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For decades, Ehline Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA, has won numerous auto defects lawsuits and motor vehicle collision claims in Los Angeles County courts. With a 99% success rate and over $150 million in settlements and verdicts, our personal injury law firm maintains a long list of grateful clients.

When a defective vehicle or part enters the market, we fight for victims. Our top motor vehicle defects lawyer can recover the most damages from your motor vehicle insurance and the auto manufacturer! Get a defective product liability report evaluated for your insurance benefits today. It takes a few minutes for your free consultation and legal advice. Information we share could be lifesaving in many curious and contested vehicle defects cases.

The issue may be caused by automobile flaws such as unintended or deliberate acceleration, making stopping while driving difficult for the occupant. You can’t rule out contributing factors like Los Angeles road rage or inattentive drivers. Call (213) 596-9642 for a free consultation with an auto defect cases lawyer near you today and discover your compensation rights.

Must I Be Injured To Bring An Auto Defect Case?

Yes, a physical injury or property damage is required before a motor vehicle defects lawyer can bring a defective automobile lawsuit in Los Angeles, CA. Contrasted with a recall, this implies that you haven’t been reimbursed for an automobile repair, whether it’s made or not.

You are, however, entitled to have the car fixed by the dealership at no cost in these common auto defect cases. For those living in Los Angeles, CA, we have the added difficulty of dealing with traffic, loaner, and rental car insurance, a real buzzkill.

Our top Los Angeles motor vehicle defects lawyer remains committed to pursuing vehicle producers involved in the manufacturing, delivery, or sales of vehicles and component parts (a fault engine, faulty brakes, or parts).

We hold liable parties accountable for causing accidents. Our best attorney can assist you in filing on time, establishing a strong case against the defendant, and obtaining compensation for your significant losses in this manufacturing defects field.

Our personal injury attorneys take auto defect cases to court, with a high courthouse steps settlement success rate. Even if your claim is denied before the deadline, our lawyer will do everything possible for you.

As you will learn, many avenues of justice present themselves in these Los Angeles, CA, personal injury cases. For example, a temporarily recalled motor vehicle raises “lemon” laws issues in motor vehicle accidents.

We are committed to getting the highest settlement possible for your losses as soon as feasible.

Why Choose Our Strong Legal Team To Fight Auto Defects?

If you or a loved one was hurt by a defective product or an unsafe motor vehicle component in your car, it’s critical to have a motor vehicle defects lawyer on your side.

  • Michael Ehline is an automobile defect specialist.
  • Over 15 years, his team has tried car accident cases.
  • Multiple Super Lawyers Rising Star Recipient.

Ehline understands how the defective motor vehicle business works in Los Angeles, CA. You need a qualified motor vehicle defects lawyer committed to locating criminals and making Los Angeles roads a more secure place for people.

Our Southern California team will begin its duty immediately. Hire Ehline Law’s motor vehicle defects lawyer in your area for motor vehicle defect flaws or injuries representation in Los Angeles.

Financial Resources To Win Tough Los Angeles Cases

Our top motor vehicle defects lawyer has the knowledge and education to do thorough independent research on behalf of an insurance claim and trial of a potential defendant or motor vehicle defect plaintiff.

We’re focused on making things safer for customers by holding the automotive industry accountable for the unreasonable risk of car accidents due to the design, construction, or performance of motor vehicles.

Our objective is to provide a more secure environment for consumers by reducing the incidence of Southern California auto accidents.

We can provide a comprehensive and free evaluation of an accident covered by our Los Angeles area office upon receipt of your news. If you or someone you know is an injured consumer, contact us immediately in all nearby cities. In such cases, we’ll discuss fair compensation during a complete, confidential case review.

Los Angeles Automobile Defect Lawyers

Do We Handle All Types of Auto Defect Cases?

Yes. After forming an attorney-client relationship, our top accident lawyer will help clients in complex circumstances involving severe injuries incurred in a Southern California collision. We could assist you if a safety-related defect on motor vehicles or vehicle parts resulted or contributed to the personal injury incident.

Our clients have frequently been involved in large and multi-vehicle car accidents. Many accident victims are attracting media and regulatory attention.

Our firm is one of the few nationwide with the knowledge, experience, and resources to investigate vehicle defects in a timely manner. We can also litigate the most severe catastrophic injuries from motor vehicle defects cases.

Defective Autos Can Kill Or Maim People In Many Ways

Catastrophic failure due to bad designs, defects, improper manufacturing, and severe mechanical failure can cause severe injury and even death. We represent Los Angeles, CA clients in these types of cases.

Our in-house investigators will research and assess a vehicle to see whether the injuries our client suffered were caused entirely or in part by a non-crashworthy automobile. If so, we look for alternative design arguments and strategies.

Examples of Motor Vehicle Safety Defects Causing Injury Or Death

Minor safety issues with vehicle defects are not the only causes of motor vehicle problems in Los Angeles, CA. Numerous examples may be classified as automobile safety and design defects. Our extensive experience in California history indicated many defective products could have been remedied at little expense to a company like General Motors, etc.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is charged with investigating possible vehicle flaws and may order manufacturers to recall cars or replace components at no cost suffered.

If an automobile maker becomes aware of a potentially hazardous problem, it may issue its own recall. California also has its regulatory scheme, lemon laws, and recalls. Many firms search for slam dunk cases. We feel negligent corporations must pay for the past event no matter the victim’s complaints.

  • Defective steering components – We represent clients who lost control of a vehicle in Los Angeles, CA. We’ll look at federal law and any recall or prior accidents caused by auto parts or component vehicle parts making the vehicle unmanageable at high or lower speeds.
  • Roll-over roof crush collapse – A rollover accident happens when the support structure is inadequate or otherwise weak, or poorly designed. Often a high-ride SUV or 4×4 flips over easily while cornering onramps and offramps.
  • Defective tiresThinly treaded tires cause significant wrecks during a tire blowout. Big trucks are notorious for fatal collisions.
  • Door Latch Defects – Intended or not, door failure from doors opening during an accident exist. Your model may allow for even more severe injury or ejection from the car or truck.
  • Fuel system failure – Could cause the vehicle to burst into flames due to a poorly designed fuel tank or breach sparking auto fires.
  • Seat belts and malfunctions – When seatbelts are too lax or tight, they may fail. In some cases, they even break, no matter the position of the harness. The way it was manufactured makes it wrong.
  • Defective seat backs – It has been discovered that certain seatbacks can snap and break your back as a result of a vehicle wreck.
  • Defective Child Restraints – Seatbelts for kids are component car parts that may not operate properly, placing passengers and the driver at risk.
  • Airbag malfunction – Ex: Airbags failing to deploy or deploying so forcefully as to inflict injury on car occupant; a defective airbag or battery can open fire or catch fire randomly into your face.
  • Insufficient lateral impact protection – includes inadequate side door buttresses providing low protection, resulting in significant vehicle accident damage and passenger injuries, regardless of where the vehicle received its impact.
  • Brake DefectsVehicle brake defects cause major pile-ups in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Vehicle Glass DefectsBad glass kills.
  • Motorcycle Cases – Speed wobbles are vehicle defects that still occur, among others.
  • 15 Passenger Vans Overloading vans can make other components fail, making them unable to operate correctly and even more unreasonably dangerous.

Our legal team will seek to recover compensation money for your severe personal injuries or death claims in Los Angeles, CA. Clients who lost a loved one in a wrongful death motor vehicle defects accident can call upon many convenient office locations virtually anywhere in Southern California, including Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, CA. Our consumer attorneys are ready to lead your legal representation in other cases and related practice areas.

Every situation is treated with sensitivity by the firm before and after your free consultation with a motor vehicle defects lawyer. We’ll determine the identities of potentially liable parties responsible to pay maximum compensation for causing physical injuries.

Manufacturing Defects Versus Design Defect

Design defects are caused by mistakes in the development of a system. Auto defects can happen during design or production. When car occupants are injured in an accident, manufacturers are responsible for any fee or costs associated with it.

Plaintiff’s Burden of Proof

The plaintiff must also prove that defects were present when the vehicle and the defective substance had been appropriately used.

Defenses to Southern California Design Defects?

The manufacturer will argue it was oblivious that the parts were defective when the vehicle accident took place. The manufacturer must prove even without a defect. The accident would still occur. When vehicle occupants and pedestrians face injury or death, only the best medical and legal care helps get lives back on track.

What Makes A Car Part Defective?

The definition of “defective parts” remains the same in Southern California as in NorCal.

An auto part product is considered defective if:

  • It has considerable flaws rendering it useless as an auto part.
  • It fails to perform essential functions of the auto part design.

If components are installed correctly, good parts will not fail. Manufacturing issues generally refer to a limited number of components produced for a brief amount of time when required specifications with poor design vehicle defects.

Reporting Your Auto Defect to The NHTSA

In addition to filing a product liability claim in a Los Angeles, CA court, you may use various avenues of appeal. The most authority lies with the NHTSA. Following a government inquiry, engineers could perform an engineering study and request manufacturers to recall their products and fix the problem. It’s better for your automobile. The Safer Car.gov website remains a good starting point.

Damages Compensation in a Los Angeles Auto Defect Case?

The negligent manufacturer sold defective vehicles with sub-par quality performance. Because of this, automakers will be held liable to pay victims.

Reasonable instances of damages in many cases include:

  • Lost wages or lost contract benefit, including interest
  • Hospital bills, medical and physical therapy costs
  • Pain and suffering, loss of consortium, etc.
  • In rare cases, punitive damages can be obtained against individual automakers or a company (after thorough investigation and discovery of crucial recklessness or intentional conduct evidence).

Who Can I Sue For Auto Defect Cases?

Understand that manufacturers will try and discuss contributory negligence in California’s pure comparative negligence jurisdiction. There can be more than one liable party with deep pockets to cover your injuries with a compensation obligation.

This means you may have to break your case up into multiple causes of action, with passengers, bystanders, and defendants all responsible for some portion of the fees and costs for the harm they caused. For examples of such vehicle claims an accident victim may face, our motor vehicle defects lawyer included some recent safety-related car manufacturer defect claims.

Statute of Limitations For Filing Your Claim

Each state has its own statute of limitations, which constitutes victims who must file claims. The general deadline in California would be two years from the date of injury or death if an accident harmed a person. In cruise ship accident claims and claims against a government agency, the time-limited can get complicated and shortened. In product liability cases, failure to follow a time limit rule generally results in a loss of the right to compensation.

Often, courts will refuse to accept cases that have exceeded their deadlines. Even though the claim is registered with a court, the defendant has an advantage. A missed statute of limitations will likely motivate a request to dismiss and ultimate dismissal by that court. Protecting the statute by hiring an attorney is the best approach here.

Talk to an attorney as soon as possible to evaluate, protect, analyze and file your individual case before the strict deadline to file expires. We’ll answer questions and schedule a free consultation. You, your close family member, or your friend will note how our talented law group will examine everything. Investigations of the automobiles or a plaintiff may demonstrate an exception applies in your community. You mustn’t crack or think your skill is enough to keep your damages award safe.

Ehline Law Firm sues auto parts manufacturing companies and automotive product makers. Dedicated to personal injuries and workers’ compensation, our Law Firm has been in the litigation arena with over 30 years of combined legal experience. You deserve us to maximize compensation recovered. Our team members can help ensure your verdict or settlement gets profitable outcome dollars.

Phone us and connect at (213) 596-9642, visit a local location branch, enter a valid email address, and fill out our website contact form. Even just for general, informational purposes, our recognized defect attorneys will come to the location and any new client 24/7.

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