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Date Modified: March 25, 2023

Are you a cement truck accident victim or someone run over by an 18-wheeler? Welcome to the most comprehensive truck accident lawyer educational website. There is dealing with cement mixer negligence and related injuries from truck accidents in Los Angeles County. We help with truck accident cases brought by car accident victims. Cement trucks are vital to our commercial and residential construction industrial complex in Los Angeles.

But the need for concrete structures must be balanced with the trucking company’s and truck drivers’ duty to reasonably care for others sharing California roads while avoiding truck accidents. I am cement mixer accident lawyer Michael Ehline. I help plaintiff motorists in car accidents and pedestrians injured on sidewalks outside of cars with financial damages claims and non-economic damages related injuries.

My law offices are leaders in the commercial truck crash community. We have over 30 years of combined experience with construction accidents and fighting negligent trucking companies and cement truck drivers. My team has recovered over $150 Million in damages for personal injury victims in the State of California. Below, I will discuss road accidents, including work-related damages and personal injury claims involving cement trucks, to help potential new clients understand the financial damages and compensation process. Let’s go.

Injured By A Cement Truck – Our Los Angeles Cement Mixer Truck Lawyers Can Help!

Ehline Law Firm Los Angeles personal injury attorneys provide these free resources to help consumers and victims of bad wrecks involving truck drivers, their trucking company, third-party construction companies, and these fantastic cement-mixing steel beasts.

If you are a bystander or construction worker who was run over or crushed in one of these incidents, contact us, or read our 5-star client reviews and the rest of this article to learn more. As Super Lawyers Rising Stars, we are more than qualified and have a reputation for calling clients back and informing you and your loved ones about their cement truck accidents.

Cement truck accident attorney photo.

Big Red Cement Truck.

Extremely Serious Cement Truck Crashes

Cement truck accidents can be severe crashes, with the truck trailer, a mixer weighing 25 and 60 tons, with a very high center of gravity rotating, heavy and awkward. When making sharp ninety-degree turns, these large trucks have a greater than-average rollover risk, even at speeds as slow as five mph.

So the trucker not expertly trained or without experience can quickly be involved in a rollover accident with one of these specialized machines.

Our top Los Angeles cement truck accident attorney holds truck companies and insurance companies liable for negligence. This occurs when those responsible for these vehicles use care falling below the acceptable standard. As a result, their breach of duty causes accidents, injuring the plaintiff’s victim.

The City of Los Angeles may have the liability to pay for allowing poor road conditions involving a semi-truck.

Cement Blending Trucks Have Their Unique Issues

When a cement truck gets involved in a crash, it can cause the cement mixture to pour out of the central containment unit. It can also damage the instruments used to mix materials. So cement pours out onto the roadway, causing a hazard for other vehicles. One fact to add is this truck weighs as much as 60 tons.

Also, it has cement that must get delivered quickly. The goal is to pour before it hardens. So that raises the chance of the big rig vehicle becoming involved in a crash. So these workhorses have special rules on the road. Hence, the standards they follow are different from other motor vehicles.

Ehline Law Firm Cement Truck Injury Lawyers Have Experience Helping Cement Truck Accident Victims

The cement truck accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm have vast experience. And this helps us represent cement truck crash victims.

Cement Truck Mixer Injuries

When an accident of this type occurs, the truck can roll over on the vehicle it collided with, the sheer impact weight alone causing wrongful death or serious injuries.

Cement trucks and dump trucks are common in construction. Dump trucks, also called “tippers,” will carry loose materials (e.g., demolition waste, trash, gravel, sand) back and forth from construction sites. This type of truck or trailer typically has completely flat bodywork with no sides or roof.

A cement truck is also used in construction, but for an entirely different purpose, and it’s usually filled with a watery, wet aggregate of cement and gravel that is already hardening from the time it leaves the mixing facility.

Truck collision injuries are often fatal, and compounding this threat are heavy and cumbersome top-heavy cement-mixing vehicles. The catastrophic injuries to pedestrians and vehicle occupants will include traumatic brain injuries. But other significant injuries get suffered as the result of a collision.

Our cement truck accident lawyers have the experience to recover the maximum compensation. We do our best to make you whole for your injuries at or near construction sites. These cement rigs get regulated by different standards than other trucks and motor vehicles to avoid traffic accidents (Jackknife accidents caused by truck driver fatigue, poor training, beating schedules, etc.) with a passenger car, pedestrian, or motorcyclist, for example.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

A truck driver who negotiates a lane change unsafely is one of the more common causes of truck accidents involving a cement mixer. Our Los Angeles truck accident attorneys help victims resolve a loved one left behind after a wrongful death.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) states these are the most common causes of truck wrecks.

  • Overloaded Trucks: When shippers or trucking companies overload their trucks past their rated weight, they risk blown tires, brake delay, and flipping and rolling over. Cement truck drivers find it challenging to steer and slow down. Unstable, shifting cargo (wet cement and sludge) can suddenly make the cement truck driver lose control, crashing with passenger vehicle drivers and others sharing the roads.
  • Including alcohol, meth, and marijuana, and they can all kill you in a trucking accident. If the truck company knew, you would have a negligent entrustment and negligent hiring case to pursue.
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Poor weather conditions, etc.

Any commercial cement truck accident, especially rig rollover accidents, can embroil cement truck accident victims into a living hell. The victim will already have serious and life-threatening injuries from fuel spills and spilled loads, resulting in a tractor-trailer injury claim to truck occupants and others sharing the road with truck traffic.

Those with injuries caused by a truck driver’s negligent actions must set aside time to speak with a trustworthy and patient Los Angeles truck accident lawyer. Did the trucker fail to look out for his blind spots? Or did the trucker rear-end you while distracted by a CB radio or cell phone? Victims must quickly talk to a lawyer with expertise about semi-trucks and regulations. These rules include increased stopping distance, truck maintenance, trip sheet upkeep, and cement truck driver training.

For example, truck drivers must carry a particular commercial driver’s license (“CDL”). Applicants and license holders must subject themselves to limited alcohol and drug testing (drunk driving, marijuana, speed, etc.), typically conducted by special CHP commercial truck enforcement personnel.

Your Los Angeles truck accident attorney must work with trial lawyers who can fight the insurance company. They’ll be fighting paid trucking industry experts to obtain the maximum financial compensation cement truck accident victims deserve for truck accident claims.

What Are The Standards Of Care For Cement Trucks?

While on the roadway, cement truckers must follow higher standards of care to avoid cargo spills and mass casualties on roads. But the nature of the injuries they cause is catastrophic. But it takes an experienced fighter like Ehline’s best Los Angeles truck accident attorney to have your rights protected and ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Because after a terrible accident with a large truck, you may have spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, or be hindered with lost wages and medical bills piling up. Because of this, you’ll need a proven attack dog as your Los Angeles truck accident lawyer.

The California Highway Patrol or local police are not always helpful, so be careful what you say when they create their police report. It’s too late to change what you said when you are seeking a case evaluation, and all the lawyers say no even though you were crushed inside a passenger vehicle with total loss of property damage.

Reach A Los Angeles Cement Truck Accident Lawyer Today

So if you have gotten involved in a cement truck accident, our superior truck accident attorneys are ready to help you secure an award of monetary compensation for your pain, suffering, lost wages, and lost love.

Reach us toll-free at (213) 596-9642 to discuss cement truck accidents of any type against the trucking company or errant truck drivers. Please phone us for an initial free consultation or use our online website as a suitable facsimile of a personal injury lawyer to learn more about forming an attorney-client relationship for their severe injuries with our injury law firm in Los Angeles, Southern California.

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