Common Motorcyclist Accident Injuries

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What Are Some Common Injuries From Motorcycle Riding Incidents?

Is it Smart to Settle an Accident Claim?

There are many types of motorcycle accidents that result in life-threatening injuries. I am Los Angeles motorcycle lawyer, Michael Ehline. Los Angeles has some of the most dangerous intersections and many causes of motorcycle crashes. Below I will discuss the top three catastrophic injuries caused by motorcycle accidents, as well as lesser-known motorcycle rider injuries.

Learning about injuries and their causes is a great way to avoid riding incidents altogether. So use this information to develop a safe riding plan.

Top Three Motorcycle Related Injuries Are:

  1. Brain Injury.
  2. Spine Injury.
  3. Bone fractures.

First and foremost, the brain acts as the nerve center for the whole body. In any case, helmets, as we learned with CTE, and the NFL, do little to prevent many types of brain damage. Typically, when a rider is tossed back and forth like a rag doll, the brain bangs around inside the cranium. And even though the brain can try and heal itself, head injuries can result in severe, permanent, detrimental residuals.

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The Catastrophic Brain Injury.

The foremost on the list of lousy head wounds are the traumatic (TBI) and mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). Penetrating head wounds are also unavoidable but are often mitigated and stopped by a fitting motorcycle helmet and eye protection.

Helmets are good at preventing or lessening skull fractures. By and large, motorcycle helmets also help to avoid road rash and friction burns on the head. And head protection helps prevent lost skin and hair during a traffic-related crash. Most of all, helmets allow your head to remain in the fiberglass, D.O.T. approved cocoon.

But even with a helmet, you can still suffer a severe brain injury or head fracture.

TBI and MTBI have various symptoms like:

  • Lack of focus.
  • Lack of long and short-term memory.
  • Slurred speech.
  • Loss of reading comprehension.
  • Permanent pain, or inability to perceive pain, remains a hallmark of a severe injury to your spinal column.
  • Fits of rage.
  • Fits of depression.
  • Fidgeting and nervousness.

Although helmets can afford some protection against skull fractures, and brain protrusion, not much is given. First and foremost, spine injuries and broken bones go hand in hand with cycling mishaps. Second, launching from a bike means you're going to be propelled into the pavement, or some object.

As this is happening, the body becomes contorted as it flails around. So you can see how a person could get tore up. (Read more here about motorcycle brain injuries.). As a result, no amount of riding gear can stop the bones from breaking, or the spine from twisting.

Spinal Cord Catastrophic Injuries From Riding Accidents.

By and large, the next on our list of catastrophic motorcycle accident injuries are the spine injury. (Motorcycle specific spine injury discussed in detail here.). Presently these cases range from simple whiplash to serious spinal cord injuries. Typically the mechanism of injury involves a twisting or hard impact on the discs or connective tissue. Nerves get pinched off, severed, or crushed. No doubt, this can spell curtains for a healthy life.

Moreover, symptoms can range from numbness to persistent pain, to total and extreme immobilization. In some cases, arthritis may develop in the motorcycle accident victim's joints, coupled with terrible Facet Joint Syndrome. In any case, these injuries are called tetraplegia or quadriplegia. But when only legs become paralyzed, you have the medical condition known as paraplegia.

Loss of Bodily Functions.

Both types of conditions can mean the total or partial loss of bowel control, incontinence, etc. Although experiments with cell regeneration currently remain ongoing, no known treatment for paralysis exists. However, disc replacement surgery has prevented pinched nerves from being severed. But this is a precarious treatment and still experimental in some cases.


If you're lucky, your spine is safe, and you merely suffered, scrapes, or bruising. More likely is that you will have broken something. Medically, this is called a fracture. Fractures (discussed in detail here), are another serious injury that often results from a spill on a motorcycle.

When a rider gets thrown from a bike, broken bones come with the territory. A fracture could be one where the cracked bone penetrates the skin. Or it could be snapped but inside the skin. Regrettably, either type of break can be medically severe and require surgery.

Of course, patients will need long-term physical therapy, along with titanium screws, to hold it all together. Presumably, a cast, sling, crutches, and convalescence would be required. Even then, a full recovery remains guarded. All too often, traffic collisions involving motorcycles, culminate in catastrophically injured cyclists. Sometimes the rider plays a role in bringing about the calamity. Still other times, it is wholly the fault of a negligent driver or road repairer.

Only the victims and families truly understand the devastation associated with motorcyclist injuries. Afterward, knowing who to call for legal help in this darkest hour is as important as the surgeon for your brain injury. A dedicated, compassionate lawyer can help reset your broken case like a doctor can help cast and heal a broken bone.

Finally, when a wrongful death lawsuit is involved, dealing with the send-off, and mourning drains you. No one can mend a broken heart. And the emotions of losing a loved one makes it almost impossible to handle a potential lawsuit without a really good and understanding attorney. For example, who do you deal with at the insurance company/defendant's offices to get your claim started and administered? You read below, that's how.

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