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When the bones in the lower spine break due to trauma, several medical descriptions exist. Terms include cervical-lumbar compression fractures, ruptures, breaks, cracks or fissures. Some doctors call this a “vertebral compression fracture,” for example.

In most cases, this type of fracture takes an extreme force to do the damage. But for every rule, an exception exists. But the elderly, or cancer patients have become brittle. Lower impacts on weak people like them can be tragic. Same goes for women with osteoporosis. A small stumble easily means permanent harm.

What Are the Annual Stats on Spine Fractures?

It is estimated each year that 150,00 people in the U.S. are stricken with spinal fractures. Further, at least 12,000 people suffer from spine maladies. Also, this includes an estimated 6,000 back injury deaths. (Click here.)

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What are the Lumbar Compression Fracture Symptoms?

When a fracture of the spine bones takes place, wide-ranging symptoms present themselves. And this affects suffering people in many ways. The severity of the break determines the pressure placed on the spinal cord. So some breaks are mildly painful. But others feel worse. Still, others lead to termination of life.

The symptoms include:

  • Numbness: numbness might exist in the back or legs. Lack of feeling presents itself in severe cases.
  • Weakness: if nerve damage exists, weakness or tingling sometimes occur in the back of the legs.
  • Pain: a possible symptom of a fracture. Also, it usually happens in the lower back. Furthermore, in some instances, it will be felt in the upper back, neck, hips, and abdomen.
  • Paralysis: when the fracture involves the spinal cord, partial or permanent paralysis could occur.
  • Urination and Bowel Problems: lumbar compression fractures place pressure on the spinal cord. Also, it impairs a person’s ability to urinate or have bowel movements.

How Do You Get Your Fracture Diagnosis?

When trauma causes a cervical/lumbar fracture, the person could feel pain right away. To have this fracture diagnosed and treated, you need medical care. The physician will order spine testing. This trauma determines the amount of damage done to that point.

  • X-Rays: The physician will order x-rays. These will be able to identify a fracture and where it has occurred.
  • CT Scan: Doctors sometimes order a CAT scan, also known as a CT scan. Sometimes x-rays prove insufficient. Also, Scans prove more intricate. Scans help determine fracture stability. And they provide a different view.
  • MRI: if the physician suspects nerve damage has occurred, they should order an MRI. Further, this will allow a look at the soft tissue around the spine. And it will show any abnormalities.

How Do Compression Fractures Happen?

Compression fractures also naturally occur. Sometimes degenerative diseases like osteoporosis or cancer get diagnosed. These could cause vertebral compression fractures. So these illnesses weaken bones of the spine. Trauma to the spine bones also causes fractures in healthy people. Most of all, accidents causing fractures stem from slip/falls and car accidents.

How Do You Pay for Your Back Injury Medical Treatment?

Treatments for cervical-lumbar compression fractures depend on the severity and type. Surgical and nonsurgical procedures exist. But these will depend on if the fractures stay stable or unstable. Stable fractures sometimes heal if you keep the pressure off. Usually, the patient wears a brace.

Use of a brace, rest, medications, and physical therapy help to heal you. These methods assist in strengthening the muscles. So this will allow for healing of the injury. But unstable fractures or those that caused nerve or tissue damage mostly need surgery. Last, other treatments could be indicated. Pain injections called "epidurals," often become prescribed, for example.

This will include:

  • Surgical Decompression: This type of surgery involves reducing the pressure on the affected area. This surgery gets done by manually manipulating the bone and ligaments. In the case where pressure remains on a nerve or spinal cord, surgical bone removal may be indicated.
  • Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty: Many of these treatments remain controversial. Also, they might fail to work on all types of spinal fractures. These procedures involve cement injections in the fracture location. This procedure helps assist in spinal stability.
  • Surgical Fusion: To heal, sometimes the vertebrae need screws, rods, and hooks. These get surgically implanted in patients to stabilize the fractured bone. Bone grafting has also been a typical procedure used. But the surgeries have a high risk of infection and failure.

How Do You Get Your Compression Fracture Prognosis?

Many compression fractures remain capable of healing if treated. However, some treatments lead to paralysis and death. Even people helped by non-surgical treatment will need perhaps three months to heal. And it goes without saying that folks who need surgery need several months to recover.

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