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Riders get walloped when they succumb to their injuries from motorcycle related mishaps. The fallen cannot work, they often are permanently out of commission, and will never be the same again. Be that as it may, the likelihood of getting a pounding and not getting seriously hurt is small when it is a motorcycle versus a traditional car.

No Safety Zone Exists for Bikers.

Since a biker isn't afforded the protections of seatbelts, and other safety features like airbags, and EMS traction control. There is no safety zone for a biker (no metal cage, seatbelts, safety glass, airbags, etc.), other than the cushion of space an upright bike can create for itself.

Nothing can prevent an injury after a rider has been slammed into the asphalt. Accident avoidance is the rider’s only chance at staying of sound mind and body.

Top Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyers Recover Money for Victims.

Ehline Law Firm is a top personal injury attorney firm in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, we have an expert team of legal professionals. Also, we are dedicated to making sure wounded riders get medical and legal care.

As riders, we comprehend that in the wake of this life-shattering event; you deserve a competent, reputable motorcycle injury lawyer. We are that go-to source for superior legal representation.

We have an earned track record and a 98% success rate for taking names. With millions upon millions reclaimed for disabled and impaired riders. We proudly stand by our reputation and past success. In Doe v. Doe, we recovered $8.7 million dollars for a motorcycle rider.

In that case, our client underwent spinal surgery. And this is typical of our verdicts and settlements. We are here for you too. Call toll free at (888) 400-9721.


What are the Most Common Catastrophic Rider Injuries?

A catastrophic injury is any injury that involves severe harm or death to a motorcyclist. Typically, a catastrophe to the body would include something serious enough to result extensive ruination. So it could be a maiming or loss of limbs.

These life altering mishaps may include back injuries, broken or fractured pelvic bones, facial lacerations, compound fracture and other gruesome conditions. Injuries to the joints, knees, and shoulders, sometimes result in permanent ligament tears. As a result, victims can remain immobile.

So now people can no longer play sports or do regular chores at home. As a matter of fact, these conditions may prevent parents from playing with their children.

Lifetime Pain Can Bankrupt People.

These types of injuries can cause excruciating pain. Sometimes victims will need pain meds and pain management for the rest of their shortened lives. The catastrophic injury also has with it the prospect of multiple corrective surgeries. The pendant costs have been known to go through to roof rapidly.

And that may rapidly place a victim into the poorhouse. The fallen rider often becomes a shell of their former self.

Here is a List of Some Common Catastrophic Injuries Common to Riders:

  • Amputation – Some breaks are so bad a limb is ripped off. Other times the surgeon is unable to save the appendage.
  • Friction Burns – If you have ever gotten a carpet burn, magnify that pain and injury times a hundred. These burns are often what accompanies a slide out. Also, the pavement becomes like a hot cheese grater on the parts of the body in contact with the hard surface.
  • Explosion and Eruption Burns – If there is a fuel leak, or a motorcycle crashes into another car, both vehicles could ignite, or explode. By and large, this can come permanent disfigurement. Many times that includes social stigma from looking ugly.
  • Deafness and Loss of Sight – Head injuries, objects and particles can take out eyes and ear drums. Nerve signals can get cut off. And permanent imbalance can come into play.
  • Broken Bones – The most obvious of all the types of harm that can occur are broken bones. Bones that break include crushed skulls and snapped thigh bones.
Most of all, when you ride, you take your life into your hands. As a matter of fact, you are not only relying on your skill and judgment. At the same time, you assume fellow motorists will notice you and drive safely. After all, there is nothing inherently safe about riding.

A flying piece of rock can take out an eye. And just as easily, a nail can pop a tire. And a chain of events could lead to a fall into a trench or pothole. Many things can drop a bike.

Oil Slicked Roads.

Wet oil slicked roads remain inherent where sprinklers wash the roads, or during even light rains. Motors can blow, bikes can catch on fire. Also, pistons can shoot into your leg. A doctor determines the category of injury. But that is only after you are peeled off the road.

These catastrophic injury motorcycle accidents leave victims broken and in permanent pain.

Who is Liable?

The first question a motorcycle attorney has is: “who is legally liable?” This sometimes this is not as easy to answer as it first appears. Sometimes there are multiple parties at fault for the same smash up.

A committed, no holds barred representative is irreplaceable when it comes to locating and chasing down all possible leads. That is how they find negligent defendants.

Sometimes more than one party is at fault. For example, a shipping company, city employee, or employee of some other business, like a pizza place may be liable. This means that there are many potential sources of recovery. It could just be that Caltrans or Amtrak failed to make a repair or inspection. Maybe that resulted in a dangerous, or substantially changed conditions.

The takeaway from all this minutia is that without a lawyer, you are fodder for the cannon. You will probably blow the six (6) month deadline to make a government claim. This is assuming you can come up with a theory of liability. If you only sue the guy with the $15,000.00 liability insurance policy, and you have millions in personal injuries, you just blew your case and your future.

Hire a Pitbull Lawyer.

Most of the time your bills will be astronomical. A single party may simply not have the deep pockets you need to cover these life long expenses. So you need a pit-bull legal representative, like us. This is a person who won’t let go till we squeeze every penny out of the legal case.

Getting proper legal assistance put you in a stronger position to recover the various categories of money damages. Things like past, present, and future wages, pain, and suffering. Then there are items like future medical care and even loss of love, affection, sex, etc. These are also recoverable.

In some cases, you may even be able to collect punitive damages. A crash survivor may also need specialized training to re-learn how to do regular tasks. Because now these ordinary tasks have become unachievable. Doing this by yourself, is no walk in the park, even for a lawyer.

Insurance Company Games.

On the other end of the spectrum, it’s a numbers game for the insurance companies. So if your attorney is exquisite, and prepared; insurance adjusters are extremely risk-averse. So they are more often than not, willing to settle for big money if they perceive they could lose even more at trial. The goals for them is to keep their insured’s assets risk-free.

Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers are talented and passionate contenders. From here on we'll struggle to ensure fallen riders collect what they deserve as a matter of law. Ehline has the vast resources and legal skill necessary to bring your claim to a satisfactory conclusion.

What We Do.

Our tasks encompass identifying all parties who are at fault. So this means hiring of virtuosos like bio-mechanical experts. These pros help substantiate your allegations.

In fact, we are equipped to negotiate with any adversary. Most important, we are 100% devoted to handling all litigation on your behalf.

In Conclusion, Hire a Motorcycle Lawyer.

We just learned about the common injuries from motorcycle accidents. These included head, neck and back injuries. Also, we discussed holding accountable the people who caused these injuries. And that is done by hiring a motorcycle lawyer. To learn more call (213) 596-9642.

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