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In Los Angeles, these electrically-powered conveyor belts and roller conveyors are often installed in pairs, one for each direction, equipped with a synchronized handrail system on each side.

Parents with kids, carrying luggage bags, and other individuals will stand or walk on these slow-moving horizontal or inclined transports. (typically airline passengers). Fall accidents coupled with brain injuries remain common for users of these machines.

Our moving walkway accident lawyers represent riders wounded in Los Angeles walkway accidents at an airport, shopping center, mall, theme parks, or another case. If your family member was killed or injured using a horizontal escalator, you have constitutional, legal rights.

Why Choose Our Law Firm For Your Serious Pedestrian Accidents?

Past clients highly recommend us for a reason.

  • Free Legal Consultation
  • Over $150 Million recovered for accident victims
  • Over 30 combined years of service handling death and long term injuries
  • We get to the bottom of the issues by handling investigations right away, which is always in your best interest
  • We handle insurance negotiations against property owners and other parties involved as we seek compensation on your behalf
  • After forming an attorney-client relationship, our brave leader never stops till we win your personal injury suit involving moving sidewalks
  • No recovery, no contingency fee promise
  • Our office will advance many, if not all, personal injury attorney litigation costs

Our offices will fight the moving sidewalk contraption installer, filing prompt claims with their insurance company or government agency involved in this type of personal injury claim. (Ex: When a malfunctioning people conveyor leads to a Los Angeles city being held liable for negligence in a construction zone, etc.)

Our goal remains to get walkers reimbursed for severe injuries as well as bumps, bruises, medical bills caused by a pedestrian accident while riding horizontal escalators. 

Contact the superior staff at our law office today. Fill out our contact form or dial our phone number at (213) 596-9642 for more premises liability claim information. Get a free case evaluation today.

Flat Escalator Accident Personal Injury Statistics?

In North America, more than 30,000 elevators transport around 3,000 people a day, hour after hour. Jet bridges and moving walkways remain an essential part of an efficient air travel process. People may stand, run, or briskly walk, trying to pass others, invariably bumping or pushing someone over.

Some 10,000 victims are injured yearly at U.S. airports and shopping centers riding moving sidewalks, or “autowalks.” 75% of these are fall injuries, while 20% happen when victims get entrapped on a moving escalator or handrail.

Moving Walkways Remain Particularly Dangerous For Los Angeles Children?

Ever since the 1960s moving sidewalk tragedies have killed pedestrian children disproportionately. Modernly, about half of reported passenger injuries involve families of small children. Although there are no specific pedestrian accident statistics involving flat, moving indoor sidewalks on conveyor belt systems, we do know children suffer the worst injuries when compared to your average adult pedestrian accident victims around Los Angeles.

In 2006, Ohio State University conducted a study on escalator incidents and kids. Moving conveyors at airports and shopping plazas endanger children. Their small bodies are easily crushed in the moving or gapped area of escalator devices.

From 1990 to 2002, there were more than 26,000 moving belt accidents involving young children. Small children under five years of age were disproportionately affected in thousands of cases.

Experts recommend premises owners install an “Autowalk system” to keep visitors safer on their way.

TIP: Robust safety features, including installation of guardrails at gaps between the sides, will decrease these incidents, preventing injuries–and potential lawsuit expenses.

Parents with children traveling to or from LAX airport must be particularly careful to look out for a child’s tiny hands, feet, and shoelaces betting trapped.

Moving sidewalk accident lawyer at LAX

In fact, everyone injured in an accident at the Los Angeles airport terminal sees the risk for car accidents crossing the parking structure rise with distracted drivers violating the right of way. In most cases kids are hurt, at the turnstiles and on people moving machines inside the airport itself. 

Fair compensation is great, but injury avoidance is better when it comes the hassle, pain, suffering, lost wages and medical costs. You can discover more when you schedule a free consultation with a Los Angeles, CA moving sidewalk lawyer today.

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Elderly Horizontal Escalator Injuries?

An older adult losing balance and breaking their bones is also a very common case type. Approximately 40,000 Americans are injured every year in the United States from slips, trips, and falls. Older adults remain at the greatest risk for head and spinal cord injuries.

Fact, falling is the most prevalent cause of injury to elders. Elderly people with difficulty walking unassisted or using a wheelchair should not travel on a belt conveyor device. Recently, a woman was killed at LAX when her wheelchair tumbled down an escalator. The defense often tries to blame the fragile victim.

Not just any pedestrian accident lawyer will do. Our national trial lawyers will anticipate certain case defenses. The premises owner or company property management company may be responsible.

Difference Between An Elevator Accident And Incidents With Moving Walkways?

Mobility Walkways: This slow-moving conveyor transports passengers onto a horizontal or inclined surface. In high-traffic areas like airports, train stations, shopping malls, movable conveyors move foot traffic faster using little to no vertical angle. Most accidental events on these moving surfaces involve falls and slips.

Escalator: Escalante is Spanish for a “climber,” or a person who climbs, tracing its origin “scala, which is Latin for a terraced slope (Ex: “scale the mountain”). “Escalators,” are moving stairs and tandem hand railings that transport people from one floor to another. Learn more from an escalator accident attorney here.

It’s a motor-driven chain of individually linked steps cycling on a pair of horizontal tracks. Escalators and moving walkways operate where lifts would be impractical. Elevators go up and down, typically with passengers inside a container. Sometimes all three machines are used in tandem to increase maximum passenger flow. (LAX uses all three things, including staircases)

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What Do Our Past Clients Say About Our Los Angeles Moving Walkway Accident Attorney?

It’s simple to browse our personal injury attorney listings in your immediate location. You could search for a particular lawyer if a friend referred you or learn more by exploring the attorney profiles section in our navigation menu.

We include each lawyer’s contact information, legal background, email, phone, and biographical data on this page to assist you. Some profiles link to other relevant information or recommendations.

Most Common Place Horizontal Escalators Will Be Deployed?

Principal types of places these machines are deployed include:

  • Department stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Airports like LAX
  • Public transit systems (Metro Rail / Metrolink stations)
  • Convention centers
  • Hotels
  • Arenas
  • Stadiums
  • Public buildings.

Basic Evidence Gathering?

Many moving parts exist, including handrails. A defect in the belt system or human error can cause injuries to a client, including their hands, legs, and feet. A loose railing or damaged belt pieces could cause property damage to your expensive Redbottom shoes and garments.

Your attorney must locate, request, isolate and develop evidence against anyone responsible. You must be able to hunt down insurance information and witness contact info. Our best attorney will perform a site inspection information request. We’ll conduct any witness interviews at the accident location.

Sometimes this fishing expedition is the right step toward filling a gap in your individual case liability puzzle. A cell phone video or pictures could help your attorney establish prior notice of dangerous conditions and faults present.

Now, after an escalator incident, clients will have answers to questions about their rights, who and how to sue for compensation.

Common Accidents Causing Serious Injuries And Death

Recent escalator accident case outcomes include fractured skulls, broken wrists, and death. Loss of life remains more common riding vertical escalators but still happens using horizontal walk path machinery. (Example: Tie causes strangulation after the handrails cause neck entrapment).

  • Clothing entrapment. (EX: Pulled and entangled beneath the metal step “end plate.” (Safety devices and attendants won’t stop all hazards). Mechanical shutdowns, especially due to women’s clothing, are common.
  • High-heeled shoes and flip-flops are mentioned in the news as causes of a child or adult losing a foot or toe. (Even shoelaces get stuck in gaps between moving parts).

Common Moving Walkway Escalator Accident Injuries

Compensation Available After Severe Injury Case Involving a Conveyor Belt System Moving Sidewalk?

Pain and suffering

We can recover damages for pain and suffering from the parties found liable for causing your Los Angeles moving walkway, conveyor belt accident. In other words, even if you don’t see medical attention, these are intangible, non economic damages you can recover in verdicts and injury settlements from the opposing party.

Medical bills and expenses for Medical Attention

You can recover compensation for your medical care, medical expenses, and other prescribed medical attention, including physical therapy sessions under the supervision of medical professionals. Our experienced attorneys can seek compensation for any complication you or your dead loved one suffered.

For example a payment available for chronic pain treatments, including counseling for an injured person suffering emotional trauma for their common injuries sustained during the incident.

Lost wages and contracts

Lost income is recoverable for missed work, as against the at fault party for past, present and future reduction in capacity, or permanent disability from significant injuries.

Loss of consortium

During your personal injury lawsuit you will hear terms like loss of consortium financial compensation. This is for the loss and fallout from the loss of your close familial bonds. Our charismatic lawyer can explain more when you call us we can assist you in determining liability and damages.

Proving Negligence in a Los Angeles Moving Walkway Accident Case

At the University of West Los Angeles School of Law, they teach negligence as duty, breach, causation, damages. To win your case against a manufacturer, or building manager, etc., you must prove they breached by failing to keep floor users on walks safe from reasonably known harm.

The plaintiff must prove the damage caused by this failure or malpractice was foreseeable. The liable party or parties must reimburse the victim’s reasonable compensation amount. 

Common Carrier Liability?

Sometimes the operator of these human conveyor belts will be deemed a common carrier, subjecting them to a higher standard of care. A violation of statute often presumes liability. (negligence per se). 

Proving Personal Injury Liability For Moving Walkways 

Escalators are mechanical steps, and circuit operated, driven in a circular pattern across or backward, used in airports and shopping centers all across Los Angeles and Southern California. The property owner must ensure unsafe conditions won’t expose a user. When severe injuries occur, many parties may be on the hook to pay you for your malaise.

Hence, jointly and severally liable parties may face liability for the serious injuries you suffered from the incident, even if the defendant doesn’t live or work in Los Angeles. This means this mean there may be many insurance companies, instead of a sole carrier to pay financial compensation for the most severe injuries, or wrongful death.

Common Liable Parties

Product defect 

A product defect claim can be filed against merchants in the chain of commerce who sells or distributes poorly designed, or inadequately labeled products along the way.

  • Manufacturers of defective equipment: Builders of elevators and human conveyors must include safety features to impede vehicle operation during human passenger error.
  • Remanufacturers and retail outlets: One who re-sells or fixes equipment may be strictly liable or at risk under the warranty of fitness for a particular use. 

CAVEAT: Many elevator doors and conveyor systems are equipped with safety measures to prevent normal use injuries. Sometimes they malfunction when maintained by a reputable contractor.

According to CNN, maintenance can’t prevent loose clothing or limb from getting removed or crushed by a poorly designed or mislabeled part.

  • Negligent Maintenance: The main thing managers can do to should ensure horizontal lift operation is follow-up maintenance. Like escalators, a malfunctioning walkway can suddenly arc or move in any direction. The maintenance crew should look for any issues. This major step can obviate a future premises liability claim.

Normally the building owner hires some maintenance company to fix the problem. If not, our personal injury law firm will pursue the people, including managers vicariously for money damages!

  • Horseplay: Escalator accidents can result from negligence by the rider, like riding hand railing or horseplay. If your loved one was hurt, call our experienced elevator accident lawyer ASAP.

Pure Comparative Negligence Problems

California the law allows plaintiffs to recover for damage caused by a wrongdoer even if they were horsing around. There is no opportunity to recover for the bad things you caused to yourself or another. 

Many riders injured by conveyors were intoxicated, distracted, or fragile. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can retain help to prove who caused what. 

Trained lawyers identify those at fault to pay for their share of the result. Even then, renters or homeowners insurance may refuse to indemnify their insured.

Moving Walkway Expert Witnesses

We retain top scientific and biomechanical specialists, including members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), for these tasks. Experts can isolate how drops and falls can cause rollers to grab clothes, crush or trap fingers and toes.

Moving walkway expert witnesses have experience with movable transport structures including stairs, exits, and walking hazards. These experts will help your attorneys, jury, and trial judge understand ‘moving streets’ and steps to prove the mechanism of injury.

After consultation with other experts, your legal team can piece together a picture of how walkways can maim or kill while standing, walking, or even jogging.

These details shed light for your attorney and court on how you were hurt and the landlord’s standard of care. (Were inspections and licenses updated?)

Escalator Accident FAQs

Are Stopped Escalators Dangerous?

Never assume escalators and walkways are in good order, operating at a safe speed. Stalled or stopped escalator steps can be very dangerous when passengers must stand higher or drop down into the conveyor. Most users are looking at their smart device, luggage, a small child, or other distraction.

Tips For Riding An Uneven Moving Walkway?

Statistical information proves that lost equilibrium in elderly people can exacerbate serious tripping dangers. (natural to aging).

Victims of elevator accidents can:

  • You must contact someone in charge. Demand a written report. (take cell phone images of the report before handing it back to the store manager) Document any pain or suffering.
  • Take cell phone pictures. Shoot a video of the accident location, debris fields / broken parts.
  • A photograph posted elevator license inspection expiration dates and those on nearby escalators. (is there a pattern of failing to conduct safety inspections?)
  • Gather witness/employee name(s) and contact info.
  • Get to the hospital by ambulance after being stabilized in a gurney.

Our premises liability attorneys help rolling walkway victims by seeking compensation on their behalf.

Don’t Blow The Statute?

A good lawyer knows the statute of limitations will expire on certain defendants. Don’t blow your case. Get a free consultation.

How Can I Get A Free Case Evaluation With A Moving Walkway Accident Lawyer?

After you seek medical attention, you need an experienced attorney to make sense of everything you face. Ehline Law Firm prosecutes escalator & elevator accidents against insurance companies or other agencies. Our personal injury law firm represents victims of horizontal escalators at a shopping complex, office, high rise, nursing home, office buildings, mall, or at work.

No matter the accident scene, we are equipped to investigate and seek court orders on your behalf. We’ll name and hold the liable party accountable.

Call Our 24-7 Moving Walkway Accident Lawyers For Your Free Consultation Today

Our moving walkway accident lawyer is only paid if we obtain legal relief on a contingency fee basis settlement or verdict. Our California accident lawyers represent customers in all premises liability accident claims. We fight for justice throughout the Northern, Central, and Southern California regions.

In addition, our office handles various federal court tort claims throughout the United States. We can answer questions about your present condition. Call us today at (213) 596-9642. Or use our website online form to receive your free consultation. We’ll explain things, offering free legal advice about your life situation. 

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