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The public depends on their automobiles every day, driving to work, going on vacation, and commuting back to their homes. People transport their very lives inside their cars, including themselves, their spouses, children, friends, and loved ones. Some common carriers for hire, construction workers, maintenance specialists, and day laborers will use their trucks and vehicles commercially to make a living.

Our award-winning Los Angeles car accident attorneys have represented thousands of severe injury victims since 2005, and we are the ones you call when only the best will do for your family. Here is what you must know about auto recalls and personal injuries.

Defective Autos Can Kill Or Maim People In Many Ways

Catastrophic failure due to low designs, defects, improper manufacturing, and severe mechanical failure can cause severe injury and even death. When victims become faced with their loved one’s injury or death, only the best in medical and legal care will do to get lives back on track.

Experienced Counsel Will Be Important For Your Los Angeles Automotive Defect Case

Having a charismatic, compassionate, and experienced attorney with a local focus will be crucial for help guiding and winning your injury case. Ehline Law’s specialization remains second to none among Southern California’s best civil law attorneys.

We can handle every part of such a case, including:

  • Auto Fires,
  • Brake Defects,
  • Door Latch Defects,
  • Defective Child Restraints,
  • Glass Defects,
  • Motorcycle Cases,
  • Rollover,
  • Roof Crush,
  • Tire Defects,
  • 15 Passenger Vans.

We will seek to recover money from these people who caused your severe personal injuries or death to your close family member as soon as you hire us. The Ehline Law Firm’s Los Angeles-based personal injury attorneys are among the most highly trained in the world, possessing court and real-life experience preparing winning cases for victims suffering from threatening injuries. Our esteemed law offices maintain a wide range of expert assistants across the state, including a quiver of private investigators, civil engineers, doctors, and other specialists, all geared towards getting you paid the most money possible.

Get a free consultation with a California injury lawyer now.These professionals in our employ will play a role in crafting your case strategy, tactics, and legal theories, holding those people financially responsible for creating a defective or poor design. Our legal team’s experience in personal injury cases like this will give you the winning boost needed to achieve a full and fair monetary recovery.

Defective Automobiles – Your Legal Rights?

Vehicle manufacturers that create products with design flaws can incur certain liabilities, including responsibility for drivers and passengers’ injuries.

The following are some examples of design defects:

  • Tires that are defective – thinly treaded tires cause significant wrecks.
  • Door failure means doors opening during an accident, allowing for even more severe injury or ejection from the car or truck.
  • Fuel system failure could cause the vehicle to burst into flames due to a poorly designed fuel tank or breach.
  • Roof collapse is possibly caused by a rollover accident when the support structure is inadequate or otherwise weak, or poorly designed.
  • Seat belt malfunction – including when the belt is too lax or tight or even breaks. (See below)
  • Airbag malfunction – including failing to deploy or deploying so forcefully as to inflict injury on the car’s occupants.
  • Insufficient lateral impact protection – includes inadequate side door buttresses providing low protection, resulting in significant vehicle accident damage and passenger injuries, regardless of where the vehicle received its impact.

Can I See Some Examples Of Seatbelt Defect Cases?

  • Affects several Popular GM Models.

Consumer Reports reported on the issue, which affects more than a half-million vehicles. According to the Detroit auto giant, a seat assembly problem may have caused the fires. In case you get into an accident, the seat belt pre-tensioners will tighten your belt, simultaneously releasing hot gases into other ignitable parts of your vehicle, including cotton materials in your vehicle’s carpet. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), vehicle drivers may inhale toxic smoke or sense a burning smell before experiencing actual flames engulfing their car in a fire.

This particular automobile recall affects 2019 to 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500s and GMC Sierra 1500s, including the 2020 Silverado 2500s, Silverado 3500s, including their Sierra 2500 and 3500 truck lines. But this vehicle recall does not include every vehicle of these lines, excluding their vinyl floor equipped cars.

These car fires will burn during the most vulnerable time after a collision while you are disoriented or perhaps unconscious while strapped into a burning vehicle, leading to further injury or death. In the United States, several of these models are among the most popular vehicles, making the recall significant for these primarily work used vehicles.

Find Out More About The GM Recall

Injury Attorney EhlineIf you own one of these vehicles or know someone else who does, you must immediately contact our superior law firm. Our severe injury attorneys offer personal injury victims years of experience in the law’s auto recall and accident field. We are continually researching the causes and effects of this recall– and if you need a free legal consultation, fill out the contact form on the site for assistance from a top-notch Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

Popular Grand Caravan Line Recalled Due To Severe Safety Concern

Dodge recalled one of its most popular car lines over a dangerous defect in its seat belt system. The minivans rolled off the assembly line without the proper restraints installed. According to the company, in the event of a crash, the belts could fail.

Consumer Reports wrote about the recall, noting the large size of the potential issues. The recall affects over 30,000 minivans. Dodge stated that the seat belts in the second and third-row seats might become loose in the event of a crash, leading to severe injury or death.

According to the company, improper seat installation performed by workers the seat striker effectively fitted, quickly loosening over time, incapable of restraining passengers and leaving the seats unable to absorb crash impact forces. The company also reported seat belts might fail regardless of crashing or colliding during driving. So far, the 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan remains the only year vehicle affected by the recall.

Find Out More Information On The Dodge Caravan Recall

If you live in Greater Los Angeles and own a 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan, you should immediately contact our Southern California injury lawyers. If you were involved in a crash and your seat belt failed proper deployment, you must ensure legal protection.

  • Our auto accident experts based in Southern California will guide your critical case, discussing your legal with you during your initial free legal consultation.
  • Our charismatic, top-notch accident lawyers will seek to recover money from the negligent person who caused your suffering, which includes compensation covering your reasonable medical expenses. We will NEVER ask you for a dime unless we recover money damage payments because we work on a contingency fee, meaning we can’t legally receive our attorney’s fees unless you win.

Can I See An Example Of Fraudulent Concealment In The Sale Of A Motor Vehicle?

  • Latest Ford F-150 Recall Part of Disturbing Trend?

Ford issued the second massive recalls of their vehicles of the year in November. According to the company, several of its makes had severe transmission issues that affected drivers and safety. The Detroit Free press reported that the newest round of recalls includes F-150 trucks (the best-selling vehicle in the United States, Lincoln MKX, and Super Duty trucks. All of this adds up to over 150,000 cars).

Even worse, the company announced earlier this year it had recalled over a million vehicles from another vehicle series with similar transmission issues, including their popular Focus and Fiesta lines. According to the Detroit Free Press again, the auto giant knew these cars came off the assembly line equipped with faulty clutches, yet Ford let it happen.

According to their report:

“You think of the gentleman who stood up for the space shuttle Challenger, saying if they launched that with the ice on it that it’s going to blow up. Well, these kinds of really horrific technical errors seemed to pass right through at Ford on this project,” the engineer said.

Knowingly Selling Faulty Vehicles

Unfortunately for drivers, the pain doesn’t stop there. Ford’s vehicles had severe issues with its clutch system and computers, theoretically resulting in a vehicle’s driver’s severe injury or death. Even worse, Ford knew about the problem with its trucks, which easily meets the legal definition of liability due to negligence, and possibly intentional fraud. Ford should have known better. The evidence shows Ford knew and failed to act appropriately, carelessly risking people’s lives and causing thousands of drivers to face crash-related injuries.

These accidents cause thousands of injuries and deaths annually, many from design flaws and failures. While vehicle technology steadily improves, many awful gaps won’t be fixed by greedy automotive corporations, sacrificing consumer safety, focusing on their profits. If you or a loved one suffered an auto accident involving recalled vehicles, you must not sleep on your legal rights. It would be best if you acted immediately before your statutory time to sue expires. You must contact the tort law experts at the Ehline Law Firm and seek help from attorneys specializing in auto liability and negligence cases. Our law firm is one of the top-tier establishments in California, standing ready to help you today. We offer accident victims a free case consultation; they can discuss their legal options with us and receive an attentive, listening ear from a real lawyer.

Suppose you or a loved one needs help. In that case, our legal professionals will help guide you through medical and court minefield, allowing you to heal and recover money during this troubling time, coming to your location as needed, hearing you out privately, discussing your next legal options. The Ehline Law Firm team stands ready to help consumers at a moment’s notice. Call our defective automobile attorneys for your free initial case consultation by dialing or punching in (213) 596-9642 on your dial-pad. Or you fill out our online contact form today to discover your rights even faster.

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