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Date Modified: April 9, 2023

Away from the hustle and bustle of Downtown San Diego, Ocean Beach is a vibrant beachfront neighborhood of San Diego with a beautiful beach and historic business district. Whether you’re looking to enjoy sunkissed Southern California at the beach or stroll around the shopping district, Ocean Beach is a beautiful beach town with something for everyone.

Living, driving, or working in Ocean Beach can be a calm and enjoyable experience, with many forgetting the stress associated with Downtown San Diego. But even in Ocean Beach, there are many hazards that can lead to devastating accidents, causing injuries that will make you think twice about the beach town.

Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys have a strong reputation for helping personal injury victims in San Diego and nearby communities, including Ocean Beach. Our superior track record gives our clients the confidence to sit back and focus on their recovery while we aggressively fight negligent party and their insurance companies to deliver justice.

Contact our Ocean Beach personal injury attorneys to discuss your case and determine the best strategy for you to obtain maximum compensation for the damages.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle in Ocean Beach, San Diego

The most common types of personal injury cases we handle include the following.

Traffic Accidents

When it comes to traffic accidents, many of us think about a collision between small cars, but many types of auto accidents can lead to severe injuries and, worst cases, wrongful death. A traffic accident may involve a large truck or a public bus collision. It may refer to a motorcycle crash or a bicycle accident.

Whether you’re injured in a car accident or any other traffic collision, it is important to reach out to experienced personal injury lawyers to learn more about your rights. Under personal injury law, accident victims in Ocean Beach, San Diego, can remove compensation for injuries sustained in an accident due to another’s negligence.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents may involve falling from heights, burn injuries, electrocution, and many more. Employers are responsible for ensuring a safe working environment for all their employees and preventing them from harm.

In California, employers must purchase workers’ compensation for all their employees (except independent contractors). A workers’ compensation compensates workers for the medical bills incurred and partial lost wages lost due to a workplace injury. In exchange for the workers’ compensation benefits, workers forego their right to sue their employer.

Although workers’ compensation bars liability against an employer, there are certain situations where the injured victim can pursue a personal injury lawsuit against their employer. If you’ve suffered injuries in a work-related accident, you should consult with skilled personal injury lawyers.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners must keep their property free from any danger and maintain it in a condition that is reasonably safe for all visitors.

Injured victims may be able to pursue a premises liability claim against a property owner if they suffered injuries on another’s premises. Proving slip and fall claims can be challenging, but with the help of experienced personal injury lawyers, you may be able to recover compensation.

Boating Accidents

Ocean Beach is a great place to adventure and indulge in outdoor activities such as boating, surfing, snorkeling, camping, jet-skiing, and many more. Although these activities can be fun with family and friends, they can also lead to accidents if the operators or businesses running these companies are negligent.

If you bought a boat ticket, the operator owes you a duty of care and must ensure your safety. Failure to do so can lead to liability, for which you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim and hold the business responsible for the damages.

Besides the accidents mentioned above, there are many other incidents for which accident victims can seek compensation, some of which include the following:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective products
  • Dog bites and attacks
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Airport and aviation accidents

More San Diego, CA Practice Areas

Whether you’ve suffered injuries in a San Diego car accident or any other accident, it is crucial that you speak to our reputable personal injury lawyer to discuss your personal injury case.

Common Injuries Ehline Law Personal Injury Attorneys Deal With

Since 2005, Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys have been pursuing personal injury claims and lawsuits for our clients across California, including San Diego County. From minor injuries to debilitating permanent injuries, our legal team has worked closely with clients with all sorts of injuries.

The most common types of injuries we’ve worked with include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Work-related injuries (burns, poisoning, repetitive injuries)
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Wrongful death

Depending on the nature of the accident, accident victims can experience catastrophic injuries which can flip their life around. Some injuries can lead to physical impairment, leading the victim to live a life bound to a wheelchair or a bed. In many cases, injured victims suffer mental pain and suffering and emotional distress, causing them to spiral into depression, further affecting their quality of life.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys understand the toll an accident takes on an injured victim, which is why we work closely with our clients and aggressively fight the insurance companies to recover the compensation they deserve.

Do You Need a San Diego Personal Injury Attorney?

In the United States, personal injury victims do not need an attorney to pursue legal action against the negligent party. But because of legal complications, it is best to let an experienced personal injury attorney handle the case on your behalf. You may face many challenges, especially when dealing with the insurance company, and an attorney on your side can help overcome those obstacles.

There are several challenges you may face for which you would require the help of a San Diego personal injury lawyer, some of which include the following.

Proving Fault

When pursuing a personal injury case, you need to establish the elements of negligence; Duty, Breach, Causation, and Damages. One of the significant challenges of proving negligence is establishing causation, the link between your injuries and the defendant’s negligence.

Without legal guidance, you may gather heaps of evidence, some of which may be valuable to your case and others that can seriously jeopardize your claim. You only get one shot at recovering compensation and handing in evidence that can adversely affect your case can ruin your opportunity to seek monetary damages.

An experienced San Diego personal injury attorney knows what type of evidence can bolster a case and start working towards collecting the necessary evidence to build a strong personal injury case.

Assessing Damages

When an accident occurs, it can leave a victim with bills to pay, but one of the greatest damages incurred are the intangible losses, such as emotional distress, trauma, and other non-subjective losses for which you can pursue financial compensation.

There are two main types of damages accident victims can pursue, and these include economic and non-economic damages.

  • Economic damages compensate victims for the out-of-pocket expenses they incur after their accident, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and property damages. These are often easy to calculate and require victims to gather all the receipts and add them.
  • Non-economic damages compensate victims for subjective losses (intangible losses), such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, reduced quality of life, and many more. These types of damages are extremely challenging to calculate as it is difficult to assign a dollar value since the damages experienced are subjective.

When pursuing a personal injury claim, injured victims must mention the damages they wish to recover from the negligent party’s insurance company. Most accident victims without legal representation often leave monetary damages on the table as they are unsure how to quantify intangible losses.

How do you put value on a mother who lost her arms and cannot hold her children? What should you receive for the constant pain you’re experiencing from your permanent injuries? What is the value of the companionship you just lost?

A skilled personal injury lawyer works with medical experts and uses previous case verdicts to assess and calculate the damages incurred after an accident.

Fighting the Insurance Company

When pursuing claims after accidents, injured victims do not expect the insurance companies to take advantage of their vulnerable position. They have no idea how insurance companies operate and what they’ll do to reduce and reject claims. In some cases, insurers reject the claim without giving an acceptable reason, while in others, they lowball a settlement offer that doesn’t even partially cover the medical bills incurred.

If you go in without legal representation, the insurance company’s claim adjuster will tell you that your case is not worth much or that the offer they have provided you is the best they can do. These are all lies. They may even send private investigators after you to gather evidence that could adversely affect your claim.

One thing insurance companies are afraid of are reputable accident lawyers who will not stop until they’ve got a fair settlement for their clients. An attorney on your side means a cooperative insurance company willing to sit at the table and negotiate a fair settlement.

Ehline Law is a leading personal injury law firm with more than 15 law offices across California, including San Diego, CA. Here are a few reasons we are the best law firm to handle your personal injury case.

We Have Local Expertise

Ehline Law is a large law firm with more than 15 years of local experience serving San Diego accident victims. We have deep knowledge of local, state, and federal laws and can help guide you on which ones apply to your personal injury case.

We Have a Superior Track Record

Our law firm has handled more than 3,000 personal injury cases and successfully recovered $150 million in compensation. We have a superior track record of handling claims, taking lawsuits to court, and winning. Our attorneys will aggressively pursue your personal injury case and will not rest until you’ve got the compensation you deserve.

We Can Investigate Your Accident

No matter how large the case is, we have the resources to handle personal injury cases of any magnitude. Our San Diego personal injury attorneys can investigate your accident, determine the liable parties, and hold them accountable for your loss.

We Are an Award-winning Law Firm

Ehline Law has several awards and achievements to our name, including the Superlawyers Rising Star award, Premier Personal Injury Attorneys, Top 100 Trial Lawyers (The National Trial Lawyers), and many more.

Ehline Law Attorneys Are Proactive

Our personal injury attorneys have appeared in many interviews on CBS, NBC, CNN, and other media channels. We have helped draft consumer safety laws and continue to raise awareness and talk on important legislation, including cruise ship laws, dog bite statutes, and many more. When we take up a case, insurance companies better bring their best settlement offer or face a trial.

No Win No Fee Policy

Ehline Law offers legal services on a contingency fee basis. We believe in quality legal representation for all, which is why we don’t charge any upfront fees. Our San Diego attorneys abide by the no-win no-fee policy!

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to all injured victims in San Diego County. Visit our San Diego office to discuss your case with our legal experts, or let us know if you can’t make it, and we’ll come over to you where you’re comfortable.

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