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Date Modified: August 22, 2023

Forward collision warning (FCW) is an advanced safety feature that can help prevent rear-end and pedestrian accidents. However, people can get whiplash or even more seriously injured when this crash avoidance technology fails. Suppose you or a family member were injured in a Los Angeles car accident caused by a warning defect of a forward collision. In that case, Ehline Law in Los Angeles stands ready to intervene, handle your product’s liability claim, and obtain a fair settlement on your behalf.

We have vast experience litigating car accident claims, including accidents caused by malfunctioning forward collision avoidance technology systems. Once we see you have a valid claim, we will fight hard to hold the vehicle manufacturers and automakers responsible in or out of court. Our caring staff and team of lawyers will help vulnerable victims recover damages for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost earnings, and other potential losses, including broken bones.

Our car accident lawyers offer all new clients a free consultation to review the details, and we charge no upfront attorneys’ fees or anything else unless we obtain a positive outcome from the at-fault party or their insurance company. Contact our Los Angeles FCW accident lawyers today. Our experienced lawyers are ready to get to work building your defective forward collision warning automobile accident case. A fair settlement offer from the insurance adjuster handling your car accident case may be just a phone call away after hiring our best car accident lawyer in Los Angeles for legal representation.

Dangers Faced on Los Angeles Roadways

Besides auto insurers fleeing California, dangerous drivers, hard-to-see motorcycle riders, negligent drivers, and pedestrians at intersections, Los Angeles is a Mecca for unsafe and uninsured drivers. It has gotten worse in recent years with freeway rioters and sanctuary city policies. Now, illegals often buy insurance to register their car, then cancel and get their money back from these businesses. These aren’t the personal injury cases our Los Angeles car accident lawyer faces daily if clients are out driving the roadways.

Here are some common causes of accidents in Los Angeles we advise clients to worry about:

  • Distracted driving: Distraction-related crashes remain the number one cause of serious injuries and fatalities in CA, especially with local residents or a close loved one near home. This is the one car accident you can prevent most in Southern California by simply paying attention.
  • Sudden lane changes: Changing lanes suddenly is something modern cars are supposed to help prevent. Sudden switching at an intersection, especially one with other problems, is how many of our clients have been injured or suffered property damage. Based on the body of evidence from the NHTSA, you can’t stop everyone from being stupid when they change lanes.
  • Sudden movement: This can trigger the FCW, leading to a number of road mishaps due to taking evasive action at the car accident scene. We work with many experts and have vast experience handling cases like these types of Los Angeles auto accident claims. We can pursue the party(ies) and their insurance companies at blame to get you fully compensated and collect the settlement or judgment from the insured and their insurance companies.
  • Faulty left-hand turns are common at intersections and among the most common types of head-on and t-bones or sideswipe collisions.
  • Dangerous roads: In recent years, CalTrans has shirked its duties and failed to stop copper thieves. This means poor lighting due to no electricity. Of course, potholes, cracks, and poor bridges are all causes of terrible motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles. Poor road maintenance has killed many residents and out-of-towners in Los Angeles.
  • Inclement weather: The evidence is irrefutable. Bad weather is something natives have a hard time dealing with, as evidenced by a drastic rise in crashes when it rains. This is even more pronounced at higher elevations like Rancho Palos Verdes and Palos Verdes Estates, CA.
  • Head-on collisions: Depression, alcohol, and other problems are behind a recent spate of frontal car crashes and have always been in the Golden State. If you survive, the shock of a head-on collision is something families will deal with emotionally all their lives. If you were a bicyclist, or motorcycle rider, you are probably reading this from a hospital bed.
  • Alcohol and drug-impaired drivers: Marijuana, Fentanyl, and alcohol are just a few substances that take lives on the roads. Police even risk death by patting down suspects under the influence of powdered, hard drugs, according to witnesses we have interviewed in cities like Sacramento, San Francisco, and LA.
  • Faulty traffic signals: These road hazards can become traps for the unwary. Imagine a broken or flashing red light that is improperly phased, telling all traffic to GO. Missing, broken, and faulty traffic signs and lights, especially at intersections, can bottleneck drivers, unsure whether to yield or not, into a chain collision, or worse. If they get hurt, good luck suing Caltrans or the City of Los Angeles government without a lawyer who can gather evidence and proof of poor design, roadway maintenance, or substantially changed conditions. Failure to make a claim within six months is another way the state throws your case out! In other words, forget about the trial; the case dismissed!
  • Excessive speed: Most people recognize speeding remains a huge problem in LA’s stop-and-go, bumper-to-bumper traffic. The faster you go, the easier it is to lose control of your vehicle and die, FCW or not. Often the defendant will escape, leaving you to prove a hit-and-run accident claim, while your insurer tries to wiggle out, blaming you for insurance fraud, assuming you have UM/UIM to begin with! We can do bad-faith litigation, but why not call us today so we can make you aware of insurance options to avoid such a problem? You can speak to us by dialing (213) 596-9642.

Forward Collision Warning System Collision Statistics

A 2022 study by MITRE has unveiled a remarkable decrease in rear-end collisions among vehicles fitted with forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems.

“This study estimated that all front-to-rear crashes were reduced by about half (49%) when the striking vehicle was equipped with FCW + AEB … A similar reduction (53%) was found for injury front-to-rear crashes. A slightly lower rate (42%) was found for serious front-to-rear crashes. … when vehicles are equipped with just FCW, the estimated reduction for all front-to-rear crashes is 16% and for injury front-to-rear crashes is 19%. Altogether, this study shows that the combination of warning and active braking reduced more front-to-rear collisions than warnings alone.”

This joint implementation of safety technologies acknowledges the tangible yet slightly less pronounced impact of other advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). These driver-assist systems have significantly reduced real-world collision incidents, particularly speed limit-related crashes in Los Angeles and San Francisco Counties.

However, another study indicates that “Crash-Avoidance Tech Can Cause Issues After Repairs” – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Let’s look at some other issues with our best car accident lawyer to get a handle on potential traffic accidents caused by this FCW technology in Los Angeles. Our job is to help compensate eligible victims, riding inside or outside, struck or hurt due to these defective cars.

Understanding the Mechanism of Forward Collision Warning Systems

Highly regarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), forward collision warning (FCW) systems represent a crucial advancement in driver assistance technology.

These systems employ radar, lasers, or cameras to caution drivers about impending collisions proactively:

  • Radar-Based Systems: Emitting radio waves from the vehicle’s front, these systems gauge distances by measuring the time waves bounce off surrounding objects. These systems significantly curtail personal injury claims and fatal accidents by assessing the car’s position relative to others. These FCWs are very handy in Los Angeles when they properly function and hit the brakes in time.
  • Laser Warning Systems: Employing laser beams projected ahead, these systems calculate the space between the car and the one in front. The system then cross-references this gap with the vehicle’s speed, issuing alerts to drivers in Los Angeles regarding potential crashes.
  • Camera-Centric Approach: A camera-based FCW system integrates a front-mounted camera with an electronic image processor. This processor scrutinizes the distance from the camera to the leading vehicle, furnishing valuable insights to the FCW. When we investigate, we can get videotapes in the majority of cases.

Some FCW systems can detect pedestrians, animals, or bicyclists near the vehicle, while others are geared exclusively toward recognizing other automobiles. While FCW systems proficiently caution drivers about impending collisions, it’s pivotal to note that they cannot prevent all car accidents. Vigilance and undivided attention to one’s surroundings remain vital for drivers in Los Angeles to avoid an injury claim with an at-fault driver.

Can Forward Collision Warning Failure Cause an Auto Accident?

Absolutely. A crash avoidance system in your vehicle doesn’t guarantee absolute protection in the densely packed City of Los Angeles. Like any safety technology, forward collision warning systems are not immune to defects and malfunctions. Relying solely on this system can pose risks, especially if a driver’s attention waivers or warnings go unheard due to system malfunctions.

Furthermore, instances exist where these systems might erroneously trigger hard braking when unwarranted, leading to accidents. Unfavorable weather conditions like rain, snow, sleet, or fog can compromise sensor performance, culminating in severe auto accidents and injuries.

Although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) acknowledges the effectiveness of this crash avoidance system in averting rear-end collisions, it’s vital to recognize its limitations. However, forward collision warning technology cannot eradicate car accidents originating from negligent driver behavior. When these FCW systems fail, our car accident lawyers stand ready to help car accident victims swiftly obtain full and fair compensation. We are familiar with the fact the insurer or self-insured automaker will give you a lowball settlement offer.

How Our Best Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

With lead car accident lawyer Michael Ehline at the helm, our lead attorney boasts extensive proficiency in managing car accident cases entwined with technological glitches. With our expert witnesses and other tactics, we can not only win but collect your percentage swiftly. Our approach is comprehensive—we collaborate with accident reconstruction experts and technical authorities to ascertain whether a flawed crash avoidance system played a role in the incident that inflicted your car accident injuries and traffic deaths.

Should defects surface, we are resolute in pursuing a product liability lawsuit against the accountable party, securing compensation for your losses from the insurance company and anyone else with money to pay you. Suppose drunk driving or the acts of another party or your employer played a role (workplace injury, etc.). In that case, our best Los Angeles car accident attorney can also ensure they are held accountable for spinal cord injuries or even soft tissue injuries. Determining fault is the first step.

It’s important to acknowledge that collision warning systems are designed as driving aids, not substitutes for responsible driving in Los Angeles County. All drivers are legally responsible for operating their vehicles safely, safeguarding fellow motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. Should our investigation ascertain even partial negligence by another driver, we’re poised to initiate a personal injury lawsuit in Los Angeles to recover the full amount on your behalf.

While many car accident claims find a resolution outside the courtroom, our readiness to litigate remains unwavering. Count on our top-rated Los Angeles accident lawyers to escort you through every facet of the process, protecting your rights and working tirelessly to secure the most favorable outcome. We will also handle the entire insurance claims process, even if you or your damaged property reside outside the Los Angeles area.

Damages We Obtain For Los Angeles FCW Traffic Accidents

When you’ve suffered from a Los Angeles traffic accident, the scope of potential compensation encompasses various damages, reflecting the breadth of impact on your life. But our Los Angeles accident lawyers can help you and any vehicle occupants pursue several types of injuries in Los Angeles.

The compensation you may be entitled to in Los Angeles spans both economic and non-economic categories, comprising:

Economic Damages:

  1. Medical Expenses: Reimbursement for medical treatments, hospital stays, surgeries, prescription medications, and ongoing medical care is something our auto accident lawyer does regularly. When you are injured in most Los Angeles car accidents, these costs can spiral out of control. Our auto accident lawyers will fight to get you a lien doctor who will get paid once you win your case.
  2. Lost Wages: Compensation for income missed due to recovery periods, medical appointments, or treatment regimens after auto accidents is also a special damage you can seek. We can build this claim with the insurance company so car accident victims get the full measure of compensation under California law.
  3. Loss of Earning Capacity: If the auto accident has diminished future earning potential, this accounts for potential career limitations or job changes. We will hammer the insurance company to get you this and more.
  4. Rehabilitative Costs: Covering expenses related to physical therapy, occupational therapy, and any required rehabilitation programs due to the car accident. You may also have internal injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, so you will need money to get back on your feet after such a car crash.

Non-Economic Damages:

  1. Pain and Suffering: Reflecting the physical discomfort and distress you’ve endured due to the auto accident and its aftermath.
  2. Emotional Distress: Recognizing the emotional toll, anxiety, trauma, and psychological distress from the car accident.
  3. Attorneys’ Fees/Court Costs: Legal expenses and court-related fees incurred while pursuing your auto accident case.

Our Pledge:

Above all, our commitment lies in providing robust and unwavering representation precisely when you need it most. We’re dedicated to advocating for your rights and pursuing the compensation you rightfully deserve for your personal injury claim. Our seasoned team will tirelessly fight on your behalf, ensuring you receive the maximum compensation corresponding to the extent of your serious car accident injuries and the damages incurred.

Contact Our California Defective FCW System Accident Lawyers Today

You have a legal right to speak to a talented FCW failure lawyer. Even if you think you are at fault, you may still get something from the other party under California’s pure comparative negligence system. Accident prevention technology was invented to make the roads and highways safer.

However, defective products and negligent vehicle operators cause many accidents that result in deaths and other serious injuries. If you have been injured in a Los Angeles accident caused by a defective forward collision warning system, contact Ehline Law today to learn about your rights to car crash justice at (213) 596-9642. 

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