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Long Beach Insurance Lawyer

Long Beach Insurance Lawyer

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Date Modified: April 6, 2023

There is a general notion in the USA and worldwide that insurance companies act in bad faith, which is completely true. I am Michael Ehline. I am an insurance attorney located in Long Beach, California. Our insurance lawyers at Ehline Law Firm have served Long Beach, CA, as personal injury victims for over a decade. I am an inactive United States Marine Corps member and am highly motivated to sue Long Beach bad faith insurers on your behalf. Hold on to your credit cards. What I am about to say is free!

Below, my trial lawyers and I will discuss all facets of Long Beach, CA, insurance claims, and how to receive financial compensation after a car accident, truck accident, slip, fall, or other catastrophic accident caused by the negligence of another party.

An insurance company is a private institution that works to maximize its profits and grow its business. They can do this by taking advance yearly premiums from potential policyholders. Once a policyholder gets into a personal injury due to an accident that was not their fault and approaches their auto insurance company, for instance, in many cases, the insurance company denies claims.

Besides personal injury claims denial or any claims denial, an insurance company also uses tactics to delay the claims process or send an insurance adjuster to give a lowball settlement offer. We have been serving Long Beach, CA, since 2005. Our Long Beach insurance lawyers stand ready to help you today with all CA insurance claims.

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Taking advantage of the insured’s vulnerable position after an accident or incident is acting in bad faith. You must contact Long Beach insurance attorneys to help with the insurer. For this reason, we offer a risk-free case review 24/7 to all new clients.

What to Do When Facing Bad Faith Insurance Practices

When a policyholder pays annual premiums and gets their claims denied, there is a lot of frustration. This is because filing for claims can take time, as you need to fill out the forms and provide relevant documents and evidence of your personal injury. On top of that, you’re left with medical bills that keep piling up.

File a Complaint Against the Insurance Company

If you believe that the insurance company is acting in bad faith and have the evidence to back it up, you should file a complaint with the State Department of Insurance, which looks into the bad practices of insurance firms.

The State Department of Insurance will start its investigation if they believe the complaint warrants one. This can help other policyholders from being a target of bad faith practices in the future.

File an Appeal

Once you have sent in your complaint, you need to file an appeal with the insurer. Whether you have homeowners insurance, life insurance, or any other type of insurance, getting a Long Beach attorney to help you appeal your Long Beach insurance claims is the next step.

During this phase, attorneys help review the insurance contract or policy and see if the policy covers your claims. For example, homeowners insurance covers property damage within certain limits. If you file a claim for property damage within those policy limits and get your claims denied, it is an act of bad faith, and a lawyer can help you with that.

An attorney will prove your claim and the unfair denial by gathering all the evidence and investigating the basis of the claim’s rejection.

Insurance Companies and Litigation

An insurance company may:

  • Delay the claims
  • Deny without any reasonable explanation
  • Ask you to avoid contact with an attorney
  • Or give a very low settlement offer.

Suppose an insurance company does any of these acts. In that case, it is acting in bad faith, and you need an expert insurance attorney to help you with personal injury or your life insurance claims by filing a lawsuit against the insurance company.

After filing an appeal and there is no positive response, it is best to start the legal process. Insurers acting in bad faith are afraid of lawyers and the bad faith publicity that may impact their firm. They will try to negotiate a settlement before it can reach the court, and if there are disputes in settlements, our lawyers are not afraid to take the insurer to court.

Insurance Claims That a Law Firm Can Help You With

We at Ehline Law can help you with the following insurance claims:

Homeowners Insurance

Individuals purchase homeowners insurance as repairs on a property can be really expensive in case of any damage in the future. Many insurance policies cover property damage, slip or fall accidents, and even dog bites on your property, but it is best to check your insurance policy before filing claims.

Insurers love to find small clauses to deny your claims, as homeowners’ claims can go upwards of $10,000, a huge cut in the insurer’s profit. Having an expert attorney work with you can help create a solid case that might be difficult for the insurer to deny.

Life Insurance

People buy life insurance in the hope that their families are financially stable in the event of death and can pay taxes on the estate planning left behind in Long Beach, CA. However, the beneficiary ends up struggling with the insurers who refuse to pay claims for their Long Beach insurance claims. Unless the claim is out of the boundaries of the insurance policy, the insurer is committing an act of bad faith and must be held liable.

Suppose you or your loved ones are facing life insurance or claim denials without any reasonable explanation. In that case, our Long Beach life insurance lawyer can help expedite the claims process and get you the compensation you deserve. Speak with a Long Beach insurance claims attorney today before the statute of limitations expires to file a lawsuit in a local Long Beach Superior Court.

Our insurance law lawyer awaits your free call. Call today by dialing (833) LETS-SUE. Speak to certified Super Lawyers or qualified trial attorney in Long Beach, California, about denied insurance benefits today. Put our professional achievement to work for you!

Personal Injury And Car Accident Claims

Personal injury claims are very common as it covers medical expenses from incidents resulting in injuries. Long Beach has a lot of tourists flocking to the area, which increases car accidents. Because of this, there are many insurance lawyers advertising themselves as CA insurance claims lawyers.

But many of these insurance claims lawyers serving Long Beach, CA, may be based in New York or back east, using Google and the internet to steal your case from a local Long Beach insurance law attorney.

Applying for automobile insurance claims if you were not at fault is the best way to secure yourself from unnecessary repair or medical costs. However, this is also the most common type of claim that gets denied. If your personal injury or car accident claim is denied, we will protect your rights and fight your legal battle.

Ehline Law is California’s leading personal injury law firm, servicing Long Beach, Los Angeles, and other nearby cities. Our law firm maintains a professional attorney-client relationship resulting in more than 3,000 happy clients over the years.

Ehline Law and our expert attorneys have the right experience to tackle your legal issues. We have already retrieved over $150 million in compensation for our clients and can also help you with your claims.

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Our Long Beach injury lawyers will negotiate and take care of the insurance defense attorney and the bad-faith insurer on your behalf. You can call us or visit any of our local Long Beach law offices and get a free consultation without legal or financial obligations.

If you’re seeking an injury lawyer serving Long Beach,  contact us at (562) 731-0668. We’ll give you the insurance defense you need.

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