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Famous for Calvary Chapel, and conservative, family values, Costa Mesa City is clean, with low crime, lots of schools and gorgeous parks. This Orange County town also remains a draw due to its year round, mild, sunny climate.

Costa Mesa maintains a growing population over over 110,000 people. (Source.) It has a population density of around 7,004.0 people per square mile. This bustling, moderately sized city has plenty of distractions, entertainment, and other remarkable sites of interest to lay eyes on such as South Coast Plaza™.

Multiple freeways surge through Costa Mesa's many shops, auditoriums and female strip clubs, including the Route 55 Santa Ana Freeway, 73 Toll Road, and the Interstate 405. These major traffic arteries connect the city to the rest of the Greater Los Angeles area and San Diego, California.

Because such a great number travelers and workers are continually riding on one of its many freeways, the area around Costa Mesa is no stranger to traffic collisions. According to 2017 statistical data regarding traffic accidents, five fatal traffic wrecks with damage to 11 motor vehicles took place. Data also shows that no less than 12 people were involved, which included one pedestrian.

Six people passed away. Obviously, none of these accident victims got up that day and planned to be in a wreck. No one anywhere in the world wants to be in a bad car accident on their drive to the office, or while dropping their kids off at school. However, the fact that it happened to them means it can also happen to you.

Costa Mesa Traffic Accidents.

Traffic accidents take place when a vehicle strikes an object or another vehicle, resulting in property damage, and sometimes in personal injuries. Accident statistics are derived from situations where a police officer responds to the scene of the collision. Most traffic accidents are due to the negligence of another.

For example, a driver ignoring traffic lights and posted signs, or driving under the influence are all examples of inappropriate social behavior. When an auto collides with another vehicle or someone on foot, it may be a deadly situation.

Sure, insurance can help cover property damage and some hospital bills. However, most victims don't clearly understand their options while stressed after an unthinkable accident. Whether a bicycle spill, fender bender or loss of life during congested traffic on the way to Fashion Island, we are available for a cost free, no obligation phone call.

If you’re hurt in Costa Mesa, or somewhere else in California, you can visit ELFPI to get the answers to these important questions. Many clients and peers think we are the best personal injury attorneys for a reason. Still not convinced? Then take a look at our informative news stories, past verdicts, and testimonials from our past clients. Why not let us help you navigate your potential lawsuit?

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The deal is, you need a lawyer in order to safeguard your legal rights. Plus, you can assure you obtain reasonable compensation for your losses arising from your accident. Since we offer a free legal consultation, why not contact us now to discuss the intricacies of your case in confidence with a fine tooth comb? We are standing by! Protect Your Rights With Our Handy ACCIDENT REPORT Now!

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A personal injury lawyer generally doesn’t get paid unless you collect money. So this means he or she will do everything legally possible to help you recover any costs forced upon you from personal injury or property damage claims.

Ehline Law Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC is famous for representing plaintiffs in Costa Mesa, CA injury claims. The law firm has been around for over ten years. In that short time span, our team has reaped results of over $30,000,000.

Catastrophic events can quickly take the life of a spouse or child. Even if they live, the tragedy could leave them with a permanent feeling of pain. Often they are in a vegetative state. Hence, this is nothing short of a lifetime nightmare for those left to deal with the outcome.

The great memories and times spent together are now on the back burner as your world seems to fall apart. Moreover, the sad fact is, in the snap of a finger, a promising full life can be over. Hence, the negligence of a careless and uncaring person can ruin lives.

So now the plans you made with your spouse are no more. Also, the plans you made for your kids can no longer occur. Worse of all, the person we knew is no longer the same, or dead!

  • A dejected state is often the result.
  • Because of this, you have no idea how to proceed.

Of course, you think you have nowhere to turn.

  • But we are here, and we feel your pain.
  • Let us help!

Premier Costa Mesa Accident Attorneys

Ehline Law Firm is among the premier trial lawyers in Costa Mesa, California. When a victim feels dejected and depressed, they need an aggressive and victorious legal representative to pick up the slack.

But clients also need someone they feel they can trust. But trust and fealty are not easy to find. After all, as you are mourning, you want to be confident, but you can barely keep it together, let along size a lawyer up. But you can take reasonable assurance in our promise to get you through this difficult time in your life.

Our proven track record, client reviews, peer reviews, and time in service just made your job of focusing on healing easier. That's why when only the best will do, clients call us. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation.

  • We will help you take this monkey off your back.

Also, we try and give you some time to deal with things like:

  • Medical or funeral arrangements.
  • Mourning.
  • Healing.

We have recovered millions of dollars for people like you. And we want to add you to our list of happy clients.

Unquestioned Tally of Achievement

Our firm settled a horrific automobile accident case for a survivor only recently, for over $8,000,000. You heard right, that is not a typo. Over eight million bucks. Our client, a young man, suffered a serious back injury that required surgery.

This type of ailment will need future care and attention for his remaining life. When the insurance carrier failed to pay our policy demand, we argued that all the policies were exposed. We went after the excess coverages too. In that case, we scored a home run for the victim.

Once the insurers realized what had hit them, they knew we would win. Hence they now understood the jury could award a possible runaway verdict and expose their insured client for millions of dollars in judgments.

Mind you; this plaintiff was a client who had fired his previous attorney because he felt he was not getting the best representation. Our superior legal advocacy won that day, and we relish the idea of getting you a win too!

The goal is to get you a windfall result, but within what the law will allow, of course. If we can keep you from bearing the costs and hassles of an expensive trial, we would rather do that. We do it with finesse and professional bearing until we score a satisfactory result for you, the personal injury victim. Read More of Our Car Accident Case Results (Click.)

Who Is Attorney Michael Ehline?

Attorney Michael Ehline of the Ehline Law Firm works on helping you get the justice when you need it most. Michael himself is the victim of injuries from several motoring accidents, and he has a special place in his heart for people smashed up due to no fault of theirs.

Not only is he dedicated to the people of Costa Mesa, California, but he is a former Marine. Also, Michael knows a lot of valuable information and has leadership skills that they don’t teach you in law school or college. Michael uses his street smarts and "do or die" ethos to push or drag your case to ultimate success.

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When you or a family member has been injured in an unfortunate circumstance beyond your personal control ELFPI can be reached at (888) 400-9721.

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