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Date Modified: May 6, 2023

Sudden injury or wrongful death in a family can leave the victim or their family in heaps of debt from medical expenses. Besides financial turmoil, the aftermath of a serious injury can often impact the family emotionally, causing depression and stress.

Our Brain Injury Lawyers in Redondo Beach Have the Experience You are Seeking

The Redondo Beach personal injury lawyers at Ehline Law understand the severity of the situation and how unfair it can be to the victim. Therefore we are here to help fight for your rights after a brain injury and get you the compensation you deserve to help you move on in life.

Brain Injuries Are a Huge Part of Personal Injury

Personal injury is a huge field with many related practice areas, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, injuries due to defective products, burn injuries, etc.

However, brain injuries are a large part of personal injury because any impact or blow to the head can cause brain damage, which can leave you permanently disabled.

Brain injuries are also very complicated, as lawyers need to have the experience to determine the financial and emotional impact on claims to ensure just compensation for their clients.

Our brain injury lawyers have the right kind of experience to deal with brain injury cases.

Types of Brain Injuries and Its Symptoms

There are different types of brain injuries, which depend on how severe it is. Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a severe injury that only a few recover from.

Many people experience symptoms after TBI, which can create complications later on in life like lack of oxygen, concussion, brain receptor losses, and more.

If you or your loved one notice a skull fracture or crack after an injury, hurry up to the hospital to get treatment and get in touch with our lawyers. We will work with you in dealing with insurance companies while you recover.

The more you wait to decide to hire an attorney, the more hospital bills you’re going to have to pay. In times like this, reaching out to our attorney to start the legal process is just what you need to get peace of mind.

Case Study: Lanham V. Doe Texas-based Oil Company

Ehline Law and our professional brain injury attorneys in Los Angeles have successfully won several personal injury cases in the past, and here is one case study.

This case study was a major achievement of ours and is the case called Lanham v Doe Texas-based oil company. This was a confidential settlement of $10.5 million whereby the truck made an illegal U-turn resulting in a motorcycle crash, causing the plaintiff to have serious spinal and brain injuries leading to a coma.

We deliver positive results on our client’s behalf. This is just a single case study, but there are many case studies and cases that we have won over the years, some including:

  • Doe v Doe -$8.7 million settlement (Spinal cord injuries)
  • Widow v Insurance company – $4.2 million compensation (Wrongful death crash)
  • Stein v City of Los Angeles – $1 million (Spinal and brain injuries)

Settlement vs. Litigation: Which One to Go For?

Many people are afraid to take on personal injury cases. However, the majority of the cases in the United States get settled outside a court and for a great settlement, you need an experienced attorney with a phenomenal legal team.

Let’s look at the difference between the two to give you an idea of what to expect when going into a legal battle.

Settlement is when both parties, the victim and the adversary, are on the same page and settle the case outside the court, while litigation involves both parties handing in information, answering questions, and giving in police reports and evidence of negligence to the court to arrive at a decision.

Settlement is a quick and easy way of recovering your money, while litigation can take a lot of time with many court appearances before a claim gets approval by the court. We’ve had a long history of success retrieving over $150 million for our clients in California.

If you or your injured loved ones require consultation, we recommend settling matters outside court as long as the compensation is just.

If our lawyers feel that the negligent party is not putting up good money, they are not afraid to take the case to trial.

You shouldn’t pay for someone else’s mistake or negligence.

Why Choose Ehline Law for Your Brain Injury Case in California?

A law firm and its brain injury attorney need to be professional, have access to the right knowledge and resources, and be able to provide impartial advice to their clients. Michael Ehline, the founder of Ehline Law, established the firm to deliver justice to those wronged.

Our lawyers have a great approach and a different perspective as we understand the pain and suffering victims and their families are in.

This is why our help includes the following services in Redondo Beach:

  • We will hold the at-fault party responsible for the damages and personal injury liability
  • Investigate and search the injury site for more information
  • Our brain injury lawyer will determine the costs incurred by you current and future costs (including lost wages) to calculate the cost of damages for filing a claim
  • We will provide recommendations on the best doctors available for your treatment while we fight for your rights
  • Our brain injury attorney will try to settle outside the legal institutions but if we have to go to the institutions we are more than experienced to do so.

Besides the legal services we offer, here are some of the reasons for you to choose us!

Convenient Locations

We have more than 15 law offices across California catering to Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Orange County, El Segundo, Torrance, Lawndale, and other nearby cities in California.

No Win, No Fee

Yes, this is one of the reasons why we have a growing clientele. If you’ve got a head injury, our brain injury attorney will take on your case without any fees until getting a financial recovery. This means we don’t charge a fee if we don’t win.

This contingency fee basis is a great way to provide an incentive to our lawyers to get the maximum claim possible for your loss.

How to Contact a Top-Rated Brain Injury Lawyer in Redondo Beach, CA?

All forms of communication are present on our website. You can reach out to us by phone, message, email address, fax, or even visit one of our offices.

Our contact number is (213) 596-9642, but if you’re on our website, fill out the contact form, and an attorney and their team will contact you immediately to assess the damages and file for recovery. Become a client today, and we will handle everything with utmost care and attention.

Michael Ehline is an inactive U.S. Marine and world-famous legal historian. Michael helped draft the Cruise Ship Safety Act and has won some of U.S. history’s largest motorcycle accident settlements. Together with his legal team, Michael and the Ehline Law Firm collect damages on behalf of clients.
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