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Oxygen Tank Injury Attorney in Southern California

Oxygen Tank Mishaps – An All too Common Injury Affecting Older Residents.

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Oxygen injuries are all too common, especially due to the near ubiquity of oxygen tanks in our daily life. Whether they are in the home of someone older. Or an immuno compromised person. Or on a workplace. Sometimes they are at a college or a research institution. In any case, the use of bottled oxygen is commonplace. So is the potential risk for those who use it.

My name is Michael Ehline, the lead attorney in the Ehline Law Firm APLC. Our attorneys specialize in burn injuries and care for our elders. Our experience in this field in Southern California is simply second to none. Read further to understand some of the potential risks and how our law firm can assist you in case of an oxygen tank injury.

The Importance of Understanding the Risk.

This issue is a personal one to me, especially considering that I recently lost my father. Cherish every moment that you have with your family and make sure that they are properly taken care of. This can take on many forms, including making sure that the equipment they use is safe. This can be the case for oxygen tanks or machines used in nursing or assisted living homes.

It can also be the case for individual oxygen tanks or machines used within the homes. In many cases, companies that distribute or sell these machines or tanks do their best to make sure that they are safe.

After all, oxygen is a highly flammable gas. However, some are negligent in how they manufacture and distribute these goods. In other cases, even if the product is properly sent to the home of someone who needs it, there is a special responsibility to ensure that the product is safely used in the home or nursing home. In addition, oxygen tanks don’t just get set up for older people. Younger people with certain ailments, including cancer, may have the tanks.

Patients with sleep apnea may also be prescribed oxygen by their doctors. Furthermore, oxygen tanks are used on industrial sites or in research facilities. All of this means that oxygen tanks are around in places that we don’t even think of. Since we breathe this gas, we often don’t consider the risk of oxygen getting free could be. And how it affects people when it does happen.

What Makes Oxygen Leaks So Dangerous.

After all, you may be asking yourself– oxygen is what we breathe. Having it released into a room couldn’t possibly hurt you? However, there are some severe potential effects that may happen due to an oxygen leak. Believe it or not, there are risks other than fire.

  • Oxygen toxicity occurs when there is too much oxygen in the bloodstream. If the oxygen is breathed in at higher than normal pressure, there are cases in which patients develop an excess of the gas, hyperoxia. This can cause poisoning of the blood. Effects can include cell damage and death, as well as issues with the central nervous system.
  • The risk of fire. This one is the obvious and most severe risk. Because of the nature of oxygen, such fires are very dangerous. We breathe oxygen every moment of our lives. We don’t sense a leak and can’t smell it spreading in the room. As a result, oxygen can burn at high temperatures and cause severe injuries.
  • Tank Explosion. Oxygen shipped in tanks is pressurized and may be subject to explosion. This can happen several ways. First is due to exposure to an open flame. The second would be due to severe temperatures. Another would be due to puncture. The last is a special risk for use of oxygen on industrial or construction sites.

The Risk of Oxygen Fires.

Even a simple spark can set off an oxygen fire that could severely injure or kill an individual. Because these fires often happen at industrial sites or in places with older people, the risk increases even further. As a matter of fact, the risk of an industrial fire near other flammable materials means that there could be a severe risk of the entire building going up. Furthermore, in cases when oxygen is used by older people, there is an even greater risk of injury or death.

Consider that the use of oxygen for older patients is often tied to poor health or mobility. O2 for sleep apnea or cancer or other disability may mean that the person would be unable to leave their place of living quickly in case of fire. Furthermore, it may also mean that the person would be asleep when and if there was a leak of oxygen.

When in Need of Oxygen Tank Accident Legal Counsel.

If you or a loved one suffered due to an oxygen related fire, Ehline Law Firm has a personal injury attorney here to help.

Our attorneys have studied similar cases and use our decades of experience to assist you in your time of need. We consider several key factors.

  • Was the oxygen properly inserted into the container?
  • Is the container or bottle properly designed for such a flammable gas?
  • Was the oxygen properly transported from one location to another?
  • How was the oxygen stored?
  • When was the last time either the container or the means of filling it up inspected?
  • Have there been safety issues involving the company that filled up, transported, or installed the oxygen tank?
  • Our attorneys stop at nothing. We work with the injured and their family to fulfill their legal rights. We travel anywhere in California for a free, no pressure consultation and do not ask for a penny unless we recover for you. Allow us to use our decades of experience on your behalf.

Contact us at the number below or email us at losangeles@ehlinelaw.com.

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