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Truck Accident Damages – How Do I Get Paid?

Once a lawyer has determined fault in a trucking case, the next step is proving damages. Damages are a way to prevent victims from killing the wrongdoer, or by attacking him or her.

The courts have set up a way for a jury or judge to come up with a dollar amount. The defendant pays this dollar amount. Once paid, victims get compensated. Then the wrongdoer has paid the price for their negligence.

3d render of a collection of law books
3d render of a collection of law books

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What Are Some Special Dangers Specific to Trailer Trucks?

Surviving truck incidents is the most important thing. So this is a vehicle on the road that weighs thousands of pounds. Also, it carries thousands of more pounds in the trailer. So this can mean damages to a passenger car that is beyond repair.

Usually, there is a rather large liability insurance policy insuring the truck. But to get your hands on that money, you need a truck accident legal pro. A lawyer can evaluate each element of the truck’s safety. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible can protect your rights.

Also, it will ensure covering the entitled compensation. 
But the damages awarded in each case are different. So the primary focus is on the extent of the injuries. Hence, hospitalization, surgeries, therapy, and loss of work get taken into account.

These are economic damages. But intangibles like pain and suffering are also added up. So this is called the general damages portion of the case.

Additionally, when injuries are moderate or minor, they will require less financial compensation. And there is less time lost from work. Furthermore, one of the significant factors in a crash case can be age and salary. So this gets factored in for compensation for the loss of wages award.

What Event Can Lead To Compensation?

Compensation is what you want. This includes damage to your car done in the collision. So if hit by a semi, this could be an amount of money to repair the vehicle or replace it.

When the incident hurts a married couple, there are other compensation awards. These are what the spouse or family may receive money wisely.

One of these is:

  • Loss of consortium. So this is compensation to help with the financial loss. It covers that, and the other benefits their spouse would have provided.
  • Non-economic damages are compensation for suffering. So they cover the impact the collision has caused to change lifestyle, disfigurement, disability. Also, these will help pay for after-effects such as post-traumatic stress. When the big rig killed a loved one, your attorney will often file a wrongful death lawsuit for you.

Also, there can be different types of compensation awards. Additionally, these will help the family deal with medical costs, funeral, and burial costs. Last, they cover the loss of income the victim would have provided.

Do Not Let Anyone Fool You – Speak to a Lawyer First

Michael P. Ehline, Esq. can assist in recovering a fair and proper settlement after a collision. The company has the financial backing to defend itself with expert lawyers. Also, they can present evidence taking partial or complete fault off of them. This not something the injured victims can go up against alone.

But one common practice of companies is convincing victims to sign medical release forms. These malevolent sharks also try and get recorded statements from the excited, unrepresented victim. Usually, they are leading questions.

These get created by the trucking company or their insurer. They will make an effort to convince the victim they do not require legal counsel to obtain a settlement. So they lie. They are not looking out for the injured victim.

We are Here to Protect Your Rights After a Large Truck Crash

The function of the attorney experienced in personal injury law is to protect the victims’ rights. The primary right is recovering the compensation they deserve. The company will try to decrease the amount of liability as much as possible.

Michael P. Ehline, Esq. can assist in determining a suitable amount to ask for. So that will help the injured victim or the family heal as much as possible. You can also use our website contact form.

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