Motorcycle Injury Statistics

Injuries on motorcycles are frequently unavoidable once the rider is separated from the bike. Even if the rider stays with the bikes and surfs it, he is still risk going under a car. So he could get crushed, or slam into a curb, or gutter. So now you know why head and neck injuries are so pervasive. In fact, injuries and riding are a lot like the Ying and the Yang.

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The Fatal and Serious Injuries.

In fact, statistics gathered from 2005 relate that individuals suffered 411 fatalities, and at least 9,061 injuries. These are just the reported injures and accidents. There are probably even more that go unreported.

With increasing riders on the streets, so too, are the injuries and riding accidents rising. The majority of injuries were from auto drivers ignoring the road, and cutting off the motorcyclist.

On a national scale, in 1997, accidents involving motorcycles that caused injuries, were much lower than ever. The total number was 2,116. But ever since 1998 more and more cataclysmic riding events took place. Rider deaths have gradually risen as well.

California Cities are Pretty Dangerous To Riders:

Los Angeles 29 716
Beverly Hills 1 15
Palm Springs 0 1
Modesto 2 51
Palmdale 0 13
Bakersfield 2 43
Barstow 0 5
Rancho Cucamonga 2 24
Victorville 0 8
Riverside 1 52

Dense Cities are Most Dangerous to Bikers:

It makes sense that a dense city like L.A., or San Francisco would present challenges for riders and car drivers. There are so many distractions, it would be easy to miss seeing a cyclist until it is too late. Also, with cities come road defects, unsafe construction zones, and a whole plethora of other incidences.

Of particular interest, accidents are single rider, or “single vehicle collisions.” These account for 25% of reported injury cases. Also, a short run to the store, as opposed to a road trip is almost always more dangerous. Same goes for passenger car travel. So injuries often occur close to the residences of riders.

Importance of Knowing Your Bike.

Understanding the particular make and model is of supreme importance. Never assume an Enduro will perform like a Vespa. Most injuries take place within five months of owning the new bike, even for veteran riders. Rider training and an absolute knowledge of the mechanics is key. Knowing the advantages and limitations of motorcycles can help unlucky riders avoid serious injuries.

This is because it teaches them how to do a controlled skid. Riding classes teach students quick lane escapes so they can avoid being hit. Also, they explore other common sense and defensive riding techniques. In particular, all riders must avoid solely relying upon their rear brakes.

Veterans teach novices to ride safer and better. At any rate, what could be bad about that?


Of course, more comes with the territory than the above. But we have discussed the statistically significant risks of riding. Also, we covered the fact that some locations are more dangerous than others. Also, knowing the performance capabilities of the bike model is important. Last, training and education remain key to safe riding.

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