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Date Modified: July 2, 2023

Police officers must protect and serve their community. The majority of police work relies upon trust between the law enforcement authorities and the communities they work in. However, there are a couple of bad apples, and many recent incidents of police brutality and misconduct have put their role and integrity into question, inspiring an active national political movement advocating for police reforms.

Ironically, the protests and movements across the country resulted in even more cases and circumstances involving police misconduct. Although the police are there to protect the residents and ensure a safe society to live in, some officers completely disregard constitutional rights in the midst of becoming power-hungry.

The United States Constitution provides civil rights to everyone regardless of race, gender, age, color, or other factors. Unfortunately, constitutional or civil rights violations occur regardless of what the Constitution guarantees its citizens.

Ehline Law and our police misconduct attorneys have experience in handling police misconduct cases. We have a team ready to start investigations, gather evidence, and hold negligent law enforcement officers accountable for their acts of misconduct. Talk to our Los Angeles police misconduct attorneys to learn your civil rights and legal options.

What Are Your Civil Rights?

The United States Constitution guarantees civil rights to all its citizens in the following amendments or acts:

  • The Fourth Amendment: Part of the Bill of Rights, the Fourth Amendment protects Americans against all illegal searches and seizures. The amendment also sets requirements for issuing warrants, which a judge or magistrate typically issues. The warrant must have probable cause and mention the specific details that the police wish to conduct their search activities.
  • The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, religion, and assembly. The first amendment also protects witnesses, victims, or whistleblowers from force or retaliation.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964: This act prohibits the government, both federal and state, and also employers from carrying out any discriminatory acts based on race, color, religion, gender, and origin using force, intimidation, and power of office.

The Challenges of Police Misconduct Litigation

You probably already know why you need police misconduct lawyers now. Those experiencing police brutality or misconduct have come forward and filed complaints against the officers.

However, these “rogue cops,” despite all the complaints, manage to climb their career ladder, receiving promotions and bonuses along the way.

The underlying problem here is not the officer carrying out the misconduct but the law enforcement department, which protects its own regardless of whether or not they break the Constitution.

This leads to an aggressive defense by the relevant police department and even more dirty tactics, such as wiping out the evidence, scaring away the plaintiff, and using the media to pressure the victims and their families. Our police misconduct lawyers can get the media to support you the same way they supported George Floyd, despite the fact he was a violent, convicted felon. This is the kind of law firm you need to get over in cities like Los Angeles and Austin!

What Should You Do if You Are a Victim of Police Misconduct?

Gather Evidence

Especially in Los Angeles, CA, cops get away with murder. So make sure you get in on tap! Digital cameras or cell phones are perfect evidence-collection devices to help you record police misconduct.

Suppose you believe that a police officer is not acting correctly or displaying acts of misconduct. You can begin recording your false arrest or other malicious prosecution in that case.

In most cases, when officers realize they are on camera, it will deter them from engaging in misconduct. However, in cases where they proceed with misconduct, the video recording is strong evidence that can help bolster your case. Our experienced attorneys know how to deal with this and get the tapes from these bad cops.

If you cannot record the false imprisonment incident on camera, try to take a voice recording or a couple of pictures of the incident, the police officer carrying misconduct, and their badge number. This is how defendants are held accountable, and a plaintiff is the victim of police misconduct and seeking justice.

Police Officers and the Body Cam

Officers also have a body cam that records the entire activity of the day and may have footage of the misconduct. In California, you have the right to record police generally.

Police Brutality on Tape!

However, obtaining police brutality footage can be pretty tricky. California may be a progressive state, but it struggled with enforcing transparency among police departments and could not implement legislation surrounding body cam footage. A vital Los Angeles police misconduct attorney can help access the necessary footage by adopting the proper legal approach.

Another main thing to remember is that witness testimony helps strengthen a case. If there are any witnesses experiencing police misconduct, contact them and exchange contact details so they can testify in court if you decide to pursue a lawsuit.

Seek Medical Attention

If you suffer from injuries due to police misconduct, you should head to a medical center for further examination and medical attention. The medical reports and bills are also extraordinary evidence in proving the officer’s misconduct resulted in injuries to the victim, regardless of the severity of the injuries.

Some injuries may manifest after several days, and if you suspect that the injury might be due to police misconduct, visit the doctor once more for an examination and any appropriate treatment, if required.

Make sure to keep all bills, test results, doctor’s notes, diagnostic reports, and photographs of the injuries safe with you.

Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer

Police misconduct by corrupt police officers cases are extremely sensitive and can be challenging. Some unions protect their officers, and they may display serious aggression when defending their police officers. To protect your rights and argue your case, you need to hire an experienced attorney.

The police misconduct attorneys at Ehline Law will provide an equally aggressive defense on your behalf and fight to recover the compensation you deserve.

Police Misconduct and Wrongful Death in Los Angeles

We need to be able to trust our Los Angeles police. True, we generally have been trained since youth to trust law enforcement officers every day. We are told they are putting our safety and lives into their hands by our parents, teachers, and TV news. However, when a loved one dies at the hands of a police officer using force, it is not only a shock to the surviving family members but also a setback for the entire community.

Those in jails or under police custody also have the right to medical care if injured or rehabilitation if they’re experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Suppose any person suffers an illness and dies under the care of a police officer. In that case, our attorneys can help file a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent officer, starting with a free case evaluation.

Wrongful deaths can happen due to improper or inadequate training, the use of excessive force, and negligence during hiring procedures. Our attorneys work closely with investigators and the police department to understand the event, violations,s or convictions leading to what happened.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Ehline Law’s Los Angeles Police Misconduct Lawyers

Police misconduct and using excessive force violate an American’s civil rights, and officers who do not observe these rights must be brought to justice. Contact us now to learn more about a police misconduct lawsuit and how our law firm can handle the Los Angeles police department about your case.

If you suffered injuries due to a police officer’s misconduct, contact us at + (833) LETS-SUE for a free consultation with our police misconduct lawyers. You can also get a consult with a superior Los Angeles police misconduct lawyer by filling out our online website contact us form today.

Email or call us today, and we will take immediate action to start understanding you, your case, and your situation throughout California and other states!

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