Huntington Beach Personal Injury

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To begin with, there are no real numbers on whether or not the person causing the crash paid attention.

Helpful Local Collision Data

Huntington Beach, California, is located on the breezy, sunny Pacific Coast of the United States. Above all, it has a fascinating and sometimes notorious history. Namely famous as “Surf City,” this was a “locals only” surf town from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Later, in the ’90s, this once lower-middle-class locale underwent a modern transformation in terms of population, housing, and commercial expansion. Furthermore, in present-day times, the region’s image has morphed into a sandy, sunny, cosmopolitan, upper-middle-class city. Because of this upward movement, its traffic systems are modernizing, along with its demographics.

Compared to Irvine, with its vast traffic surveillance network, it has some catching up to do. However, the city maintains superlative fire and police forces with stringent background and psychological requirements for its officers.

Similarly, an excellent private network of caretakers, local hospitals, and emergency care centers exists. Plus, there are first-rate private ambulance and EMT services.

HB Public Relations.

Public relations are essential to the city planners for the generation of all forms of revenue. Compared to taxes raised from housing, local establishments, and employers, fines and fees make up a large chunk of infrastructure monies.

As a rule, the city generates a ton of revenue from parking and traffic violations. In short, the city needs to draw in warm bodies to afford its traffic enforcement agencies alone. Most of all, HB wants visitors to spend their money liberally!

Because of this goal, a welcoming vibe exists. Together with a wide selection of entertainment and recreational choices, it’s an excellent town for fun. In addition to its famous surf shops and bars, many leading athletes, actors, and musicians hail from HB.

As a result of its improved image, Huntington now draws in over 11 million yearly visitors. So hats off to the City Council and Mayor for helping bring the city into a new millennium. Historically, it’s been a magnet for beach-goers.

Similarly, the particular high-speed stretch of PCH that passes through Huntington still brings many cyclists. Likewise, runners and other pedestrian traffic from Long Beach in the North pours in.

And when the waves are too poor to paddle out at the “Wedge” in Newport Beach, many surfers, including long-boarders, will peddle their bikes along the boardwalk paths to the Huntington Beach Pier to enjoy its ideal weather and South Swell.

Surf City History.

Above all, the aloha spirit the city inherited from the likes of Hawaiian surfer George Freeth made it the ideal vacation spot for both college types and retired folks.

So at any given time, pedestrians are walking to and from any number of world-class restaurants, hotels, and shops. Also, a relaxing stroll along its dotted 8 miles of pristine state, county, local beaches, and parks rival even Laguna Beach in its serenity.

Of particular interest, for recreational bicycle riders who like the freedom from traffic jams a bike gives, this destination is especially attractive. Beyond that, after parking their motorcycle, a person can quickly walk to any number of regularly scheduled events.

There are classic car shows, Pennywise concerts, or even U.S. Open of Surfing competitions. But petty crimes like bicycle theft are no strangers to this city.

So make sure and bring a proper chain and lock for the bike racks. After all, they are placed strategically throughout the town.

Dog Beach.

Next, Goldenwest Street has its own “Dog Beach.” Ordinarily, people will have their dogs off-leash. So here loose dogs play fetch and run around in the wet sand. Also, you will find all types of dogs and owners.

Consequently, each varying temperament and disposition will also be present at the dog beach. By the way, riders need to be aware that some dogs consider a fast-moving bike prey. Also, mothers with strollers and little tikes need to beware of many a dog’s propensities to nip their baby in the face.

TIP: Keep children away from strange dogs, even if they are small. Most of all, no petting! Above all, to avoid being clawed or bitten while riding or while on foot, it is suggested to take protective steps like grabbing some pepper spray.

Hence, if a dog appears to be a threat, it can be temporarily blinded with the aerosol. So now you can escape. Also, try and keep space between any bike, baby stroller, yourself, and any canines.

Other Major Draws for Visitors.

Also, its annual Fourth of July Beach fireworks is a significant draw for patriotic onlookers out having fun. In particular, limousines and taxis frequently take people to and from LAX, Long Beach Airport, or John Wayne Airport. Noteworthy, nearby medical marijuana dispensaries, liquor stores, 5-star hotels, and apartment complexes dot along its many crowded streets and busy cloverleaves.

So it’s healthy a mix of single-family residences, single adults, students, visitors, and tourists. But many people here are smoking weed, drinking beer, or on something. Indeed, some inebriated people become drunk in public. Ergo, some may try and operate cars or bikes while wasted. Recent statistics show there are quite a few DUI arrests and hit and runs near the clogged arteries along Coast Highway and Main Street, for example.

Naturally, Uber and Lyft have eased intoxicated driving generally. Nevertheless, the sheer number of visitors attending Huntington’s restaurants, bars, and nightclubs assure future DUI and public intoxication arrests.

Major Area for Distracted Drivers?

A drunk driver may be so busy looking at a girl walking along in a bikini that a rider or pedestrian could simply be run over and killed. So it’s important to remember someone may be under the influence of some type of substance at any given time.

But there are also dangers like being struck or punched by an angry nightclub bouncer or drowning in the ocean during a surf camp. Also, your risks of slipping and falling at a hotel’s pool are real, even with a vigilant lifeguard on duty.

But the same applies to an apartment’s common areas or a pub’s wet floor. Ordinarily, these perils become magnified during the busier summer months. Generally, anytime many people are congregating in one place, an increased chance of accidents exists.

But we trade off the handiness and swiftness of autos like trucks, scooters, and motorcycles. Usually, we do so in exchange for the certainty of future accidents.

Innocent People Get Hurt.

As a result, sometimes innocent people will suffer head, back, neck, and other injuries, or perhaps even death. But surviving victims often need some legal guidance afterward.

Otherwise, the person not at fault can be made a patsy and lose out on their injury compensation. As a result, Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, was established to help the eviscerated underdog in need of a great lawyer.

And we are close by to help you right now. Also, our professional law corporation of prominent, preeminent personal injury lawyers are located throughout California. Consequently, one of our multiple California offices is located right here in Huntington Beach, CA, to serve you.

So What’s So Special About Ehline Law Firm?

For over ten years, the successful injury lawyers at Ehline Law Firm have worked for personal injury plaintiffs. In particular, we help people, such as those injured by snapping dogs or trips and fall at the pier.

We take types of cases to cover a wide swath of fact patterns to hide a nasty fall on a wet floor inside of a Starbucks Coffee™ during the rainy season and more. In brief, we help the innocent party get justice in a local court or by skillfully negotiating a favorable settlement.

But, above are just some of the fantastic things we assist deserving people like you with.

Notably, our caseload extends to accidental deaths and other types of fact patterns.

  • Where you or another family member harmed or injured at work?
  • Maybe you were even smashed up in a car, truck, or bus accident?
  • Was someone else responsible for causing injuries that you or your loved one suffered?

So Just Who Breached their Duty?

Are you worried about the terrible turn of events in your living situation because of another’s negligence? So, in other words, did someone breaches their duty of reasonable care to you or a loved one?

Generally, they are said to be negligent. Usually, the law can hold them to account. But the time for worrying must be set aside because now is the time to act. Afterward, the victim’s only job should be getting medically stabilized and healing.

Conversely, Ehline Law Firm’s job is to absorb all the red tape and problems of the case. Finally, we represent customers with a sense of elan and purpose. By the way, we do so the entire time with vim and vigor. In short, we aggressively seek justice on our client’s behalf.

  • Ehline Law Firm has over a decade of offering high-quality representation to individuals like you.
  • Located in Huntington Beach, we are near other California beach cities.

So Have We Achieved Over $100,000,000 in Settlements and Verdicts?

Yes, we have. Most noteworthy, Michael Ehline has successfully recovered over $30,000,000 in monetary recovery for personal injury victims. As a result, this impressive record has garnered the firm and staff top awards.

Who is My Lead Attorney?

Attorney Michael Ehline grew up surfing Huntington and Goldenwest. You see, his uncle Guy owned Wind N’ Sea Surfboards on the North Side of the pier.

So in summer, Michael would stay at the shop, skateboard, boogie-board, and surf on a Hurley™ stick. As a teen, Michael enjoyed seeing the B movies at the now-defunct surf theater.

Also, he remembers the curfew the city had imposed on minors due to so many rowdy surfers. Most of all, this is Ehline’s old stomping ground and domain from youth. Most noteworthy is that Ehline still hits the waves on Goldenwest.

And when he is not surfing, he is busy showing citizens how to maximize the value of their injury cases. His unsurpassed reputation in the courts comes from helping people like you. Most of all, these were folks hurt by all types of negligence and intentional conduct.

Consequently, Michael’s awards and achievements include:

  • Super Lawyers Rising Stars for several years.
  • Accolades as a Million Dollar Advocate.

Michael is a member of:

  • Circle of Legal Trust
  • Personal Injury Warriors International.

So the combination of being a local and being an excellent attorney should help you. Can you see why hiring us puts your legal matter into the pole position for success?

Personal Injury in Huntington Beach?

Ehline Law Firm focuses on personal injury law. So this means that we have scientific and legal knowledge in the area of negligence and tort law. To begin with, many of these cases stem from the unique perils presented in this locale. Also, these dangers are wide-ranging.

Most of all, this law firm represents clients involved in minor and extreme catastrophic accident cases. For this reason, we also work with the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce and Huntington Beach Bar Association.

Because of this, we have a respected reputation in the local community. And we work hard to ensure a positive client experience for all.

In particular, Accidents and Injuries include:

  • Toxic Chemical Exposure
  • Dog bites at Goldenwest Street
  • Battery and Assault on Main Street
  • Drowning while undergoing surfing lessons
  • Asphyxiating while boating or sightseeing on water vessels
  • Drowning at a community pool
  • Motorcycle wrecks along Warner Ave and PCH
  • Hit and run type automobile wrecks along Pacific Coast Highway
  • Trips and falls at the Huntington Pier
  • Crosswalk accidents all along Goldenwest Street, including jaywalkers being struck
But We Also Help Residents and Passersby With Common:

Of course, the above bullet-points above represent a token percentage of better-known injuries. Most of all, these are the common mishaps to most sandy beach communities.

Other common ailments include injuries walking on boardwalks, at the dog beach, or during water sports. Likewise, things like getting run over by a city tractor while sunbathing in the sand occur. But there is no complete list of what could go wrong.

However, you can rest assured there is no case too complicated or too large for our law firm to represent on a contingency fee basis. Because of this need, our excellent advocates and staff have developed a dedication to the client’s needs.

No matter what, we are conscientious experts. And we are continually providing individualized legal assistance 24 hours, seven days per week. So let us help you understand as we explain every element of your case.

Huntington Beach Traffic Accidents.

Probably the most common accidents causing injuries in Huntington Beach are traffic accidents. But there are many causes of traffic accidents. Similarly, many potential parties could be responsible for paying someone injured in a wreck.

For example, the City of Huntington Beach is responsible for most street maintenance and repair here, including control over 124 traffic signals. Traffic signals are tools used by the city to help avoid accidents.

When traffic signals don’t work right, someone is going to get hurt. And if so, this gives rise to a potential government claim against the city itself. But many other ways exist for the City itself to cause a crash. Other examples include a car bottoming out on an unrepaired pothole and veering into a crowd of bystanders. Whose fault was that?

Available Data Only?

Anyways, statistics on signal timing and pothole accidents are not accurately reported by any official state or local law enforcement data collection centers. (SWITRS, for example.)

So when it comes to Orange County and Huntington Beach, in particular, an expert researcher or statistician can only cull the available official data. Afterward, we can only obtain hearsay from unofficial sources like the Daily Journal’s verdicts and settlement reports, newspaper stories, magazine articles, and Wikipedia, for example.

Reasons Why Data is Never Complete?

Even then, whatever data is used to crunch the numbers, it’s utility is limited. Not everyone calls the police or otherwise handles an accident claim through the usual official channels.

Sometimes people just have a sprained neck, and they are not immobile. So they may settle without using insurance. And this may not be for a nefarious purpose at all. For a fact, some parties to a collision may want to avoid points on their driving record or have a legitimate fear that insurance will go up or cancel them.

Similarly, rivers with expensive SR22 filings may more readily seek this straightforward solution. We have provided you with the latest and most complete official and personal data we could locate with this caveat in mind. Below have included relevant statistical data charts.

These charts measure specific types of traffic accident causes and victims typical to HB, California. We hope this will assist users and researchers in analyzing Huntington Beach traffic accidents.

FAQ – What are the Classifications of Huntington Beach Car Crashes?

To help people understand the traffic data, we have created the below list. It seems like the CHP uses a pretty good methodology of distinct branding types of wrecks. As you read along, keep in mind that not all crashes involve another object, obstacle, or vehicle.

Besides that, single-vehicle accidents are likely. For example, an older adult could have a seizure and lose control of their car. Besides, an auto’s working parts could fail. As an example, the brakes could give out, or the vehicle’s driver could just be terrible.

Traffic accident Types – Terms and Definitions:
  • NON-COLLISION. This number includes solo auto incidents like driver error.
  • PEDESTRIAN. Include cases where pedestrians are run down by cars. Keep in mind that not every pedestrian injury will involve a vehicle. Dogs attack pedestrians; they can slip and fall and can fall into ditches.
  • OTHER MOTOR VEHICLE. These are the more traditional cases where vehicles collide or cause another driver to take evasive action.
  • MOTOR VEH ON OTHER RDWY. These are also known as head-on collisions or lane jumping type cases.
  • PARKED MOTOR VEHICLE. Just like it says, when you crash into a parked car, and it often happens in areas with lots of street parking, metered and un-metered.
  • BICYCLE. Like pedestrian cases, people on bikes are not always run down by autos. But we have tried to limit our data to those involving vehicle versus cyclist events.
  • ANIMAL. Like children, animals can and will dart into the street. Some Good intentioned driver could swerve to try and miss striking a dog or a cat and instead could cause a catastrophic accident.
  • FIXED OBJECT. Like it says, it involves a vehicle hitting a stationary barrier hindering the motion or path of an automobile in some way. Other static objects include power-poles, cement curbs, potholes, sinkholes, downed power-lines during a storm, construction, and security barricades; you name it.
  • OTHER OBJECT. These are usually rare accidents in a motor vehicle accident scenario. These include accidents caused due to flying or falling objects like pieces of a crashed train, airplane, or other vehicle flying into the paceway.

FAQ – What are the Top Five Types of Huntington Beach Traffic Accidents With Injuries?

Huntington's Top 5

This chart is based upon SWEATERS CHP data for 2018. It covers traffic accident radio calls and police reports of collisions involving personal injury and death. These numbers are specific to the Huntington Beach area during that specified time frame.

  • Collision with Another Vehicle. Chart one above shows that the CHP and local police reported vehicle versus vehicle wrecks as the number one most significant cause of accidents in Huntington Beach. And the reported 2018 statistics for these types of impacts show 1,080 total crashes with 626 injuries.
  • Hitting a fixed object numbered 214 wrecks with 73 injuries as of 2018.
  • Hitting a parked car came in a close number three, with 193 total reported crashes and 38 injuries in 2018.
  • Bicycle Accidents. Although fewer pedestrians and bicycles were involved in collisions, those victims were almost always personally injured. For example, out of 99 bike crashes, two people died, and 91 were wounded. So just a few riders escaped injuries.
  • Pedestrian Accidents. The injury and death ratio is similar for pedestrians, with four dead and 63 injured out of 68 total wrecks. That means only one person escaped harm. Contrast this with the occupants inside of motor vehicles protected by a steel cage. (View additional sources here.)

Reported Causes of Huntington Beach Car Accidents.

To begin with, there are no real numbers on whether or not the person causing the crash paid attention. But it can be inferred that most accidents are caused by chemical inebriation or preoccupation with something other than driving the vehicle safely.

Here, with data, we can glean that the top 5 causes of auto accidents were because of failing to pay attention. So let’s take a look below to see why.

FAQ – What are the Top 5 Causes of Huntington Beach Auto Accidents?

  • Unsafe Speed is avoidable if the vehicle operator is paying attention to the speedometer and surrounding conditions.
  • DUI Driving/Bicycling (Alcohol Or Drug) Bicycles are subject to the same DUI laws as autos. So don’t think you can drink and peddle. Being distracted by rousing substances is a significant cause of death and injuries in Huntington Beach.
  • Auto Right of Way cases ranks number three in causes of HB crashes. So make sure and yield at four-way stops and static signage in neighborhoods. In brief, make eye contact with others to avoid such instances. Besides, these cases are hard to prove without video or eyewitnesses. By the way, police tend to be critical towards auto drivers running over pedestrians. Generally, the walker is always right. So don’t crash, to begin with!
  • Improper Turning, such as making a left-hand turn in front of a motorcycle, ranks number four for avoidable traffic mishaps in HB.
  • Traffic Signals And Signs are posted for a reason. Ignoring them or blowing through them still is the number 5 cause of related traffic collisions in HB.

All of these accidents were avoidable with the use of ordinary care. (View additional sources here.)

FAQ – What are the Top 5 Personal Injuries from HB Motor Vehicle Accidents?

Unfortunately, there are no reliable statistics on the main types of injuries specific to Huntington Beach traffic accidents.

But the good news for purposes of this study is that personal injury lawyers can anecdotally tell you what the top five injury claims are from traffic accidents.

So based upon their law office case intakes, the top 5 injuries in a traffic collision are:

  1. Neck injuries.
  2. Scrapes and Cuts.
  3. Head Injuries.
  4. Broken Bones and Ribs.
  5. Knee Injuries.

1. Neck Injuries.

Namely, neck injuries are common in vehicle collisions. First, the g-force and impact from the car can suddenly jerk the head and neck back and forth and side to side.

Regularly, the vehicle occupants involved won’t immediately notice they have a neck injury. Often, symptoms remain in abeyance until the excitement and adrenaline of the crash wear off afterward.

As the victims cool down, they may notice symptoms present such as headaches, vertigo, blurry vision, dizziness, nausea, or numbness. So it’s important to get follow up medical attention so you can document your symptoms.

Now there is a record connecting the injury to the event for your doctor and the insurance companies.

Neck injuries can be sorted into (1) soft tissue and (2) breaks.

Physicians classify soft tissue cases as major and minor. By far, the most common minor mild tissue cases involve strain on the nape and collar area.

More commonly known as whiplash, its symptoms are often seen as stretched tendons and ligaments in x-rays as a “cervical strain/sprain.” Fortunately, most soft tissue neck injuries to fascia, muscles, tendons, or ligaments will heal with little to zero therapy or chiropractic treatment in just a few weeks.

But every type of cervical spine injury, including those that involve the bones, joints, and discs, affects the muscles to some degree or another. So victims may remain off-kilter as their bodies recover balance and function.

And even then, arthritis can still be triggered by soft tissue injuries. So it may be minor to an insurance adjuster, but not to the victims.

The most common significant injury soft tissue cases include disc burst fractures and bulging discs. But these can lead to damaged trigger points and cervical dislocation. Because of this, it can onset paraplegia or quadriplegia.

These painful conditions will often require treatments like disc replacement surgery, pain-relieving injections, and lifelong opioid medications.

Mild Neck injuries include:
  • Whiplash. As discussed above, this is the most common injury to occupants of crashed vehicles.
  • Muscle strains.
  • Ligament sprain.
  • Cricks.
  • Stingers and burners.
Major Neck Injuries Include:
  • Herniated disc.
  • Neck fracture.
  • Nerve damage.

By the way, to discover more about the definitions and terms above, go here.

2. Scrapes and Cuts.

Believe it or not, car accidents are a significant cause of scrapes, cuts, and even severe lacerations. Regularly, victims receive amounts when the impact of the crash jars the contents of the vehicle.

So now a flying or flailing object such as an arm or head can be sliced up by the edges broken safety glass, jagged sheet metal, and so forth. As a result, an increased risk of tetanus and other infections exists.

In particular, a carotid artery or other blood vessels can be severed. As a result, the victim can bleed out partially or fully without first aid.

3. Head Injuries.

Brain Injury

First, head injuries, no matter how they are classified, remain a severe potential lifelong problem to the sufferer.

These include injuries classified as:
  • Closed head injuries. Often, these conditions encompass concussions. So short and long term memory loss remains guarded in these cases.
  • Open head injuries. These ailments include linear skull fractures and other blunt force head trauma cases.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. Typically, both traumatic and mild traumatic brain injuries can cause a wide array of interference in a person’s overall cognitive functions. However, examples of brain injury victims include Marines or soldiers blown up by an IED. Furthermore, their heads, even with safety gear, are subjected to high forces. As a result, their brains become damaged beyond normal function.

In brief, becoming a vegetable or reduced ability can be the permanent outcome of a head impact. But sometimes, other issues like hemorrhaging can kill the brain injury victim.

Here, hospitalization and diagnosis remain vital to determining money owed. In particular, never settle till you know for sure what’s going on. In conclusion, some severe brain injuries can take some time to develop fully. So get professional help.

4. Broken Bones and Ribs.

Picture of broken ankle injury victim.

To begin with, being seat-belted does not keep you from breaking a wrist while grasping the wheel hard, bracing for the impact. Also, being belted can lead to cracked, bruised, and broken ribs, among other more severe circumstances.

Above all, ribs are delicate and resilient. But the body was not designed for the forces present in a car accident.

Bones Frequently Broken during a Collision:
  • Hip bones.
  • Pelvic bones.
  • Ribs.
  • Skulls.
  • Clavicles.
  • Elbows.
  • Knee caps.
  • Ankles.
  • Forearms.
  • Wrists.

In severe cases, complete or partial paralyzation of the victim’s limbs and other bodily functions is the final fallout. Imagine being T boned at an intersection while making a legal left-hand turn.

Upon impact, your body is violently thrown side to side, forwards and backward. Simultaneously, the belt automatically winces down on your shoulder harness and along your rib cage to your lap.

Because of this, your ribs can easily break. Of course, this is just a hypothetical. But many examples of broken ribs and bones from car accidents exist.

Of particular interest, you probably can’t breathe properly. And it remains likely; you can’t focus or work. Consequently, the same goes for a broken arm or ankle. Probably these are all possible ailments depending upon the severity of the wreck.

Also, they are among the most excruciating to live with in terms of pain. All you can do is sleep and take pain killers.

Seatbelts and Ejections.

Even worse, vehicle occupants unrestrained in violation of seat belt laws can be flung into the steering wheel or smacked in the face with an exploding airbag. Still worse are cases of vehicle ejection, where passengers or the driver are violently launched.

For example, they can break the windshield with their head, knees, or elbows as they are propelled outwards towards the pavement. Multiple fractures can take months to heal.

Because of this, the money will be needed for things like physical therapy and pay to eat while the victim recovers.

5. Knee Injuries

Knee injury victims seated.

As discussed above, during the crash, the body undergoes great jarring forces inside the vehicle. The legs are also not strapped down, and they are relatively close to the steering wheel and dashboard.

Ordinarily, the knees can rapidly strike against these hard interior surfaces, damaging your ligaments, patella, meniscus, etc. As a rule, the pain from knee injuries is among the most excruciating. Because of this, the problematic victim will be immobilized and unable to work.

Next, aids like nurses may be required. Regularly, the person may need to use assistive devices like canes, leg braces, crutches. But in bad cases, arthroscopic or total knee replacement surgery is indicated. Furthermore, corrective surgery is sometimes not enough to get the victim’s full range of motion back into play.

Such alternative methods like stem cell replacement therapy are useful knee injury treatment methods. Scientists claim that collagen becomes stimulated. Next, this heals cartilage and connective tissues.

As a rule, healthy knees are an intricate part of proper human mobility. Conversely, walking with a limp creates other systemic back and nerve problems, not just a gait.

“In Addition to” Issues.

In conclusion, you are reminded that some car accidents may cause emotional injuries, even if the occupant wasn’t hurt that bad.

Keep in mind the trooper blown up overseas. Also, the victim could suffer from terrible bouts of post-traumatic stress disorder. Now even daily tasks like brushing your teeth can become impossible.

Besides, victims will need living assistance. As a rule, Ehline Law Firm is continuously working to help Huntington Beach car accident victims win money.

Ordinarily, if we agree to take your case, you can have your old lawyer mail the case file directly to us. To begin with, we will work to recover money for your mental health treatment.

Beyond that, we will seek money for suffering and medical bills.

FAQ – What are the Top 5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Huntington Beach?

picture of yellow crosswalk paint on asphalt.

In particular, Huntington Beach is host to four of the County’s top 25 busiest intersections. Remarkably, several of these junctions are in a statistical dead heat with others.

First, the following are Huntington’s most dangerous crossings in terms of traffic-related accidents on a scale of 1-5. As a benchmark, these numbers are based upon TIMS data from 2015 to 2018.

In Brief, Here are Some Relevant laws to this discussion:
  • CVC §21802 (a). “Failure to Yield Right-of-Way” “(a) The driver of any vehicle approaching a stop sign … and shall continue to yield the right-of-way to those vehicles until he or she can proceed with reasonable safety.”
  • CVC §21804. “(a) The driver of any vehicle about to enter or cross a highway from any public or private property, or an alley, shall yield the right-of-way to all traffic … shall continue to yield the right-of-way to that traffic until he or she can proceed with reasonable safety.”
  • CVC §21950. “… shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection.” Sadly, many drivers ignore the indicators that pedestrians are nearby. Wherefore, they blow off school crossing signs, etc. In brief, keep this in mind as you drive near a school. As a rule, stay on high alert for kids while going in the morning and after school hours. (More.).

Although none of the most dangerous streets in Orange County were located in HB as of 2014, many victims sustained critical injuries or fatalities. Sadly, even during moderate traffic, some crossways are statistically more dangerous than others.

Ordinarily, compliance with the enumerated code sections avoids or mitigates these losses.

FAQ – Pin Marker Map of Top 5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Huntington Beach.

Pinpointing our city’s dangerous stops could lead to a safer future. In particular, we want to hear your story. As a result, our great attorneys are standing by to answer any questions you may have.

[google_map_easy id=”1″]


First of all, we have a tie between these two junctions at 17 each, totaling 34 collisions.


And in this example, we have a tie between these two crossings at 15 each, totaling 30 collisions.


Here we have a three-way contest between these three crossings at 13 crashes each, totaling 39 collisions.


Similarly, we have a tie between these two junctions at 12 each, totaling 24 collisions.


Last of all, this single intersection saw a total of 11 wrecks. So as you can see, HB has its share of dangerous roads. Consequently, had the drivers exercised reasonable care and yielded, it is almost sure these collisions were avoidable.

Finally, the above California Vehicle Code Sections provide instruction as to how to avoid these problems yourselves.

FAQ – What are the Most Dangerous Times of the Day to Drive in Huntington Beach?

In addition to smart drivers navigating around the more dangerous road locations, there are also certain times to avoid driving in Huntington Beach altogether. Notably, there are times when motorists should remain extra cautious while in transit.


Huntington Beach Traffic Signal
Traffic Signal – Green

Studies show a jump in crashes at traffic signals in the morning, between 8:00 am and 10 a.m. and again around noon.

But by far, the most considerable percentage of failure-to-yield collisions at signals happens early evenings between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Similarly; static stop signs should be treated with the utmost attention.

TIP: When in doubt, YIELD. Next, both incidents will peak around dusk, between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Types of Vehicles Involved in HB Intersection Accidents by Fatality:
  • 56% of crashed autos were passenger cars.
  • 70% of fatalities involved passenger car occupants.
  • 4% involved motorcycles.
  • 7% of deaths involved motorcyclists.
  • 16% of crashes involved light pickup trucks.
  • 10% of the occupant deaths involved people inside pickup trucks.

Using the Negligence Law is How We Win Your Case?

Yes, true. Negligence law is derived from tort law, discussed above. Mostly, negligence cases involve bodily or “personal” injuries. So if personally injured, victims have legal rights.

Noteworthy here is that they can hold corporations and entities to pay in court. As a result, when bad actors act careless or reckless, they are negligent under the law.

  • For example, if they violate a safety law or statute regarding safety, these evildoers could be liable under the theory of negligence per se.

So by producing unsafe products, stealing from employees, or polluting the environment, liability lies.

As a result, under California negligence law theory, the wrongdoers must pay you. So are you getting this so far? Good!

FAQ – How Do You Sue Your Local or State Government?

You would be right in thinking a case against your public servants is not easy to bring. Above all, state and local agencies have sovereign immunity. Because of this, a particular procedure must be followed to sue them.

Examples of cases where liability lies are:

  • For example, a city failing to rope off or repair dangerous areas like a bad pothole on the roadway could cause a motorcycle crash on Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway.

But unless you understand government claims under the Tort Claims Act, you lose!

  • Here, most public agencies have promulgated their own special notice rules based upon the Government Code. But many good PI lawyers don’t understand its nuances. Consequently, you need the best lawyers in HB for your delicate matter.

Next, “Personal Injury Damages.”

Here, one of the intangible general damages claimable in a motor vehicle collision is pain and suffering. In short, tangible, special economic losses are recoverable.

Consequently, after an accident occurs, some victims are transported to the hospital with minor or critical injuries. Also, depending on the severity of these injuries, people can be immobile for months.

Consequently, victims may not be able to function without a caretaker or nurse. Finally, with continuous care needed, medical bills can add up fast. Because of this, some victims may struggle to pay the owed amounts.

Wherefore, the law allows the victim to seek out and prove past, present, and future economic and noneconomic totals as a matter of due process. As a rule, the money will be reduced or spread among the parties.

In short, liability spreading is based upon their degree of fault. Namely, California’s pure comparative negligence law provides for this remedy.

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