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Every newly built vehicle on the roadway must have laminated glass windows designed to stay together in a crash. And this means the windshield, passenger side, sunroof, and back window must be composed of laminates. Table of Contents:

Compare this type of glass with that installed in many older homes. Those structures often contain doors and windows made of tempered safety glass or even less safe plate glass. Because of this, upon impact, they can break into razor-sharp missiles that blind and kill victims.

When a typical vehicle wreck occurs, its safety glass windows are supposed to keep a passenger inside. If these windows break out at all, they must at least break into dull chunks or strips less capable of lacerating a vehicle occupant.

However, older cars with a plate or tempered glass carry a more significant risk of severe laceration injuries and death to vehicle drivers and passengers.

But in any case, if during a collision, vehicle glass breaks away, it no longer holds a person inside the car’s protective barrier. Afterward, even a belted person can get partially ejected from the vehicle at high speeds. And this is almost a death sentence to the removed person.

And even with laminated glass, lacerated muscles or bleeding to death from cutting the main artery is a real possibility. Any time sharp or dull glass contacts human skin, count on scratches at the very least.

In particular, small kids do not know basic first aid, let alone how to tie off a bleeding artery. But even if a victim doesn’t bleed out and die, flying shards of glass can blind you and leave ghastly, painful adhesions and scars.

Either way, Ehline Law has the resolve to go after both vehicle manufacturers and negligent landlords if they negligently allowed improper use of glass accidents to occur, especially when in violation of rules under the vehicle or building codes. 

Also, we have a proven background in defective or negligent use of plate glass lawsuits. Furthermore, we have a record of earning millions of dollars for personal injury victims. So let us know about your case before you speak to anyone.

Windshields Must Be Built Safe.

There are requirements for manufacturers that make windshields for motor vehicles from laminated glass. Typically defined as glass made of two layers of tempered glass sandwiched with an inner plastic layer, the object holds the vehicle’s glass together in a crash.

If so, it helps prevents lacerations and ejections of occupants from the vehicle. However, some luxury vehicles and grandfathered vehicles may not possess this type of glass.

Laceration Ejections From Vehicles.

When a laceration injury takes place, it can often happen during an auto accident ejection. It can also occur when a child runs into a sliding glass door. But the Ehline Law Firm has the experience of handling many cases like this.

When you buy, rent, or lease a home or vehicle, you do so at arm’s length, based upon good faith. So you assume the transaction included a safe product.

Unfortunately, often this remains untrue. More often than not, you or your loved one’s injury or harm was due to a manufacturer’s negligence or irresponsibility.

But if this has happened to you, you know you can count on us for some creative legal options. The Los Angeles product liability injury lawyers at ELFPI can help you recover the compensation you are seeking. We can help hold the manufacturers and other entities accountable for their failure to prevent foreseeable harm. And we have secured millions of dollars for other people like you.

Also, we hire the best experts to investigate if the injuries got caused due to a glass defect. After all, it could be some other mechanism of harm. So you must hire a jurist who possesses the skill needed to prepare a claim against glass manufacturers and others. Next, they work to recover the best possible settlement.

Residential and Commercial Windows.

Los Angeles Office Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC 633 West 5th Street #2890 Los Angeles, CA 90071Houses sometimes have grandfather provisions allowing old shower doors that are unsafe. So they can remain in rented or sold homes. Also, old exterior windows may go un-replaced. But there are many situations in which the structure owner can still get held liable. A grandfather clause does not protect a property owner from negligence.

Building codes are a floor and not a ceiling. And if a child or adult gets hurt despite such a grandfather provision, landlords often lose in court. More often, the case is that a wrong product gets delivered to the market in a window or window pane. But it was not up to modern safety standards, and a person got injured.

Each jurisdiction has regulations. Ehline Law specializes in discovering valuable information to help put that significant money defendant on the hook. Our law firm can then make these wrongdoers pay for their sin of placing profits over people.

Getting Paid For Your Defective Glass Injury Lawsuit.

There are two main types of money damage reimbursements available to the victim: a “plaintiff.” The main damages are economic damages and non-economic damages. Let’s start with economic damages and understand what these are in a personal injury case.

When a plaintiff is hurt or ejected from a vehicle due to an accident where the glass fails or is the wrong type of glass, the plaintiff has rights and remedies at law to money damages from the defendant(s).

For example, an injured plaintiff will need money for the ride they take to the ambulance’s emergency room. Also, what if the person is disfigured with gruesome facial scarring?

Or what if the plaintiff’s adhesions in the plaintiff’s arms and legs are such bad plaintiff can no longer work at their old job? These are what the plaintiff would claim as special or economic losses. The next type of damages is non-economic or general damages. Here, the plaintiff seeks compensation for past, present, and future pain and toil wrought from the defendant’s bad or negligent conduct.

These are all cases personal injury attorneys work up and prove on a day-to-day basis. But only a really excellent and caring lawyer at Ehline Law can make that intangible difference and bridge the gap between the plaintiff’s uncertainty and confidence.

Who will pay for the skin grafts and facial reconstructive surgery? The answer is the at-fault defendant. Typically this will be the person that hit your car. But you also have a case against the automobile manufacturer and all retailers and helpers in the “chain of commerce.”

These types of car crash damages will require a battery of highly skilled surgeons, treating physicians, and non retained physicians and experts like life care planners and vocational rehab specialists.

Moreover, with a phenomenal broken glass injury lawyer to help locate and hold each defendant accountable, the plaintiff will be shortchanged, leaving money damages on the table.

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We have seen how the wrong kind of glass can kill or injure. Also, we have seen how it is common in structures and motor vehicles to get injured. Furthermore, we have read how attorneys hold manufacturers and others liable to pay for your injuries.

So if you suffered an injury from defective safety glass, contact Ehline Law Firm. Call now: (213) 596-9642. Learn more about your legal rights from our premier Los Angeles injury lawyer today.

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