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Can you get just compensation for the harm caused by the bite, even if it was in a public place? Dog bite victims in Riverside, California, can acquire information about their legal rights from our dog bite attorneys. So if you were unlawfully bitten in Corona, Norco, or another community like Temecula, even if you were a trespasser, you need to read this valuable information.

A dog bite victim may suffer expensive medical expenses in addition to other losses that may have a severe influence on their quality of life. The injured person may have easy legal grounds to sue and bring a case in San Bernardino county. At Ehline Law Firm, our Riverside dog attack attorneys are renowned for obtaining excellent outcomes in dog bite cases.

Seek a free initial consultation today. Listen to see if you have a chance to obtain money for your loss before negotiating on your own with the insurance company. Becoming one of our clients may be your best move.

We can take the lead after you hire us. Now, you or your loved ones can lick your wounds and heal during expensive, time-consuming rehabilitation! Our client testimonials and proven prior results mean you will have a legal team working towards your best interest till final victory after the attack.

About Our Attorney Awards, Reviews and Accolades

  1. The Superlawyers Rising Star award was awarded multiple times to Michael Ehline from 2006-2015.
  2. Newsweek Magazine awarded its “Premier Personal Injury Attorneys” award to Ehline Law Firm’s attorneys in 2015.  
  3. Michael Ehline was interviewed by CNN about cruise ship law, and he was a guest on NBC discussing limousine law practice areas. Michael was also interviewed by Nancy Grace on CBS discussing his expertise in California dog bite law.

Our years of experience can help you hold all the negligent parties liable for causing your damages.

Riverside Dog Bite Lawyer

Many people are aware that victims of car accidents can receive assistance from personal injury attorneys. It is less commonly known, though, that bite victims can also get assistance from personal injury lawyers. A bite lawsuit IS a personal injury case, and you need legal support. Making a personal injury claim is the first step in the compensation process.

You should seek medical attention quickly, and then it’s well worth your time to get in touch with our law offices if you have questions about whether you are eligible for compensation following a bite incident.

It is possible to seek justice and the money you need for living expenses and moving on with your life. However, in order to comply with bite laws, you must take the appropriate steps. Finding out the legal terms related to your case and receiving answers to frequently asked questions will be helpful, but attaining the best outcomes requires the skill of a California lawyer.

The majority of bite incidents do not result in deaths, which is good news. Although dog assaults in Riverside are common when friends and family approach the animal’s space, many of these attacks are so minor that medical attention is not usually required. The dog’s teeth may not entirely puncture the skin or do so only slightly.

If the incident was more severe, you might benefit from speaking with a Riverside dog bite lawyer.


As an example, you can also have lacerations and open wounds in addition to puncture wounds. The larger the dog, the greater the risk of organ, bone, and even nerve damage.

Do I Need a Lawyer in Riverside for a Dog Bite Case?

A buildup of scar tissue brought on by an infection could result in lifelong damage. In severe circumstances, the injury can be so bad that you won’t be able to use your hand or arm at all.

As you might imagine, as injuries get more serious, more extensive medical care becomes necessary. Muscle tears may be treated surgically. After you recover, you could need plastic surgery to correct severely scarred areas.

A dog bite lawyer in Riverside may be able to help you file a case and help you obtain fair compensation for the monetary losses you sustain. By working with a lawyer, you can make sure that the right steps are taken to support your claims.

Lawyers often collect security footage that a neighbor’s camera may have captured. There is a probability that the incident was recorded on video because motion-activated cameras are now fairly common in the area.

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible for Compensation As a Dog Bite Victim?

After being bitten by a dog, victims have the right to compensation for both monetary and non-monetary losses.

Ehline Law Firm’s knowledgeable bite attorneys will fight to secure full compensation for all losses, including:

  • Medical Expenses 

  • Lost Income or Reduced Earning Capacity

  • Suffering & Pain

  • Treatment to Revision Scars

  • Emotional Trauma (PTSD).

Due to several criteria, such as the severity of the assault and the number of medical expenditures acquired as a result of the attack, every dog bite case is unique. To ensure that you or a loved one receives the compensation they are due, the lawyers at Ehline Law Firm will put together the strongest case possible.

When Are Dog Owners Liable?

According to California law, dog owners are virtually always liable for dog bites. A person or organization that is legally compelled to pay for damages when an incident occurs is referred to as being liable in law.

The owner of a dog that bites someone while they are legally on private property or in a public area may be held legally responsible for any resulting damages by the court. Additionally, the insurance provider for the dog owner (homeowner’s insurance) usually covers these damages.

What If a Dog’s Owner Didn’t Know that Their Dog Was Dangerous?

Before dog bite victims can file a lawsuit, certain jurisdictions in the United States demand that dog owners be aware of how dangerous their pet is. However, in California, that is not the case.

In California, victims may be seeking compensation even if the dog that bit them had never previously displayed aggression. All dog bite claims in California are true in this regard. This includes, for instance, the counties of Riverside, San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino.

The California legislature created this standard to protect our neighborhoods by enforcing proper dog ownership. Under the law, reasonable steps are steps that a sensible person would take with the information on hand.

Although leash laws are common, they might vary from city to city. The goal of these laws is to protect the general public from dog bites. Moreover, the justification for this is that a dog that is not leashed may turn unpredictable and out of control, which increases the risk of bites.

What Is California’s Strict Liability Statute?

The law governing dog attacks may be either “strict responsibility” or “negligence” in some states. A “strict liability” state is California. This means that in order to file a lawsuit against the dog owner, no fault on their part must be proved.

If the dog bit a human, it is assumed that the owner was aware of the dog’s potential to bite someone else. By asserting that the dog had never bitten anyone before or that he or she was unaware that the dog may be aggressive, the owner cannot absolve themselves of responsibility for the dog attack.

In dog bite cases, the dog’s owner is often held accountable. However, there are specific circumstances where another individual may also be held accountable. This can include a dog’s caregiver, such as a kennel or a landlord, who knew of the dog’s aggressive behavior yet neglected to restrain it.

You must be able to prove that you were in a public area or that you had permission to be in a private area. A victim who sustained a dog bite injury while trespassing on private property is not entitled to compensation.

Are the Laws Different for Police Dogs?

When police or military dogs are attacked while performing their official duty, the laws are somewhat altered. As an example, a victim cannot be held liable if they were engaging in criminal activity or resisting arrest at the time of the incident.

Government organizations are also exempt from civil lawsuits if a victim provoked a dog while the dog was carrying out its normal duty. If a government dog is very violent and injures the victim severely, there is an exception to this law.

Are Dog Bite Attacks Preventable?

The best course of action is to avoid dog bites in the first place, even though you can take action to seek compensation when you consult a Riverside dog bite attorney. If you want to be safe, avoid interacting with dogs you don’t know, even if they seem friendly and approachable.

Furthermore, if a dog exhibits aggressive behaviors, keep your cool and avoid making eye contact with them so that you can calm the situation. Put your jacket or another object between you and the dog if it jumps at you or attempts to bite you in order to protect your face, neck, and other important areas.

What Should You Do If You’ve Suffered Dog Bite Injuries?

It’s crucial that you get medical assistance as soon as you can after a dog bite attack. This is important if you intend to sue the dog’s owner for damages because you’ll need proof of your injuries in the form of medical records. You should still go to the doctor, even if you don’t think the dog bite injury is serious. Always treat bite wounds from dog bite incidents as soon as possible to avoid further medical issues because dog bites often result in infections.

Take pictures of your wounds the day of the incident and every day thereafter to track the healing. In fact, you should document as much evidence as you can, such as the scene of the attack and any bloody clothing. Keep a daily journal where you can write about your pain. Having this documentation will help you demonstrate the severity of your injuries, as dog bite injuries can take weeks to recover.

Contact Ehline Law Firm in Riverside County Dog Bite Lawyer

Keep in mind that a bite personal injury claim in California must be filed within two years of the incident date. However, delaying the hiring of a knowledgeable dog bite attorney is never advised as there are numerous factors that could make your claim less valuable.

Therefore, don’t wait and give Ehline Law Firm a call right away for your completely free consultation. Never negotiate with an insurance provider or accept their offer without first asking for advice from a professional, knowledgeable traumatic personal injury lawyer.

The dog bite attack attorneys at Ehline Law Firm will manage your insurance claims and bargain with the insurance provider on your behalf to earn you top-dollar. Our lawyers are skilled litigators, and if the insurance company won’t deal honestly and only makes low-ball proposals, they’ll file a lawsuit to get compensated properly.

To speak with one of our dog bite attorneys about your personal injury law case and your legal options with our attorney-client relationship, call 213-596-9642 or complete the form below for a free consultation in all locations including Los Angeles County, Orange County, other area in Southern California. Get your free consultation today with top rated dog bite lawyers! You’ll be happy you chose us and there is no charge unless we win.

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