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Date Modified: June 18, 2023

This is the Ultimate Guide to Compensation for Siskiyou County Personal Injuries by top local injury lawyer Michael Ehline, Esq.

Siskiyou County Personal Injury Attorneys That Everyone Can Count On

When a personal injury happens, every person should know to call the right personal injury lawyer to help them get the compensation they deserve. Personal injury lawyers may need to be contacted for many reasons. Either way, you want to ensure you only have the best when they are called.

That is why people trust Ehline Law Firm because they know they are being looked after by the best. Call for a free consultation to learn more about why Ehline is the best.

What Is a Personal Injury in Siskiyou County?

The term ‘personal injury’ is best used when someone describes a hardness that the mind or body has suffered. Elder abuse to family members and even real estate issues can involve personal injuries. A personal injury accident tends to happen when there is negligence, intentional misconduct, or reckless behavior.

Why Would a Personal Injury Lawyer Be Called?

There are many reasons why a personal injury lawyer would be called for someone needing legal services.

Some of the reasons are:

  • They have been in a car accident. A car accident can happen anytime, so they are so prevalent in the news. When this happens, the victim could be left with life-altering medical problems and serious injuries that will take them a long time to recover.
  • There was an accident at work. When people are at work and have been in an accident, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation, but this can be hard to prove in some cases. However, it does not mean that it should not be fought for.
  • Medical malpractice has taken place. Being unwell is never a good experience, but treating the victim poorly makes it even worse. This can also happen in a nursing home, where home abuse is rising.
  • The person has hurt themselves on a premise. When visiting a store, people may get hurt when they trip over something. The owner of the premise or the manager may be held liable because it has happened on the property.
  • A slip and fall case. People slip and fall all the time, but it is one of the leading causes of why people visit the hospital. If someone slipped and fell due to another person’s negligence, they could be liable for all medical expenses.
  • Products that have caused damage. Even though there are strict laws about products and what can be in them, sometimes, companies do not listen and put in ingredients that have not been approved. When this happens, the manufacturer will be held liable.
  • Dog bites. Even though dogs can be everyone’s best friend, they can be why someone gets hurt. The owner will be held responsible when a dog bite occurs, and there may be consequences for the dog.
  • Wrongful death. If someone were to die due to their personal injury, then a wrongful death case can be opened by the deceased’s family.

The previously mentioned situations are some of the most common reasons someone has been injured and why they need to call for a personal injury lawyer in Siskiyou County.

Personal Injury Statistics

  • Between the years 2017 and 2018, traffic fatalities have decreased.
  • Around 800,000 Californians are injured due to slip and fall accidents every year.
  • Around 312,000 Californians experience injuries in the workplace every year.

Personal Injury Statute of Limitations in California

When someone wants to open an individual injury case, they have two years from the accident. If this case is not filed correctly before the end of the two years, then the court will refuse the case completely.

The Different Damages Categories

Two different damages categories will be used when personal injury lawyers determine how much money they may be able to get in Siskiyou County, CA.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are monetary damages that the personal injury attorney could compile easily. This includes various things like lost wages, medical expenses, etc. Our law office will quickly contact the at-fault parties’ insurance company when this number is calculated.

Non-Economic Damages

A personal injury lawyer will look at non-economic damages. When people feel emotional stress due to the accident, they may be entitled to compensation. When someone receives PTSD, anxiety, depression, and more from an accident, the personal injury attorney will try to receive compensation on the victim’s behalf.

What Are Some of the Damages That Can Be Recovered?

Settlements are determined in California based on the circumstances and facts of every case. This is because every case is unique and specific. When the victim speaks to the right personal injury lawyers, they will have a team to evaluate their case and tell them the amount of damages they are entitled to. An example would be that if the person missed work or needed to be hospitalized due to the accident, they would be entitled to more. Some of the most commonly awarded settlements in California will recover the following:

  • Medical Bills: When an accident has happened, and the victim has been taken to a hospital, this cost would be settled. Also, any prescription medication, medical equipment, and more will be added to this section. If the victim were to receive therapy because of the accident, this would also be added to this section.
  • Lost Income: If the victim has been out of work due to the accident, this would be compensated. The amount would vary depending on how long the person has been out of work and if they will be out of work for longer.
  • Pain and Suffering: This is harder to prove and receive compensation for if the person does not have the right personal injury lawyer. If they are suffering emotionally because of the accident, then this would be why someone would receive money.

Wrongful Death

Sadly, people do pass away when there is an accident, which would mean that the personal injury case would still go ahead, but a wrongful death case would also be filed. The law office would gather appropriate information to help loved ones in Siskiyou County, CA, get the retribution they deserve.

They may be entitled to economic damages like potentially lost wages from the deceased and non-economic damages like depression from losing a family member.

How Is Negligence Proven In California?

People will want to know how negligence can be proven when a personal injury case happens in Siskiyou County. The personal injury attorney will gather the information to prove that the at-fault party was negligent. The personal injury attorney must prove four things in all personal injury cases.

  1. The at-fault party owed the victim a duty of care.
  2. If the at-fault party breached or violated the duty of care that they had.
  3. The victim received a personal injury due to the at-fault parties’ negligence.
  4. The personal injury attorney has proof to show that the victim suffered due to the accident.

Why Do People Call Ehline Law Firm?

There are many reasons why Ehline is called when an accident and a personal injury case needs to be filed in Siskiyou County, CA:

Minimize Pain

The team understands that every person and their loved ones will endure much pain and suffering during this challenging time. That is why it is better if they have the right team behind them to help them receive the compensation that they deserve. The team will take the brunt of every difficult conversation with the insurance company because they want to ensure that the injured person can take a break and rest.


Amongst the many law firms in the area, Ehline has one of the best. The team is knowledgeable in many legal issues, which helps people with their cases. With a team that works together, it is no wonder why they are continuously growing.

Personal Time

Legal issues can take up a lot of time, but that doesn’t mean that the attorney-client relationship should suffer. Many other firms in counties all over California, even Los Angeles County, do not take time out of their schedule to build this relationship with every client. However, with the free consultation, the team will know where to start and build from there. Clients feel like the Ehline family when they walk through that door.

Integrity and Honesty

Whether the client is hiring a lawyer for criminal defense or a personal injury case, every client is treated with integrity and honesty. The firm will only pursue action if they believe this is in the client’s best interest. Overall, the free consultation will help the team determine if this case will benefit the client first because that is who matters the most.

Free Consultation

Every person will receive a free consultation when they walk into the Ehline office, which is why so many people will trust this team when they have been in an accident. The team is ready to speak with everyone who walks through the door. We recommend you call us right away before you blow the statute of limitations to sue a wrongdoer or other at-fault government agency.

Contact Siskiyou County Personal Injury Law FirmCall Top Siskiyou County, California, Personal Injury Lawyers at Ehline Law Firm Right Away!

The team is ready to offer a free case evaluation to people who have been in auto accidents, hurt in a nursing home, had a slip, and fall, or a dog bite. No victim should ever be left with a lawyer that does not put them first, which is why Ehline will do so every time. They are here to ensure that the victim and family are looked after during this challenging time. And if we form an attorney-client relationship with you, we will handle everything on a contingency basis till the job is done.

When someone wants to speak to a professional, they should call Ehline immediately because they will be ready to help everyone who walks through their door. Feel free to use our convenient website contact us form via email, or call us 24/7 for legal advice at (833) LETS-SUE today! Please share your experiences with us and receive a free consultation.

Michael Ehline is an inactive U.S. Marine and world-famous legal historian. Michael helped draft the Cruise Ship Safety Act and has won some of U.S. history’s largest motorcycle accident settlements. Together with his legal team, Michael and the Ehline Law Firm collect damages on behalf of clients.
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