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Date Modified: March 7, 2023

When an accident happens, speaking to a personal injury attorney is the best step. This is a stressful time for the victim and their loved ones, which is why people trust their personal injury lawyer to take care of the situation that is unfolding. However, every person should ensure that an experienced personal injury lawyer is hired because the job should be done right the first time.

To learn more about the Tustin personal injury lawyers, continue reading below. Alternatively, people can call (833) LETS-SUE and speak to a member of the Ehline team today.

What Involves a Personal Injury Case in Tustin, California?

A lawful dispute that happens when someone is injured because of an accident that may or may not have been caused by a person is a personal injury case. In California, personal injuries are under tort law. This means that the at-fault party’s insurance company may need to pay the victim for the damages caused.

Also, the injured party may be entitled to compensation covering their medical bills, lost wages, and more. However, it is better if they get help from a professional personal injury attorney because they will better understand personal injury law and how it will affect the case.

Some of the Areas That Personal Injury Lawyers Can Handle for You

There are many different personal injury cases you can come across, which is why a personal injury attorney should be called immediately. Continue reading below to learn more about the different cases that Ehline Law Firm can help people with:

Car Accident

A car accident can be stressful and scary, which is why professionals can help. This case involves any type of crash with a car, from a rear-end collision, a drunk driver, or a teenager running a red light. A personal injury lawyer should be called immediately if a car accident happens.

Bicycle Accident

Bike accidents can lead to severe injuries because of the lack of protection someone has while they are riding. Broken bones and lacerations can happen, which will leave the victim feeling vulnerable. However, if someone has been hurt in Tustin, CA, they should call a personal injury lawyer.

Truck Accident

Semi-truck accidents also happen frequently in Tustin, CA, so personal injury lawyers know what to do when it occurs. Like with many motor vehicle accidents, the personal injury claim should be made quickly, so the victim can receive the compensation they deserve.

Pedestrian Accident

When someone is walking on the sidewalk or the road and gets hit by a car or a bike, they may have severe injuries. These accidents are traumatizing, so the personal injury team will work hard to ensure that the victim receives what they need from the at-fault party.

The Damages the Personal Injury Attorney Can Receive

Personal injury claims can result in the victim receiving compensation that they deserve from the insurance company of the at-fault party. Some of the damages that the law firm can get someone are listed below.


Economic damages are easy to calculate because they come with a price tag. All of this information is then tallied so that the at-fault party knows how much will need to be reimbursed. This can be helpful for families who are struggling with the expenses that come after an accident.

Medical Expenses: If there are any medical expenses like prescriptions, hospital stays, rehabilitation, and more, this can be put in the report.

Lost Wages: It can be expensive living in Tustin, CA, which is why, when someone is out of work because of an accident, then they deserve some compensation for it.


Non-economic damages can be more challenging to prove, but the right personal injury law firm will know what to do. This is because non-economic damages do not come with a price tag, meaning that the Tustin personal injury attorney will need to use their expertise to figure out how much compensation the victim deserves.

Emotional Stress: When someone has been in an accident, it is not uncommon to experience stress. This may mean that they are struggling to enjoy their everyday life. Personal injury claims can add this to reports because it affects the person’s life.

Wrongful Death

Sadly, some people may pass away due to an accident, which means the victim’s family can pursue a wrongful death case. When this happens, the Tustin personal injury lawyer will need an in-depth understanding of personal injury law. This is because the family deserves the financial help they need.

Funeral Expenses: The at-fault party may need to pay for funeral costs. This can help with alleviating any pressure that the remaining family may be feeling.

Potential Wages: If the victim’s earnings helped pay for a large amount of the household bills, then the other party may need to pay for some of the potential wages that the victim would have earned if they were alive.

What Should Happen After an Accident?

When an accident happens, there are a few things that all accident victims should complete to keep themselves safe:

  1. Call Emergency Services

The first thing is to call the emergency services. When the police arrive, they will gather relevant evidence to help with the case later. Also, the paramedics will inform the victim if they need to go to the hospital right away or if they can just see their doctor at another time.

All of this information is important for the emergency services to document because the Tustin personal injury attorney will pick up this information later to help with the case.

  1. Gather Evidence

This step should only be completed if it is safe to do so. Snapping a few photos or taking a video of the scene will go a long way for the Tustin personal injury lawyer. This is because they will have a better understanding of the scene and this evidence is great to have. Otherwise, it will all be lost once the scene has been cleared.

  1. Seek Medical Attention

Medical attention should be one of the many priorities for the victim. Car accidents, bike accidents, and more can cause severe injuries. Even if the victim does not think they need medical assistance right away, they should always be professionally checked over.

Adrenaline pumping through someone’s body can minimize the pain before it all comes crashing down on the victim later. Also, the medical report will be used as evidence later on.

  1. Call a Personal Injury Firm

When personal injury attorneys are called, then they can begin to process of gathering evidence for the case. Everything is usually explained during the free consultation that happens, which is why many personal injury victims will be in the know when it comes to their situation.

However, the right team should be called every time to get the best results.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

When pursuing a personal injury case, every victim should know three things:

  1. Social Media

Never disclose any information about the case on social media. This can be used against the victim. The other party’s insurance company will use this information to try and justify why the victim should not receive the full compensation.

  1. Signing Documents

Every law office will inform the victim not to sign anything without a member of the team present. This is because the other legal team will try and convince the victim to sign something that will make it so that they will only receive a minimal amount of compensation.

  1. Skipping the Doctor

Going to a medical appointment will help with gathering essential documents that can be used for the case. If the victim does not go, then this can look bad to the court.

Why Ehline Law Firm Can Help

There are many law offices in Tustin, CA, but there are not many that care as much as the team at Ehline Law. During the free consultation, the victim and their loved ones will know about the track record that the accident attorney has and how this can be used to benefit them and their case.

Also, the attorney-client relationship will be solid and professional. The team understands that this is a challenging time for the victim and their family, which is why they will help them with their case. Additionally, they will be open about what is happening with the case at all times.

No one likes to be surprised about their personal injury case, but many law firms tend to hide vital information. Instead, Ehline Law Firm will always be transparent regarding what the other side is saying, the compensation they can obtain, and any other relevant information to the case. This is because they understand that it is a stressful time, and keeping secrets will not help at all.

Lastly, the team understands the law to the highest degree, which will ensure that the victim is represented correctly every time.

Call Your Personal Injury Lawyer Today!

A personal injury victim should call an accident attorney that has a proven track record because they will have a better chance of obtaining the compensation that they want. When a victim works with a knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced team, then they are more likely to see the results that they want.

The claims process can be challenging and difficult to work through, but the right team will know how to do it. That is why people choose Ehline Law Firm every time they need help in Tustin, CA. With expert professionalism and top-notch service, every victim knows that they are a part of the Ehline family.

To learn more about how the team can help, call (833) LETS-SUE today.

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