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While staying healthy may seem like it should be as easy as eating right, this is not always the case. When the health hazards of ingredients are not disclosed, people can get sick. Fast food places and drive-thrus only compound the problem, making it cheap and easy to get poor quality, fried, or greasy foods.

Example of Junk Food Caused Obesity
Overweight woman eating fast food.


What if Nutritional Facts About Your Food are Misrepresented?

As a matter of fact, if nutritional facts are continually misrepresented, how do you correctly determine what’s in your food? This is what our obesity lawyers at Ehline Law Firm are all about.

We are all about helping people who got harmed by junk food. But our clients were innocent in their understanding that it was junk food at all. In a sense, they got defrauded.

Aren’t Junk Food Lawsuits Frivolous?

Let us explain. Some dismiss entire cases of obesity from junk food to be frivolous. So they think the fault should lie with the individual.

And this is understandable upon the first impression.

  • But if one looks more in-depth at the false representations that the food is dietetic or healthy, then what then?

One can easily see that this type of thinking is misguided and is not correct, right? Like this, comments of frivolity were made when the proposal for health warnings on cigarettes was introduced.

What About The Modern Decline of the Marketed Vice?

Since it started in 1965, there has been a dramatic reduction in cigarette use. So now they aren’t nearly as harmful, and new laws that regulate cigarettes have gotten approved.

  • It is hoped that lawsuits against companies producing junk food will have the same effect as on cigarette companies.

So lawyers think those who market the food as healthy should pay up when they conceal facts or lie. Our lawyers believe that it will help to achieve long-term results in prompting consumer protections.

And we already have won millions in economic recovery awarded to our disabled clients. Hence, Ehline stands at the ready-to-hit home run for you as well. Call now for a free legal consultation, or continue reading before you pick up that phone.

What About Addiction Problems and Health Risks Associated with Junk Foods?

An epidemic of obesity is occurring in America. Did you know that 17% of children and 34% of adults are clinically obese?

The more weight a person gains, the higher the risk level goes up for the following health conditions:

  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Respiratory problems
  • Certain Cancers
  • Liver disease
  • Hypertension
  • Various others

There has been regular research on obesity over the past few years. Studies prove remarkable similarities between compulsive junk food eating and addiction to drugs.

  • Habitually eating high-calorie, high-fat food products gets rewarded by the brain but not the body.
  • The dopamine release is similar to the use of certain drugs.
  • Studies performed on obese men and women and drug addicts show it taps a certain brain receptor.
  • And this is the receptor thought to be accountable for impulse control.

But addictions like food and drugs cause it to have a decreased level of density.

What About False Advertising and Junk Food Lawsuits?

When you think about junk food advertising, you can see how it affects kids in particular. So the amount our kids consume and the way it gets supplied at schools is sad.

And the results can be especially troubling as follows:

  • Rotten teeth
  • Hyperactivity
  • Obesity is not anything for a parent to laugh about.
  • Diabetes is also something that comes along with insulin spikes.

Do Fast Food Companies Still Refuse to Disclose Food Dangers?

Yes, many fail to do it correctly! Many companies producing junk foods still refuse to place proper warnings on these food items. Of particular interest, they know these foods are harmful to our health and addictive.

  • Our mission is to make sure these companies get held responsible. Then they can begin a change that leads to better health. Ehline leads the fight. For example, we want dining facilities to have an online disclaimer at least. Don’t you agree they should warn diners as to the health effects of their foods? We do!

Why Not Consult an Obesity Lawsuit Personal Injury Attorney Today?

Several suits were filed against food companies for causing issues related to obesity. And many have received satisfactory results.

  • As a result, soft drink machines got banned in the schools of several school districts.
  • Also, the use of trans fats is banned altogether in some cities.

Furthermore, the use of trans fats has halted in some companies. It took lawyers to make this happen.

  • When big corporations see the risks outweigh the rewards, they make changes.

Compassionate junk food attorneys like Ehline care about their clients. So we strive to protect their rights, and we will fight towards a healthy future for everyone.

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Did you know as many as 25% of the residents in California are obese? So when injured, contact an experienced and discerning member of the California State Bar. Are you or a family member obese?  Contact Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC at (213) 596-9642.

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