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Date Modified: July 2, 2023

All traumatic brain injuries differ from one another. Many are small concussions with a low chance of producing long-term damage. Others get so severe that they affect the victim’s personality, job, and capacity to live independently. Our Moreno Valley brain injury lawyers understand what you are going through, and we are preparing to fight for the maximum compensation you deserve.

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If you recently got diagnosed with a mild, moderate, or severe traumatic brain injury, please contact Ehline Law Firm to learn more about your legal options. The insurance company’s initial offer may not cover all the losses, including pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and the complete cost of the medical bills. Our experienced attorneys assist you in determining a fair settlement amount and use tried-and-true negotiation techniques to achieve the best possible result. Call us at (213) 596-9642 for a free case evaluation.

The amount of time and effort devoted to the initial free consultation is a key variable that distinguishes two or more law companies from another. Many lawyers cut corners to save time for a new personal injury claim, but at Ehline Law Firm, we investigate each case as if it were going to trial.

There are numerous types of evidence that you can use to support brain injury cases. Arrest warrants are sometimes required to get evidence that has been withheld. Occasionally, a lawyer must assemble evidence to show that numerous parties were responsible for catastrophic injuries.

As a client of our business, you may rest assured that our staff performs a thorough investigation so that we have the best case possible when settlement negotiations start. We value our attorney-client relationship.

When putting together a case, we frequently engage with specialists from other fields. This is especially true in cases involving a traumatic brain injury. One brain injury patient’s prognosis and diagnosis may be significantly different from the next. Your Moreno Valley brain injury attorney requires substantial proof to support the degree of the injury, as well as the expense of a medical evaluation and other damages, in order to avoid disagreements. Experts in medicine, vocational therapy, physical therapy, and financial planning can help you understand the nature of your brain injuries and how they affect your life. During the discovery phase of the legal process, such experts may get called to testify.

In Moreno Valley and nearby cities, there are numerous law firms that accept brain injury claims. Unfortunately, not every brain injury lawyer has substantial experience with traumatic brain injury lawsuits (TBI). These instances have special complexity that makes them exceptionally difficult.

If your legal claim goes to trial, for example, both the attorney and defense legal team have the opportunity to question professional witnesses. It is possible that your case goes to court if the medical professionals on both sides disagree about the prognosis. A seasoned brain injury attorney knows where to look for well-credentialed specialists and how to get the maximum value from their testimony.

The fact that future damages are frequently recoverable adds to the complexity of these situations. You may utilize complex calculations to calculate the value of future healthcare expenditures, lost wages, and lost benefits. It is critical that the lawyer you choose has a track record of success in assisting clients to receive fair compensation for potential damages.

Finally, you should not choose a California law firm unless they have a proven track record of a favorable outcome in handling cases comparable to yours. Our attorneys at Ehline Law Firm have years of combined expertise with personal injury claims, including those involving brain injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury Victims Need to React in a Timely Manner

Rest is an important aspect of recuperating from a brain injury, but if you wait too long to seek advice for your legal issues, crucial evidence may get lost. You may also get contacted by the insurance company and requested to make a statement that you may use to fight the claim later on, depending on the circumstances.

When you choose us to represent you to recover money, you can concentrate on your physical rehabilitation while your case gets handled professionally.

Our team handles a wide range of practice areas, such as:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Animal attacks and dog bites
  • Head injuries
  • Truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Train accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents.

Schedule a Free Consultation Regarding Moreno Valley Brain Injuries

Brain injuries may occur in a variety of situations, ranging from violent head trauma to virus-related problems. Ehline Law Firm experienced brain injury lawyers have years of experience helping Moreno Valley accident victims and their family members in legal actions looking for compensation from those whose illegal acts caused harm.

If you reside, work, or visit Moreno Valley and you or your loved one suffered a brain injury, call one of our friendly and charismatic brain injury lawyers for a free case consultation.

Contact Ehline Law Firm if you are coping with a brain injury’s emotional and physical effects and want to learn more about the options. You do not get charged for the consultation, and we do not charge any legal costs unless the issue gets resolved in your favor when you seek compensation. To schedule a free case evaluation, call us at (213) 596-9642, send us an email, or fill out the contact form for more information.

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