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Table of Contents:
  1. About Beverly Hills.
  2. Beverly Hills Accidents We help With?
  3. Beverly Hills Traffic Accident FAQs.
  4. What Are the General Beverly Hills Auto Accidents Statistics?
  5. What is the Most Dangerous Intersection in Beverly Hills by Collision Count?
  6. What are The Top Traffic Accidents in Beverly Hills Where the Victim is not Inside the Car?
  7. What are the Top Three Reported Beverly Hills Traffic Accidents by Type of Collision?
  8. What are the Top Three Worse Times of Day, Week and Hour For Beverly Hills Automotive Wreck?
  9. What are the top Three Beverly Hills Traffic Accidents By Degree of Injury?
  10. What are the Top Three Vehicle Code Violations Causing Beverly Hills Traffic Wrecks?
  11. What are the Top Beverly Hills Traffic Accident Victims by Their Role?
  12. Beverly Hills Pedestrian Accident FAQs.
  13. What are the Top Three Vehicle Code Violations Causing Beverly Hills PEDESTRIAN Accidents?
  14. What are the Top Beverly Hills Traffic Accidents by Pedestrian Actions?
  15. What are the Beverly Hills Pedestrian Accident Statistics By Weather Conditions?
  16. What is the Worse Time of Day for a Beverly Hills Pedestrian Accident?
  17. What Makes Beverly Hills Different When it Comes to Pedestrian Accident Avoidance?
  18. Beverly Hills BICYCLE Accident FAQs.
  19. All About Beverly Hills' Santa Monica Boulevard for Bicyclists.
  20. Is it Legal to Ride Bikes on Beverly Hills Sidewalks?
  21. Can I Sue the City of Beverly Hills for My Bicycle Accident?
  22. Beverly Hills Motorcycle Accident FAQs.
  23. Beverly Hills Motorcycle Crash - Defined.
  24. The Most Dangerous Roads for Orange Motorcycle Accidents from 2006-2018 - What Were They?
  25. What Are Some Common Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents in Beverly Hills?
  26. Young Versus Old Riders? Does it Matter?
  27. What are the 7 Most Common Beverly Hills Motorcycle Accident Injuries?
  28. What Are Your Legal Options After a Beverly Hills Auto Accident?
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About Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills Office Entry

Although BH remains confined to just 5.7 square miles, it has a quiver of robust and wealthy residents of at least 35,000 people at the latest census. Located in Los Angeles County, it remains ringed by several towns, including West Hollywood. Also, Beverly Hills ("BH"), California is very famous. As an example, it had a TV show named after its zip code (Beverly Hills 90210). BH is also the subject of several motion pictures (Beverly Hills Cop. etc.).

Additionally, BH has many other mentions all over the popular media on any given day. Primarily, this is because BH houses several famous stars, 5 and 6-star hotels. Also, it is home to the world-famous Rodeo Drive retail outlets ringing its strip. But its nexus remains bound up in its roads and high traffic.

As an example, Gaspar de Portolá discovered the future Beverly Hills on August 3, 1769. The trails he used to find it, eventually became the crowded, accident-prone Wilshire Boulevard.

How it all Started

Ultimately, in 1828, Maria Rita Quinteros de Valdez and her spouse ended up owning future BH in the form of a ranch. Accordingly, they named their new 4,500-acre plot "Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas." But Mrs. Rtia Quinteros de Valdez sold the land in 1854. The new owners in succession were Benjamin Davis Wilson (1811–1878) and Henry Hancock (1822–1883).

Ultimately, business choices broke the ranch up into several 75-acre parcels. Caucasians from places like New York ultimately bought up these parcels of land. As a matter of fact, Henry Hammel and Andrew H. Denker ended up with the lion's share of BH and set up lima bean farms. Accordingly, it acquired a new name, the "Hammel and Denker Ranch."

But around 1900, oil prospectors bought them out to set up a crude oil drilling company. However, after locating little oil, and lots of water, its innovative explorers decided to convert the land into an "all-white" city called "Beverly Hills." Its first home was build around 1907. Ironically "restrictive covenants" made it impossible for Jews and other racially "impure" to purchase land.

But blacks, Hispanics, and others "inferiors" were servants of the white landowners could at least buy land. But later on, these laws were found to be illegal. Modernly, some of the city's wealthiest residents are in fact, Jews, many of them personal injury attorneys.

Beverly Hills Hotel Makes it a Hot Spot for Actors?

Now here is where it gets interesting. Ultimately, in 1912, the Beverly Hills Hotel was constructed. Also, this was before BH became incorporated as a city. As a result, many famous movies stars frequented the hotel. In fact, it became quite popular with the elite.

As an example, in 1919, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford constructed a mansion on Summit Drive. After the Beverly Hotel created the 6-star polo lounge in the 1940s, even more, famous people flocked to BH. Because residents and city planners have historically opposed efficient bussing, expanding traffic lanes, and even subways, traffic accidents are a significant problem in the busier parts of the city, such as the areas servicing Rodeo Drive.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As an example, the Westside Subway Extension project called the Purple Line of the LA Metro Rail will allegedly be completed in around 2020. So these planned subway extensions will run through Beverly Hills.

Additionally, two new subterranean stations at Wilshire/La Cienega and Wilshire/Rodeo are to be added to service the city. Obviously, this will add to even more foot traffic. This article addresses the continual problems associated with slow improvements when it comes to traffic safety, especially among bicyclists and pedestrians.

In summary:

Beverly Hills is perhaps the most popular destination for residents and visitors of Los Angeles. Rodeo Drive, with its fashionable clothing and retail outlets, expensive, exotic, and luxury cars parked and moving along everywhere; it is like the dreamland of the rich and famous.

Besides the run of mill slipping on a banana peel, auto accidents are one of the most challenging points for any individuals' life.

But there are always many consequences for the victims involved. Meanwhile, while in this state of confusion, it is not difficult for the victims to become overwhelmed during the aftermath.

  • This is why it is so important to have a helpful, experienced guiding hand at every step of the way.
  • To begin with, the Ehline Law Firm is among the leading Beverly Hills personal injury law firm with offices in all of Southern California.
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Beverly Hills Accidents We Help With?

We deal with all types of personal injuries resulting from the negligence of another. We assist both residents and visitors to the city in a vast array of accident cases, including:
  • Traffic Accidents (car, bus, truck, bicycle, pedestrian, and motorcycle wrecks, for example.)
  • Slip, trip, and falls. (claims against the city and private actors for dangerous or substantially changed conditions like elevated or uneven sidewalks, potholes, open trenches, etc.)
  • Falling and flying object accidents. (such as treads flying off a big rig, a wheel severed from a moving vehicle's axle or construction debris like chunks of concrete flying in the air from a jackhammer.)
  • Elder and dependent adult abuse.
  • Cruise ship Jones Act claims. (for those residents who travel.)
  • Claims against the City of Beverly Hills under the Tort Claims Act.

As a famous tourist town, Beverly Hills has the misfortune of being plagued by the same type of high accident rate other densely inhabited areas countenance.

When someone else is responsible for your injuries, whether, through recklessness or carelessness, you are entitled to indemnification.

So if you went through agony because of the negligence of someone else in or around the City of Orange area, once your acute medical needs have been handled, the next move is to contact a prominent personal injury lawyer. Ehline Law Firm maintains a well-known law practice with an office in Beverly Hills.

As can be seen, we will boldly fight to assure that you win the payment you have coming. In furtherance of our client-based approach, we always work on a contingency basis. In other words, we don't get an attorney's fee unless we secure a settlement or jury verdict.

What can you get moneywise if you’ve been injured in a Beverly Hills accident?

First of all, it Depends on the nature and severity of the injury. But beyond that, your ability to prove the negligence of the other party is key. But a good lawyer can help you get restitution for:

  • Lost future earnings and loss of power to advance in a career.
  • Lost present and past wages.
  • Medical and rehabilitative expenses.
  • Emotional/Mental pain and anguish.
  • Physical pain and suffering.
  • Permanent disfigurement and disabilities.
  • Job Re-Training, etc.

In the final analysis, other factors exist that can make it more difficult for victims to garner adequate and just compensation. With light or insufficient evidence, sometimes the court or jury panel may decide the victims has “comparative fault.”

Because of this, the victim and the other party are both found partially responsible for the accident. When that happens, the victim may only garner partial compensatory damages and not be made whole.

Sometimes someone else also has complicit negligence for your accident. For example, the owner of a pizza delivery store may have to cover the negligent delivery driver who was acting in the course and scope of employment.

If so, and the employee ran someone over, Ehline Law Firm can probably help you receive reimbursement for your above mentioned medical costs, loss of wages, permanent disability, and pain and suffering.

Beverly Hills Traffic Accident FAQs.

What are the General Beverly Hills Auto Accident Statistics?

From 2006-2018, reported traffic data collated for Beverly Hills, CA, shows there were 4,021 auto collisions with 23 people killed, and 5,367 injured in this city.

Consequently, bike, pedestrian, and motorcycle wrecks resulted in more serious complications for these victims than for passengers and occupants of enclosed vehicles.

What Is the Most Dangerous Intersection in Beverly Hills by Collision Count?

Rank Intersection # of Coll

Most dangerous intersection in Beverly HillsMost of all, intersection accidents number among the most common and most dangerous accidents to pedestrians, bicycle riders, and other motorists.

As detailed above, the most dangerous intersection in Beverly Hills is Roxbury Drive and Santa Monica Blvd., which is situated just off the off-street parking structures serving Rodeo Drive. Also shown in the Google map, is a humongous four-way intersection with large, striped pedestrian crosswalks on all four sides.

There are also traffic lights and pedestrian crossing signals for the blind and impaired. Interestingly, this is not Rodeo Drive. Instead, it remains a heavily trafficked thoroughfare servicing this area.

At present, the area remains sandwiched between residential housing and commercial buildings. Significantly, from 2006-2018 at least 13 wrecks were reported here, many involving walkers and bicyclists.

What are the Top Traffic Accidents in Beverly Hills Where the Victim is not Inside a Car?

  1. Pedestrian collisions = 543 (13.5%)
  2. Bicycle accidents = 276 (6.9%)
  3. Motorcycle collisions = 254 (6.3%)

As can be seen above, the top non enclosed vehicle accident in Beverly Hills remains the person on foot getting hit, or run over, aka, the pedestrian accident.

Moreover, there were 543 pedestrian accidents during the reported period, making up 13.5% of traffic collisions in this town. But there are many reasons for this. An example, is a person walking. In short, this victim doesn't have the protection of a roll cage and seatbelts, etc.

But the sad fact is that Beverly Hills, in particular, is challenging to navigate for a visitor. Most of all, the place is wrought with distractions. First off, we will discuss below, some of the efforts the city has taken to make pedestrians walking about in Beverly Hills, in particular, safer.

But first, let's get a baseline on the various ways people are injured or slain on the roads of this rich, vibrant community. During this same period, the data table and corresponding pie chart below shows 22 people died, and 82 people suffered serious injuries in a Beverly Hills vehicle wreck.

What are the Top Three Reported Beverly Hills Traffic Accidents By Type of Collision?

The top BH auto accident collisions by rating are as follows:

  1. Broadside = 1,582 wrecks, representing 39.34% of all traffic crashes in Beverly Hills.
  2. Rear End = 950 wrecks, representing 23.63% of reported collisions during the reporting period.
  3. Pedestrian v auto, representing 450 victims, or 11.19% of total traffic accidents in Beverly Hills during the same time frame. For the additional categories of types of collisions, see the below data table and pie graph chart.
    Notice again the pattern of people on foot making up a significant number of auto accident victims in BH.

What are the Top Three Worse Times of Day, Week and Hour For Beverly Hills Automotive Wreck?

Beverly - Times

As noted in the chart, the top worse days and hours to drive in Beverly Hills are:

  1. Fridays during the hours of 3:00 pm - 5:59 pm (totaling 209 collisions)
  2. Wednesdays and Thursdays during the hours of 3:00 pm - 5:59 pm represents a statistical dead heat (189 crashes each day, making up 378 wrecks)
  3. Tuesdays during the hours of 3:00 pm - 5:59 pm (totaling 176 collisions)

Clearly, the worse time of day to drive in Beverly Hills during the week insofar as car accidents are concerned is between the hours of 3:00 pm and 5:59 pm.

Surprisingly, Saturday between the hours of 12:00 and 2:59 pm is the only time there are more traffic accidents than the hours of 3:00 pm and 5:59 pm. And this makes sense because so many people are commuting and shopping on Saturdays around noon time.

What are the top Three Beverly Hills Traffic Accidents By Degree of Injury?

So for purposes of this study, we presumed that a fatality is the most grievous type of bodily harm. Closely followed are the more severe and serious abrasions, road rash, broken bones, brain injuries, and then the less severe malaise involving some bed rest and whiplash perhaps.

What are the Top Three Vehicle Code Violations Causing Beverly Hills Traffic Wrecks?

The top three California Vehicle Code Section violations cited as causes of Beverly Hills car accidents are as follows:

  1. Automobile Right of Way = 1,103 (27.43%)
  2. Unsafe Speed = 840 (20.89%)
  3. Traffic Signals and Signs = 360 (8.95%)

As can be seen in the reported traffic statistics, the top cause of Beverly Hills accidents appears to be the failure to yield the right of way.

By the same token, with so many distractions, and people coming and going in such a rush, it makes sense that sideswipes and broadsides would often occur in Beverly Hills. Obviously, places like Rodeo Drive are rife for failure to yield collisions. In the same fashion, distracting street signs, advertisements, billboards, and storefronts add to the confusing flux.

For these reasons, unsafe speed as the number two cause of crashes here is also making sense as a common top collision factor.

After all, safe speed, and not just posted speed is what matters when navigating such a bustling locale. So if it's bumper to bumper, or you see a lot of kids, elders, etc., you slow down, put your phone down and observe traffic.

Coming in at number three for causes of car accidents in Beverly Hills is the failure to obey signals and signs. So don't become a traffic accident statistic yourselves. At the same time, the best way to avoid a wreck is to pay attention, don't follow too carefully, look before starting or backing your car, and remember not to impede the flow of traffic.

So for example, don't hazardously park your vehicle. And never try to pass another vehicle to get a parking spot unsafely. Don't break laws trying to get to your destination faster.

Also, so many people are fidgeting with their dials, taking selfies it's silly. Also, still others are trying to catch a glimpse of some famous person. So they fail to pay attention to posted speed limits, and the near presence of vulnerable pedestrians.

Anyways, don't be that guy! With this in mind, remember, pedestrians almost always have the right of way! So pay attention!

What are the Top Beverly Hills Traffic Accident Victims by Their Role?

As noted, out of 5,390 victims, top victims by role are:

  1. Drivers, totaling 3,501 victims, making up 64.95% of injured parties in a collision.
  2. Passengers make up 1,058 of casualties, scaling in at 19.63% of sufferers.
  3. Pedestrians total 556 of what can only be described as the true underdogs in a crash. In this case, people on foot make up 10.32% of BH car accident victims.

Also, notice that although bicyclists don't make the top three list of victims. But like pedestrian accidents, riders suffer greater personal harm during an impact, than say, a car passenger wearing a lap/shoulder harness in a similar crash. Still, bicyclists make up 270 victims at 5.01% of the total statistical balance.

  1. "Broadside = 1,582 wrecks, representing 39.34% of all traffic crashes in Beverly Hills.

  2. Rear End = 950 wrecks, representing 23.63% of reported collisions during the reporting period.

  3. Pedestrian v auto, representing 450 victims, or 11.19% of total traffic accidents in Beverly Hills during the same time frame. For the additional categories of types of collisions . . ."

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Beverly Hills Personal Injury Overview

Beverly Hills Pedestrian Accident FAQ's

What are the Top Three Vehicle Code Violations Causing Beverly Hills PEDESTRIAN Accidents?

  1. Driver failing to yield to a pedestrian = 231 victims, making up 42.5% of pedestrian collisions. (This typically happens at the crosswalk, and is the number one top cause of injuries to people on foot in Beverly Hills Traffic wrecks.)
  2. Vehicle Code § 21455 (1) 21460 (1) 21654 (2) 21968 (1) 22348 (1) (72) totaling 78 victims making a statistic of 14.4%. (See Official Code Sections Here.)
  3. Failure to Yield to a pedestrian outside of the crosswalk. Sixty-two people harmed making up 11.4% of pedestrian accidents here.

What are the Top Beverly Hills Traffic Accidents by Pedestrian Actions?

What are the Beverly Hills Pedestrian Accident Statistics By Weather Conditions?

What is the Worse Time of Day for a Beverly Hills Pedestrian Accident?

As noted below, the worst time of the day for a Beverly Hills pedestrian accident is broad daylight, with 407 accidents reported from 2006-2018. That is to say, 75% of all wrecks with people on foot happened in broad daylight.

What Makes Beverly Hills Different When it Comes to Pedestrian Accident Avoidance?

Although pedestrians always have the right of way in Beverly Hills, people on foot must reasonably share the streets. In other words, they must use the sidewalks and roads with reasonable care for the conditions presented. Of course, pedestrians can be partially liable for contributing to events leading up to accidents.

As an example, pedestrians should not ignore the “walk,” "don't walk" signals. Also, jaywalking, riding a bike in a crosswalk, or darting into the street show the victims were partly negligent.

Aside from comparative negligence, autos are almost always found to be at fault in these types of negligence cases. So the city has wisely taken steps to develop safe and redundant traffic systems.

  • Diagonal Crosswalks?

Barnes Scramble Beverly HillsResearch in the cities of Beverly Hills and Oakland discovered that future collisions betwixt pedestrians and vehicles were practically halved following the installation of Barnes Scramble, crosswalks. First created by traffic engineer Henry Barnes for use in Denver, over 70 years ago, they just catching on in California.

Few cities across the U.S. have these types of "diagonal crosswalks." Studies have proven that pedestrians are far safer when properly using these diagonal crosswalks.

As a rule, motorists find these so-called "Barnes Scrambles" annoying because they tend to cause bottlenecks. Compared to traditional cloverleafs, drivers must wait longer in clogged corridors at red lights. All this so that people can walk back and forth to and from one of the four walkways.

So in addition to the LA road rage problem, many locals in car-centric Beverly Hills wonder if these scrambles pass muster under the risk to benefit analysis. Keep in mind; there are many creative diagonal crosswalks to choose from. Beverly Hills went with the standard X design.

Still a Cause for Concern?

True, these special crosswalks require vehicles to stop in all four directions. That way walkers can move freely from corner to corner, including through the middle of an intersection. The vast majority of traffic collisions in Beverly Hills are still pedestrian urbanists getting run over while crossing the street.

But BH uses a holistic approach. In other words, the city uses a toolbox of traffic accident avoidance systems. This included adding more turn lanes at South Santa Monica Boulevard, as well as the scramble crossings.

Coupled with enhanced visibility of speed limit signs, and shared-use mobility zones, much focus is on pedestrian safety. As a matter of fact, Beverly Hills even wants a pedestrian bridge at the future Metro Purple Line station. Plus, they will display digital parking occupancy signage on parking garages. So that way they can try and reduce the need for much needed on-street parking.

Understanding the Traffic Dangers Unique to Santa Monica Boulevard.

Believe it or not, Beverly Hills' Santa Monica Blvd, has no sidewalk on one side of the street! Not to mention, the busy intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Wilshire, restricts people from crossing on the west side of the crossing. Correspondingly, Santa Monica Boulevard becomes more menacing for the person who walks at Westwood Boulevard.

By the same token, trekkers must virtually race across the street due to the absurdly fast traffic light phasing. As a matter of fact, many cars start moving before pedestrians get across.

In any event, besides building curb additions, the city should re-evaluate light signal phasing. Or perhaps it should reduce the size of the crossings? It’s almost as if the city doesn't care about the blind, people in wheelchairs, and infirm elders. Of course, Beverly Hills has conducted traffic studies since at least the early 1960s. So you'd think the traffic engineers would have come up with some better risk aversion ideas.

In summary, Beverly Hills has done a lot to achieve a reduction in pedestrian traffic accidents. The city has gone so far as to install pedestrian scrambles. But the city needs to do more to make certain streets and crossings safer for the elderly and infirm, as well as regular wayfarers.

Pedestrian Accidents in Beverly Hills.

A motorist is imbued with a moral obligation to perform the task of driving with "reasonable care." Part of this duty includes taking care not to injure others when manipulating the controls of a motorized vehicle. If the driver fails to act prudently, that vehicle operator can be surmised to have acted negligently.

Proceedings of negligence in Beverly Hills repeatedly entangle vehicle operators who disobey traffic laws. Examples include ignoring traffic signals, signs, and driving at an excessive speed. Almost always these same people fail to yield the right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks.

A top cause of pedestrian accidents occurs when vehicle drivers neglect signaling while turning. Then there are more reckless collisions, such as being on some substance while driving like drugs or alcohol. In addition to criminal charges and restitution payments to the victim, some drunkards are even forced to pay punitive damages.

Heightened Duty?

But did you know sometimes drivers owe an even higher duty than is presumed? For example, what about school zones? You guessed it; drivers must act with a significant tenor of alertness. And they must beware while navigating areas where they know or should know, elders, handicapped and children are active.

The locations for drivers to be especially observant encompass school campuses, parks, older people's homes, urban playgrounds, and residential housing. Don't make the mistake of fiddling with your smartphone, or car's knobs and dials near these locations. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

How Can Ehline Law Help Me After a Beverly Hills Pedestrian Accident?

While pedestrians always have the right of way in Beverly Hills, the highest number of fatalities result from these cases. Inattentive motorists can easily maim, or slay pedestrians trying to get across the street. Heck, sometimes a bus or truck can jump a curb. If so, it could wipe out a whole swath of bystanders on a corner waiting for a light to turn green.

With this in mind, and an unheedful driver wounds you, you could have the basis for a personal injury lawsuit. The Ehline Law Firm represents pedestrian versus vehicle accident victims in Beverly Hills and all of California. We await your important communications with eagerness.

Beverly Hills Pedestrians
"the worst time of the day for a Beverly Hills pedestrian accident is broad daylight, with 407 accidents reported from 2006-2018. That is to say, 75% of all wrecks with people on foot happened in broad daylight."
CHP data. Michael Ehline
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Beverly Hills BICYCLE Accident FAQs.

All About Beverly Hills' Santa Monica Boulevard for Bicyclists.

Los Angeles Magazine ranks Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills as an "uneven, cramped nightmare." (Source.) As noted above, bicycle accidents are quite common in Beverly Hills, with 270 victims, representing 5.01% of all reported Beverly Hills traffic collisions from 2006-20018.

As a result, this makes riding collisions the number four most common traffic accident in the city. Of particular interest, new service dog laws allow anyone to legally say their dog is a comfort or"service" animal. So, in summary, a heightened dog attack while riding risk exists in BH.

Is the owner of the whelping dog at the table next to you at the Starbucks™ even disabled? Bikers are more concerned about the bad habits of many dog owners outside of the coffee shop. Inattentive dog owners cause more bites because they don't supervise these potentially deadly animals.

In any event, we have seen many instances of a long leashed or unleashed dogs leaping at a fast-moving cyclist. Some unleashed dogs chase and bite the bicyclist's legs, ankles, and the bike's tires. So yes, dog bites are a real threat to innocent riders in cramped quarters along Santa Monica Boulevard.

  • Burning Questions - Pedestrians and Bikes

Why is it that bikers seem to enjoy the rights of pedestrians? We often get burning questions from confused, at fault riders who were hit after they quickly peddled into a crosswalk, as an example.

To start with, many differences and similarities exist between the rights, duties, and obligations of Beverly Hills pedestrians and bicyclists.

For example, what happens when a bicyclist is forced to become a pedestrian? How do we square the laws? As an example, in some parts of LA, it is legal to ride on the sidewalk.

But we could find no statute or code that allows a rider to ride a bike in a designated cross WALK. So just what laws do and don't apply exclusively to bicyclists trying to ride in this crowded municipality?

Well right off the bat, we need to understand that there are not a lot of bike lanes here. One side argues bike lanes will make riders safer. But the other side argues that riding virtually anywhere in BH is dangerous, so we can't have bike lanes to encourage more riding here. (Read more.)

Naturally, with no safe streets to ride on, cyclists will try and make use of the sidewalk. But slower traffic often congests these walkways. In particular, bicyclists remain confounded by the local, municipal sidewalk riding regulations.

Is it Legal to Ride Bikes on Beverly Hills Sidewalks?

Probably not, unless you are in a residential area of the city. In recent years, cities have allowed bicyclists to come up off the roads and peddle alongside walkers. The reasons seem to be bicycle safety and easing street vehicle traffic flow. Discussed below, is the confusing legal spectacle of Beverly Hills sidewalk riding laws.

  1. Sidewalk Riding

Beverly Hills has a hodgepodge of sidewalk riding decrees in different sections of their municipal code. Many lawyers would argue that these unclear, hard to find rules represent a trap for the unwary rider.

For example, § 5-5-8 says:

The operator of a bicycle shall not ride on the public sidewalk in any business district as prohibited by section 5-6-801 of this title.

§ 5-6-801 above states:

A. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate, ride, or propel any bicycle, skateboard, roller skates or similar type device on the sidewalk in any business district. For purposes of this section, “business district” shall be defined as designated in section 235 of the state Vehicle Code.

California Vehicle Code (CVC) § 235 states:

A “business district” is that portion of a highway and the property contiguous thereto (a) upon one side of which highway, for a distance of 600 feet, 50 percent or more of the contiguous property fronting thereon is occupied by buildings in use for business, or (b) upon both sides of which highway, collectively, for a distance of 300 feet, 50 percent or more of the contiguous property fronting thereon is so occupied. A business district may be longer than the distances specified in this section if the above ratio of buildings in use for business to the length of the highway exists.

In other words, where 50% of the structures house a service type of activity, sidewalk riding remains prohibited. Confused yet? So what does that mean? To learn what this means, we need to see Beverly Hill's definition of a “Business district.”

To do that, we must read § 240 of the CVC, as follows:

All churches, apartments, hotels, multiple dwelling houses, clubs, and public buildings, other than schools, shall be deemed to be business structures.

In this case, virtually everything along the sidewalks appears to be a “business district.” So it’s hard to know when you are (and when you aren’t) in sidewalk riding location.

Because of these strange regulations, it does not make sense to ride on any sidewalk in Beverly Hills. (Other than in residential family home subdivisions.) So keep your tires in the street, and always ride with the flow of traffic.

Can I Sue the City of Beverly Hills for My Bicycle Accident?

The big question is whether or not you can sue Beverly Hills proper for failing to install bicycle lanes. And the answer is probably no. Bicyclists and other victims of government negligence may only sue under particular conditions.

As an example, let's say for argument's sake that a bicyclist fell through an unmarked, unbarricaded, open maintenance hole. In that case, the city could be potentially liable for failure to warn of a known, dangerous condition. But the town has no mandate to install more bike lanes or make its sidewalk riding laws clearer, or friendlier. So the city has no liability in that case.

  • Government Claim Considerations.

There are other cases where sovereign immunity does not come into play. Sometimes a condition substantially changes from the original engineering plan. In that case, the fallen rider can often pierce the shield of immunity and sue. As an example, perhaps the City failed to repair a pothole or warning sign. So let's say that caused the cyclist to crash their bike.

Yes, a case may exist under those conditions. In that case, the rider would have only six months to file a governmental administrative claim. This is called invoking the administrative remedy.

After a certain period, the agency you file with will either accept liability and pay you. But it's more likely you will get a denial letter. This is also known as a "letter to sue." But unlike a regular lawsuit, you have a short period in which to pursue the city or its agents.

Because of this, you must retain highly keen and experienced lawyers who have successfully dealt with cases against administrative municipalities. ELFPI is among the premier attorneys at handling all facets of governmental tort claims.

In summary, riding in Beverly Hills is dangerous. It's the fourth most significant traffic accident statistic. The city has done little to make Beverly Hills bicycle-friendly. Another key point - it's incumbent upon the city council to pass laws. That is the smartest way to make Beverly Hills a rider-friendly town.

So, in summary, the Tort Claims Act defines the city's only legal liability. Last, only a trained lawyer can know what to do against a large, powerful city with such vast resources. Get a lawyer.

Beverly Hills Motorcycle Accident FAQs.

Beverly Hills Motorcycle Crash - Defined

A motorcycle crash is a complex event involving the reciprocal of rider, vehicle, and natural elements. Although each collision is unique, one thing that remains the same is that it is a violent scenario. Noteworthy here is that more than 80% of all reported motorcycle crashes result in an injury or death.

The CHP classifies traffic injuries as:

  1. Fatal.
  2. Injury (Serious).
  3. Injury (Other visible).
  4. Injury (Complaint of Pain).

The motorcycle itself provides no head injury protection to the rider or passenger. At the same time, ejection from the motorcycle is a common injury pathway. Also, if a bike comes to a sudden stop, the rider is ejected from the bike. So now the launched rider forcibly strikes objects in the trajectory path, as well as on the ground.

Motorcycles riding Beverly Hills streets are always at risk in this jam-packed city frequented by so many out of towners. Meanwhile, there are so many distractions for sedan motorists. For example, drivers often fail to look out for motorcycles, people, and bicycles or general.

Also, many awestruck drivers are just too excited to notice that their failure to look out for the smaller nomenclature of a cyclist almost killed someone when they cut him or her off.

What are the Beverly Hills Motorcycle Accident Statistics?

There were two deaths during the reported period out of 243 total motorcycle accidents. This is a remarkably small number of deaths considering the sheer number of rush hour traffic accidents in most other LA cities. Significantly, 50% of all motorcycle accident fatalities were caused by alcohol-related driving offenses. The chart below identifies other traffic accident modalities for bikers.

Alcohol Involvement Fatal Severe Injury Visible Injury Complaint of Pain Total
Yes 1 0 6 4 11
No 1 14 123 94 232
Total 2 14 129 98 243
Total Routes and Collisions from 2006-1018