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Date Modified: August 18, 2023

This is the Ultimate Guide to Compensation for Bicycle Manufacturing Defects in Los Angeles, CA.

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Here to Help You When Your Bike Goes Wrong

Accidents happen, and people can be left with serious injuries requiring emergency medical treatment and long-term medical bills.

Need a Lawyer?

There isn’t always a simple solution to pay for the injuries caused, pinning down who caused bicyclist deaths or if there is more than one negligent party. Sometimes, an experienced attorney will be needed to help people get the compensation they deserve when they get into a bicycle accident.

Bike accidents can happen because of a poorly-made bicycle, so the manufacturer must be held accountable. Your lawyer needs to go to the accident scene and investigate the evidence of another driver’s negligence or manufacturing defect to find those to be held liable to pay compensation dollars on your or a deceased loved one’s behalf anywhere in the country.

This page, written by our Los Angeles office, will explain the many different sides of this situation. Hence, the injured party is better prepared for bicycle safety in the future under California law. Ultimately, we will offer you a free case review and discuss how we represent clients in the legal system.

Bicycle Accidents Caused by Manufacturer Errors and Design Defects

When a bicycle accident with personal injuries occurs, it may be because of the manufacturer. However, when this happens, product liability lawsuits can be filed on behalf of the victim to get pain and suffering compensation for this type of bicycle accident claim.

Fatal Bike Accidents Occur Because of These Defects

  • If the bicycle chain falls or breaks off while the victim is riding their bike, it can cause a serious bicycle accident leading to strict liability claims.
  • A failure with the braking mechanism in Los Angeles can lead to a serious bike accident.
  • Wheel placement can result in faulty steering while in a bike lane.
  • A bicycle seat can cause the rider to sit on the bike in the wrong form, making them more likely to fall off.
  • Defective bicycle helmets or other defective products worn for safety won’t stop a crash or serious injury. But they can worsen the injuries sustained from riding defective bicycles in a reasonably foreseeable manner, for example.

Many different problems can occur when someone has a faulty bike due to manufacturer negligence. However, the surviving domestic partner or other survivors should call the right lawyer to help them when product liability law plays a role in a wrongful death claim or other wrongful act after they seek medical attention. We offer a free case evaluation to achieve the purpose of recovering financial compensation for a cycling accident.

During our no-obligation consultation, call us to see if you can prove negligence caused your life-threatening injuries. We will make sure to protect the statute of limitations from expiring. We can see if strict liability applies over a defective design and see what the medical records say about your prognosis for a full recovery.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

Many injuries could happen when bike riders are in bike lanes or busy places like Los Angeles. But bicycle fatalities happen in quiet neighborhoods too. Let’s see some injuries an insurance provider typically covers related to bike traffic. Not all insurance covers a defective bike or bicycle helmet and is typically relegated to car driver negligence. More than one party could be held liable to cover your medical expenses after taking legal action.

Some of those severe injuries could be:

  • Lacerations.
  • Eye injuries and blindness
  • Road rash.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Brain injuries or other head injuries.
  • Broken bones.
  • Fatalities.

A lousy head injury means lost work and a greater risk of permanently lost memory. Luckily, people who work with Ehline Law Firm will be happy to know that the team knows a wide range of healthcare professionals that can help the victim, or the victim’s estate, including the surviving spouse, before they win their personal injury lawsuit against the parties responsible.

Contingency Fee

When someone is going through a bicycle accident lawsuit, they should work with a Southern California team that will only be paid after the case has been won. This will give the family much peace of mind during this stressful time. Also, it helps families use their money for the injuries that the victim has sustained after being injured due to negligence. Further questions? Call us at (213) 596-9642.

Call Ehline Law Firm in Case of a Defective Bicycle!

An experienced lawyer will know how the manufacturers have strict liability regarding their products. They will ensure that bicycle accident lawsuits are completed and followed perfectly, so the victim can receive the compensation they deserve. The victim can receive compensation for lost wages, injuries, and more after an accident.

Also, the team at Ehline Law Firm will speak on behalf of the victim to the insurance company, so they are never blindsiding them. They know how to complete an investigation on the defective product, which will help most people protect their legal rights in bicycle accident claims.

Additionally, nonfatal bike accidents should still be reported because they will fall under the California Vehicle Code. The cyclist will have grounds to open a product liability claim with an experienced lawyer. Also, all personal injury cases should be handled with a team that cares about a solid attorney-client relationship, so all injury victims can receive the care they need. In our case, we will work with experts, like highly skilled design engineers, to prove reasonable care was not afforded to the victims.

Personal injury lawsuits can be challenging, so a personal injury lawyer should be hired for a personal injury claim. They will know how to locate witnesses and build your case so you can receive economic compensation like lost income and non-economic compensation like pain and suffering. The good news is that we can give you a free, confidential consultation 24/7.

We can meet you in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, or anywhere else in California so that you can tell us about your case. If you are an injured pedestrian or rider struck by a motor vehicle, we want to make you our plaintiff for life! So don’t let the sneaky insurance company put the brakes on your ability to win big! Call us immediately to recover the most money, and let us advance costs while you heal.

Schedule a Free Consultation With Highly Rated Bicycle Defect Lawyers in Los Angeles Today

Did someone breach their duty of care to you or a loved one, making them liable for consumer injuries or death? Don’t let the sixth-month deadline to make a government claim pass. And don’t blow the two years statute to sue a private actor either. We offer victims a free consultation, so they can ensure that this is the legal team they want to work with. Lastly, if a wrongful death lawsuit needs to be filed in Los Angeles, CA, we can help consumers and their children with that as soon as possible.

Some bike riders in a bike crash may pass away, so the victim’s family should speak to a professional to receive the help they deserve. Any questions should be asked at (833) LETS-SUE when you contact us about your product liability case.

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