What are Some of Our Results of Various Car and Truck Accident Cases?

Hello, and welcome to the Ehline Law Firm Auto accident results page. A broad range of passenger car and commercial transport cases get handled by our firm. Since 2005, the Ehline Law Firm has helped consumers recover millions of dollars. Of course, we cannot guarantee your accident case outcome under State Bar rules.

Statistics show that hiring an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney increases overall case values. At the very least, we recommend that you educate yourself.

Read a few of our results. Give yourself an idea of the broad range of potential issues and pitfalls. Complex problems arise from the most facially “simple” rear-ender or fender bender. So if you have questions about car accidents, please call (213) 596-9642.

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$4,966,255.67 – Car Accident Rollover Fatality.

In this confidential case, the defendants received a complete Demand Package. In other words, we documented our findings. We alleged the defendants were jointly and severally liable for our client’s damages.

At this point, the insurance carriers refused to settle. So we filed a car accident lawsuit. Later, the mediator convinced the defendants to tender over $4,000.000.

In some cases, the parties negotiate secret agreements. They do so to protect the identities of parties for various reasons. For example, minors and large corporations have reasons to keep them confidential. Because of this, terms can become negotiated. Of course, resolutions such as these do have taxable value.

Because of this, these become excluded as compensation for the injury itself. (typically, payment for personal injuries is not taxable). But tax issues exist. So the value and taxable event pass to the parties themselves.

A well-trained car accident attorney will spell it all out in the settlement agreement. This expert will prove who paid for what for this benefit. And they will attempt to assign any tax penalties to the defendant. In the above case, our firm represented the survivor of a terrible rollover accident. That case resulted in a fatality. And it involved multiple defendants.

After filing and law and motion, our firm resolved this matter with all defendants. Here, we protected the rights of our clients until the end.

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$1,000,000.00 – Intersection Car v. Small Truck Crash, Resulting in Horrible Spine Injuries and Surgery.

In the below case, our client underwent surgery after a dangerous intersection accident. The accident took place in the City of Los Angeles. Driving to Venice Beach was Stein. The accident took place just south of our Santa Monica law offices. The plaintiff got broadsided in a small truck crash. A broken traffic signal caused by improper maintenance caused the accident. This poor maintenance resulted in a dangerous condition of a public property claim.

The facts are as follows:

On February 5, 2007, a City of Los Angeles work crew dug up sidewalks while building a wheelchair access. It took place at the intersection of Pacific Avenue and Rose Avenue. In the course of excavating the sidewalks, the city crew severed a cable. That cable led to the traffic signals. The people who caused this were from the Bureau of Street Services.

As a result, the traffic signals began to malfunction. Shortly after that, an employee of the City of Los Angeles went to the traffic signal controller box. So, on notice of the danger, they switched the signals into a flashing red mode. So all directions of travel were cautioned.

Business records of the City of Los Angeles indicate notice of the danger. In fact, on February 6, 2007, a crew from the City worked on repairing the traffic signals from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The time was around 7:00 p.m. on February 6th, a Tuesday. Headed westbound on Rose Avenue, plaintiff Robert Stein’s Nissan Frontier pickup truck headed home. As Stein came from work, he approached the intersection at Pacific Avenue. He intended to turn left from westbound Rose Avenue onto southbound Pacific Ave.

As Mr. Stein approached the subject intersection, the traffic signal facing him showed green. Just as he entered the intersection, the traffic signal started to flash red. So Mr. Stein applied his brakes and stopped his vehicle. So this made the front of his pickup protrude slightly into the intersection.

Plaintiff looked to his left and saw the headlights of a car approaching. So Stein assumed the other driver also had a flashing red light. Hence, Mr. Stein pulled forward to the point he could begin his left turn.

Unbeknownst to the plaintiff, the traffic signal had been broken. And the northbound Pacific Avenue signal for traffic coming left remained green. Then, the Jeep Cherokee, driven by Eileen Koster, slammed into Stein. It was going about 30-35 miles per hour. It hit the left (driver’s side) front of the plaintiff’s vehicle. And this caused the Nissan to rotate before resting.

Robert Stein’s body received a massive transfer of energy. And this created a powerful impact. So much so, his seat-belt confined him to the driver’s area of the truck. During this, his body, head, and neck were whipped about.

Plaintiff became trapped in a dark vehicle in the middle of an intersection. So at this point, the plaintiff forced open the damaged driver’s door. Then, full of adrenaline, he exited his vehicle.

Residents came to the scene after hearing the noise of the crash. A resident shot a video during the aftermath of the accident. And the video depicts the traffic signal as it malfunctions. A reflection reveals itself as a car window of the flashing and variable “Christmas tree” light.

Sometime later, officers of the Los Angeles Police Department arrived. A written report became lodged with the LAPD. It notated the broken traffic signal. And three collisions had taken place at the intersection that day. Shortly after his arrival, a police officer walked over to the traffic signal controller. He then placed all the signals in flashing red mode.

In the above case, before the incident, the victim remained a healthy adult male. He had also been pain-free. As the plaintiff’s injury worsened, he felt more and more neck pain. That torment radiated down into his shoulders and arms. Then, the victim’s left arm started convulsing.

The victim got into a program of physical therapy. And he also underwent epidurals. By early spring, the plaintiff cared with an orthopedic surgeon. And in the end, he underwent spinal fusion surgery of his C5-6 and C6. Witnesses and video showed the victim exited the vehicle after the accident. It also pictured him walking around the scene of the incident.

Defendant argued the victim had no injury to this fact. Plaintiff said that adrenaline and anxiety assisted in the ambulation. In other words, this is a natural pain response. As it drained away, the victim’s health began to fail. Then the parties settled this truck accident with spine injuries case for $1,000,000.00.

ADOPTED MOTION (PARKS SMITH) Recommendations for Council action, SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF THE MAYOR: 1. AUTHORIZE the City Attorney to expend $1,000,000 in settlement of the case entitled Robert C. Stein v. City of Los Angeles, et al. ., Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. SC095276 from the Liability Claims Account No. 9770, Fund No. 100/59. 2. AUTHORIZE the City Attorney to draw a demand thereon in the amount of $1,000,00 . . . Adopted.

View the Official City of Los Angeles Public Agenda.

Docplayer Results.

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$600,000.00 Car Accident Result – Posterior Disc Protrusion at C5-6 Level.

In this case, our client was a passenger in an intersection collision. And this also took place in Los Angeles, California. Plaintiff’s car traveled at around 35 miles per hour. Then out of nowhere, he got broadsided by Defendant Company’s employee. Traveling southbound, the defendant driver failed to yield.

Defendant’s employee driver failed to yield the right of way. And then, he proceeded to enter the intersection—this unlawful as a “failure to yield” caused the crash. Ehline also argued unsafe speed. And this momentum caused our client’s vehicle to roll over twice after impact.

The impact destroyed the vehicle. In the end, the tortfeasor agreed to 100%, and we went on to argue damages.

The following day, our client began to suffer acute pain in his entire body. In particular, his back and neck shot pain radiating down his right leg. He presented himself to an urgent care facility. Then medications became prescribed.

Plaintiff returned to urgent care due to persisting pain in his middle and lower back. The doctor administered a pain injection for back spasms. Also, he refilled medication and recommended an MRI.

Plaintiff followed up with an orthopedic surgeon. This doctor started him on physical therapy treatments for six to eight months. Initially, three times a week of PT and home exercises were prescribed.

Physical Therapy.

The physical therapy helped his neck and slightly. And it improved his lower back pain. But at the end of the day, it failed to work. Within a few weeks after the second injection, the pain intensely returned. Then he decided to explore his surgical options.

MRI results presented a bulging disk in the neck. And worse, a slipped disc in the lower back becomes noticed. The MRI proved the clinical finding correct. So, a case of lumbar radiculopathy existed. This showed disc protrusion at L4-5 and foraminal stenosis at the L5-S1 level.

The clinical finding of the neck and right shoulder pain backs the MRI finding. Now, more significant proof of loss existed for normal cervical lordosis. It revealed a posterior disc protrusion at the C5-6 level. And this measures close to 3 mm in the AP diameter. Also, it produced significant lateral recess compression.

The disc remained left paracentral in location. Dr. Lauryssen recommended and performed a discectomy, facetectomy. And he also did a co flex procedure. (it was videotaped for litigation use).

The co flex device is used in conjunction with decompression treatment. The benefit here is spine stabilization and a unique “flexion” design. Mostly, it helps provide patients with greater mobility. Until now, the standard treatment had been spinal fusion. And this limits movement. This car accident rollover case settled for $600,000.00.

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