, Glendale tops the entire state of Rhode Island in traffic accidents alone.

But careless operations by the government are only one reason for so many traffic wrecks here.

As many of you may have seen, the infrastructure is crumbling here. Government claims are aplenty in many different kinds of accident cases. But these require a special kind of lawyer like Michael Ehline, our president.

What About Our Proven Record of Success?

Ehline Law Firm has a proven track record of achievement in negligence law cases. Our team’s dedication shows every time. And we stand up against the largest insurance companies in California.

We have brought cases in all courts of the state. With all the Charlatans out there, people feel comforted knowing we even the odds for the little guy.

  • Furthermore, we have a proven track record of positive reviews.
  • We run to the sound of the calamity and will not shirk from the most unpleasant cases.

So, for example, this can include Ehline Law Firm suing those causing the loss of your spouse. The decedent spouse will have likely left kids and dependents behind.

  • One of the attributes that separate us from the pack is our unwavering “do or die” attitude.
  • We return phone calls and represent our clients with diligence.
  • Our compassion and quality hold us out head and shoulders above the rest.

Why Pick Us as Your Glendale, CA Personal Injury Attorneys?

Well, there are many reasons to choose our stellar lawyers.

  1. First off, Michael Ehline is our lead attorney.
  • This Los Angeles County lawyer is a former U.S. Marine.
  • He is highly motivated to win.
  • Michael’s clients love it that he is so personable and caring.
  • Families like and trust him.
  • He and the Ehline Law Firm have the respect of other lawyers in the Glendale area.

Court judges and insurance companies also appreciate our resolve and dedication. The law firm has represented thousands of clients throughout the state of California. We would welcome the opportunity to check your case.

Why Must You Know Your Legal Options?

Knowing what to do, even for many lawyers is not easy in a severe injury case in Glendale, CA.

But we do know that:

Ehline Law Firm says you should let us provide you with your legal options and protect your rights. For example, statistics say that Glendale, California, is the third largest city in Los Angeles County. In fact, the city has a population of approximately 210,000 residents.

  • In fact, Glendale is a place with so much going on; it is an accident waiting to happen.
  • Careless operations here could mean a bad wreck.

Think about it — the city borders by Burbank to the west. There are film and television studios nearby. Noteworthy, to the east by Pasadena, there is the home of the famous Rose Bowl.

It is also home to various businesses, shopping, and dining facilities. Glendale Civic Auditorium and Glendale Community College are significant points of interest. The place is busy and crowded almost all the time, especially during rush hour.

Is Glendale an Accident Waiting to Happen?

Like many California cities, it is dense and ripe for all types of cataclysmic events, both God and man-made. (See Glendale Police Statistics.)

Making matters worse; the city has many visitors every year from around the globe. Thus, many people travel here. But many are unfamiliar with the dangers and unique features of this bustling territory.

But wait, we have over 18 California law office locations. Therefore, even if you are from another city, we can find a convenient place to meet and serve you.

What Are Some Glendale City Accident Statistics?

Glendale has many things to do and places to work. But it is one major U.S. city recognized for massive traffic congestion. (Intersections: L.A. Top 10 for Traffic Congestion).

This town is also famous for many other types of non-traffic related tragedies to life and limb.

In 2008 the California State Office of Traffic Safety data showed that 725 injuries. Of those, at least six people died in traffic accidents. Unreasonable maintenance is often a cause of highway collisions in the city.

Other Accidents:

But traffic accidents are not the only types that kill or maim.

  • Construction site mishaps.
  • Dangerous products. A faulty product could increase the risk or severity of a motor vehicle accident, for example. The causes are poor manufacturing and bad instructions that were unclear. Sometimes, ineffective assembly at the packaging warehouse will fail. These are all grounds to sue.
  • Pedestrian accidents.

These all can kill. But these are just a few of the incidents that happen in a city of this size.

Damage to residential property from failed sewers and gas lines is a looming threat. Although this will not always result in criminal charges, it is the basis for a civil suit.

Why Timing to Hire a Lawyer is Crucial?

After injuries, it is important to act fast. Furthermore, hiring a tort lawyer right away is key. Timing is everything. The evidence must be preserved for future use.

Furthermore, it must be saved before it has a chance to deteriorate or be destroyed.

  • Conducting witnesses interviews should be done quickly. The memory of the details begins to fade. Sometimes witnesses disappear. Locating a missing person is no cheap or easy task.

Failure to follow specific laws can mean the end of your case. Furthermore, the most important law in an injury claim is the statute of limitations.

Even more relevant, is the law only permits a limited amount of time to file the allegation. When not submitted in time, you will give up your right to compensation.

Thus, this can leave victims holding the bag with a huge financial burden.

Our law firm ensures you that:

  • All legal documents get filed within the necessary amount of time, and;
  • Clients seek medical or chiropractic care,
  • The evidence gets preserved and logged.

Of course, this assumes you don’t blow the statute of limitations. Don’t let that happen before retaining our legal services. (California Statute of Limitations for Injury Claims.) You need to get a lawyer right away by calling (888) 400-9721.

Why Do We Offer Our Immediate Attention Anywhere in CA?

Our attorneys understand it’s hard to schedule an appointment to meet in our offices. Furthermore, this is even truer for an injured person. When you cannot come to our Glendale office, we will come to your hospital room.

Our advocates will go to your rehabilitation facility, home, or other location. We will happily discuss your case and explain to you your legal rights. You did not have a choice not to get in the incident that resulted in your injuries.

  • But you do have a choice in hiring a member of the bar you can trust.

Why Do Our Resources Mean You Can Relax?

Having the resources to hire experts is key in any PI case. Often, accident reconstruction or medical specialists are a must. The help of these virtuosos is essential to winning you the most money. Of particular concern, this is something not all law firms have.

  • Thus, some law companies that do not have the resources may become forced to settle your case early.

They cannot afford professionals like biomechanics. Thus, this means getting less compensation than you deserve. Our law firm has the financial resources to handle cases like this.

What that means to you is that we can afford to go after more than one liable party no matter how large they are.

What About Recovering Money Damages For Your Injury Case?

Our legal professionals know that insurance companies use unsavory tactics.

  • They are even less forthright when an accident victim does not have legal representation.
  • As a result, this lowers the amount victims can recover.
  • Furthermore, they could deny a person’s injury claim for the financial recovery they deserve.
  • Sometimes victims “fall for it.” But we won’t let that happen.

Some of the Cases We Help Personal Injury Victims in Glendale, CA with are as follows:

  • Motor Vehicle Wrecks (Cases we help with include single vehicle wrecks. But we also assist in bus, truck, and bicycle accident related cases. Usually, they cause big injuries like ruptured discs, brain injuries, and even burns. Many burns require skin grafts. Skin can melt off from exposure to flaming gasoline and friction burns.)
  • Premises Liability Cases (We help people with slips and falls, dog bites, falling objects. Suing the city for cracks in sidewalks is part of our background. In the past, we have helped people with negligent security cases, to name a few.)
  • Industrial Accidents (Thus, we sue for machine shop injuries, incinerator explosions, and failures. Hence we bring cases for defective wood-cutter machines. We also sue employers for wood chipper pull-ins and chemical spills. The firm even helps in water contamination cases. Suing for faulty lifts and cranes on construction sites are just part of our service.)
  • Work Comp Claims (Including bad burns, seaman’s wage and hour as well as overtime disputes.)
  • Rape and Abuse Claims (We help institutionalized homosexual child molesters from the Catholic church. Furthermore, we will sue man-boy-love organizations potentially hidden in plain sight at public schools. It also means we will not hesitate to sue for sex acts arising at private Boy Scout/Cub Scout training.)
  • Wrongful Death Claims (Famous car accidents like Paul Walker’s made the news. Other death cases include those from aircraft wrecks. Some encompass elderly abuse and other situations. Examples include scenarios where the vulnerable die from the acts of an evil person.) If the accident caused the death of a loved one, the family members of the victim might sue for the death.

Retaining a Glendale Personal Injury Lawyer.

Now comes the easy part. Ehline Law Firm helps in Glendale and your nearby communities if you or a family member has suffered injuries in an accident. Furthermore, the upbeat Ehline Law Firm attorneys have years of experience.

We go the extra mile to protect your rights. Hence, our lawyers focus on getting you a recovery of a windfall like damages. Also, this law firm maintains an exceptional Super Lawyers and AVVO rating.

  • We have successfully obtained the best outcomes possible in verdicts and settlements.
  • Thus, our achievements on behalf of our clients total millions of dollars.
  • We always work on a no recovery, no fee basis.
  • Call us toll-free at (888) 400-9721. Phone right now for a cost-less, no hassle, confidential call!

We are convenient to the San Fernando and Burbank areas, and we service the entire San Fernando Valley.

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