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What are Your Legal Options after Bluelight-Induced Vision Loss?

UV rays can blind you
UV light Rays

What About The March Towards Technology and the Side Effects on Your Body?

Modern technology has served as a godsend for many people like you. Cell phones, computers, and tablets are part of our lives. Self-balancing Segways and even self-driving cars have become nearly ubiquitous. And they are becoming cheaper and easier to use.

Despite such expansion, the full effects of technology in the broader world have not been fully recognized. The potential dangers of under-regulated electronic devices are under study.

But the question may arise:

  • What are my legal options if my eyes get damaged by Computer Screen Blue Light?

Important: First, you have to show there was a product defect. The potential dangers of under-regulated electronic devices are now getting studied. But the question may arise.

What are my legal options?

  1. First, you have to show there was a product defect. Defective products may include products like computers with screens that could cause vision problems.
  2. Look to see if the product is improperly labeled or placed into the chain of commerce with a defect.

You probably won’t even know where to begin. But Ehline Law Firm is at the forefront of all of this.

  • The firm is even now exploring how these computer screen injuries may be the nexus of a work comp case.
  • Also, there may be a manufacturer’s lawsuit under the various theories of legal liability.

Ultra Violet Blue Lights and Vision Loss – Why are Attorneys Concerned About Consumers?

  • What About Autistic Kids and Blue Lights? It is becoming uncovered that computers could make it harder for Autism Spectrum kids. Computers and fun and engaging with these kids. But they make it harder for kids in the spectrum kids to break into advanced socialization.
  • What About the Dangers to Non-Special Needs Kids? In fact, this iPad like devices kids play with actually convince the brain it is daytime and not night. So besides hindering mainstreaming and social immersion, they can cause major sleep issues.
  • Many computer screens do not block dangerous UV rays. Consequently, that can damage the eyes of humans, in particular, those of developing children. Now there is a growing concern in the legal, medical, and scientific communities. And it is all over ultraviolet and blue lights.

Did You Know there is a Direct Link Between Blue Light and Blindness?

Important: But this shocking information is only now beginning to emerge.

  • The American Macular Degeneration Foundation has published blockbuster research. And it directly links the increased use of screened devices and vision loss. Hence, it is similar to hearing loss caused by headphones. And the new technology is not properly geared for the human body’s capability.

What’s The Deal? Why Aren’t all Computers Equipped With a Screen Protector?

While we have all this information, it is shocking more manufacturers won’t add blue light defeating screens.

  • At least it would be a good idea to offer special glasses.
  • It seems like, at a minimum, warnings to consumers should get sent out. After all, this is a legitimate health risk, right?!

What is The Connection to Computer Screens and Loss of Eyesight?

  • A New Cottage Industry. Vision loss protection. Due to all these reports, exclusive new glasses are now marketed. And it appears as though a whole new cottage industry is building around eye protection.

Of particular concern, this is all designed to defeat computer light rays. Its continual use can overwhelm humans’ naturally sensitive eyes.

  • The effects of the blue light and ultraviolet light can damage the retina.
  • There is a concern that the macular pigment gets penetrated by the radiation. And this is the source of the injury (Source.) Also, many Americans have frequent exposure. They sit in front of home computer screens, cell phones, work computers, and tablets.
  • Worse of all is long term exposure. Hence, day after day, month after month, we have a buildup of eye-related health issues.

Is the Computer Industry Liable for Pushing Harmful Products?

More research and input from the medical community is building up. And we realize more and more about the long-term implications of vision loss. For more information about how to challenge the large electronics conglomerates, call us.

  • Manufacturers are building, marketing, and distributing these harmful technologies.

Most of all, many are not taking steps to defeat this light spectrum from harming a user. Hence, you need the help of a legal expert. Ehline Law specializes in medical issues and product liability. Hence it allows the firm to fight back successfully.

How Do You Find Excellent Injury Lawyers to Find the Responsible People With Money Who Can Pay You?

Your legal options could be many. But it would be best if you had a lawyer. And our attorneys can work with medical professionals to determine the damage done. Please don’t delay in speaking to one of our experienced computer screen injury advocates. Of particular interest, we offer free consultations.

Also, we can help you get medical care as needed. We answer the phone and email 24 hours a day. And will come anywhere in the state to meet with you. Contact us for more information today at (213) 596-9642.

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