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Are you a concerned parent and worried about injuries to your baby from a baby sling? You’re not alone — a serious recall notice affected baby slings produced by the company Infantino only recently.

This stemmed from reports of injuries and deaths. These calamities included three fatalities due to the SlingRider and Wendy Bellissimo product lines. Ehline Law Firm has been monitoring these cases.

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Word defect with magnifier and target. Concept of zero defects or tqm

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Our lead counsel, Michael Ehline, himself had a close call with his child. He relates this occurred while using a sling carrier device with his small son. And this was before there were any major recalls. This demonstrates that consumers, too, should also exercise good judgment and mitigate potential losses.

So this can be achieved by being vigilant and alert when using any new device. Most of all, utmost care should be used with any toy, or other product, in conjunction with children. In Ehline’s case, he is a trained products defect attorney.

How Did Ehline Save His Child’s Life?

Lucky for his family, Michael has more knowledge, training, and skill when it comes to an understanding of the many ways a person or their kin can rapidly become a victim. He immediately stopped using the sling carrier device.

  • How Is Michael Helping Save Lives Now?

Also, he started blogging about the dangers of these slings. This is discussed in more detail below. If you have read enough, and believe your family is the victim, contact our award-winning personal injury attorneys. It might be a good idea to learn more about bringing a potential case at (213) 596-9642.  

So What About The Baby Sling Recall?

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC and its Canadian counterpart Health Canada recalled the above and below items.

According to the US CPSC recall notice:

  • 1 million of these items were distributed in the US
  • 15,000 in Canada
  • These products were sold in the US and Canada under the product numbers 3937500H7 and 3937501H7.

They were sold between January 2003 and March 2010 at major retailers including:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Babies R Us, and others

What About the Baby Sling Suffocation Risk?

These products have become a severe suffocation risk to little ones.


  • Children are at risk for banging their heads and bodies against door jambs, and hard object as you navigate in and out of confined areas.
  • Suffocation risk exists primarily because the child gets forced to lie in unnatural positions where breathing becomes difficult. Hence, he or she can quickly get folded or bent forward. So you can see how this can snuff out the baby’s ability to breathe easily, right?

Who Can Help Me With My Baby Sling Lawsuit?

First, What About Risk Avoidance?

Eternal vigilance is the cost of avoiding these types of risks altogether.

  • Also, parents must keep in mind that other safer products exist. But are they really safe? After all, some of these may not on the official government recall list.

However, they could be just as, or even more dangerous. Beware that you are the arbiter of your people. Also, government regulations are a floor and not a ceiling.

If your family is using such a dangerous product:

  • Immediately stop using it.
  • Next, contact an attorney.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Los Angeles Baby Sling Accident Attorney

If you know of any injury caused by this product, call us. Make sure that you immediately reach out to a skilled lawyer and doctor. Tend to the wound and make sure that a lawyer can review to see if there is a case.

Ehline Law and its product liability specialized attorneys are here to review your record. Contact them today for a free, no-pressure consultation to find out your legal rights. Feel free to also use our convenient online contact form or dial (213) 596-9642.

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