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Selflessly, compassionately, and unafraid, is how we deal with those in need after a devastating loss. Based in Los Angeles, California, Ehline Law Firm advances the financial interests of disabled clients. Many lost a wage earner, partner, spouse or close loved one. All this was avoidable if not but for the negligence of another on the roadway.

It is no easy thing, dealing with the grief and depression when the loss of the life of a close family member finally hits home. No amount of praying or wishing can raise him or her from the dead. However, in some situations, you may have a statutory right to recover money damages in court. Although no amount of windfall can end your torment, it helps lessen the overall loss.

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As proper heir, one can seek the loss of income, love, recover funeral expenses for the burial, and the graveyard ceremony, as well as the medical costs and hospital bills, etc. Some people never come out of their coma, even if they were able to survive the spill. But if they do, and die later, then the survivor has the right to seek compensation in court for all of the above.

Ehline Law Firm is faithful, zealous advocate when it comes to assisting families with a broad spectrum of personal injury and negligent death claims. We are devoted to facilitating these tragic claims on a fast track basis so that our clients can attain remuneration for their wrongful death motorcycle loss and expenses.

We remain at your beckon call to prescribe solutions, give you pointers and tips, etc., so you are helping us prepare the case and making it stronger. Also, the better the file is worked up, the better chances of resolving the situation quickly and handily. We want to be your guide and protector. In this way, the damaged party can try and emotionally heal, and the defendant(s) can be made to pay the price for their insolence.

What is a Motorcycle Wrongful Death? Motorcycle use is up due to rising fuel prices, for amusement and necessity. A wrongful death on a motorcycle is:

The negligent killing of a motorcycle rider of another by a person who had a duty to exercise reasonable care towards the dead rider, and a breach of that duty caused the loss of life of the downed rider.

More than half of all casualties and deaths on motorcycles are caused by fellow motor vehicle operators, according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety website. And this is simply staggering.

There are a whole plethora of reasons people ride. When we do ride, we expect we won’t be struck by another vehicle or an unsecured load off of a flatbed truck, for example. But it happens all the time when we traverse the highways of California, especially the crowded areas like Greater Los Angeles. These tragic events are accelerating with disturbing frequency as the economy worsens.

At, we recognize the hazards, duties, and responsibilities of motorcyclists. Also, we fight hard for surviving families till the bitter end. The last victims want an under-performing sloth as a lawyer. Michael Ehline, the lead counsel, is a hard-core, inactive United States Marine. We are Gung Ho attorneys!

When a motorcycle collision takes the life of a life partner, your kids, or parents, the heir could, in fact, have a right to get just and fair compensation by hook, or by crook. And this is done by either negotiating a settlement or filing a motorcycle wrongful death lawsuit at the courthouse.

What Can a Motorcycle Wrongful Death Heir Recover?

First, one needs to understand that even if the case falls under the umbrella of a negligence claim, courts and adjustors will reduce the value of the claim, based upon the comparative fault, if any, of the decedent.

Non-human factors like road conditions, may not have been deemed safe for the actual speed of the motorcycle. And that combined with the bad deeds of the other person could have killed the rider. So once the minimum degree of the negligence is met, survivors can seek indemnification.

Some of the potential things for which a victim can recover the almighty dollar for include:

  • Loss of past, present and future economic support.
  • Value of things like mowing the lawn, or doing dishes now must be tasked by another. (Commonly called “household services”).
  • Loss of love, sex, consortium, affection.

These are just some of the things that can be included as damages when seeking legal recourse. Ehline Law Firm can explain to the family what their options might be. The Ehline Law Firm is compassionate to the needs of the family that experienced a wrongful death motorcycle accident.

Primary Causes of Motorcycle Accidents.

By far, the single greatest causes of rider deaths, is when an automobile strikes a motorcycle. In fact, statistics show us that more than half of these incidents involve one or more vehicles. It could be a road rage driver, a woman putting on makeup, a man talking on his phone, and so on.

There are too many ways to die even to list. Plus, more often than not, everyone on the road is in danger. In particular, riders are at risk. Street racers are famous for reckless speeding and running down bikers. But individuals driving while intoxicated is a leading cause of deaths on the highway as well.

Rider Experience Matters.

In fact, the majorities of injuries to a rider occur when the bike is new. Also, this remains true even if the rider has vast experience as a biker. So a new bike, coupled with unfavorable road conditions, can cause the operator to lose control of the motorcycle.

Negligently maintained roads can cause potholes, or trash and objects in the street to take a bike down. These are not the only hazardous conditions that may exist. An oil spill or poorly marked construction zone could spell certain death.

It could be a pre-existing accident scene, wherein the police failed to safely mark off the disaster area with signals flags, or flares. There is little time to distinguish all these terrible roadway predicaments. All of this can all mean death to a rider.

Defective Motorcycle Claims.

When a poorly made motorcycle or one of its component parts fails, this failure of the motorcycle also advances the risk of death to a rider. Examples include a faulty brake or fuel system failing to engage. Or they could engage when they should not.

The list of mechanical failures experienced by motorcycle riders are seemingly endless. But these can involve poor welds, bad tires, and more. (read more.)

IIHS Statistics on Motorcycle Related Fatalities.

A total of 4,281 motorcyclists died in crashes in 2009. Motorcyclist deaths had been declining since the early 1980s but began to increase in 1998 and continued to increase through 2008. Motorcyclist deaths decreased by 16 percent in 2009 compared to 2008, but still accounted for 13 percent of all motor vehicle crash deaths in 2009. In contrast, at 23,437, fewer passenger vehicle occupants died in crashes in 2009 than in any year since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began collecting fatal crash data in 1975.

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What To Do Following a Fatal Motorcycle Accident.

When faced with the tragic fatal loss of a loved one, keep your eyes on the ball. You must take rapid action. In fact, take steps right now to preserve the evidence and secure witness information. We go the extra mile to do all of the necessary things to build your case, while you are grieving.

Attorney Michael P. Ehline, Esq. has years of experience in serious accident insurance claims, and as an experienced motorcycle rider. This remains an emotionally trying time for a family. So we offer free and confidential consultations. We'll do it over the phone or in the comfort of your home or office.

We have an outstanding record for successfully recovering millions of dollars in wrongful death and serious injury cases. We will answer any and all questions, and without any obligation, pressure or fee. If you need a wrongful death motorcycle accident lawyer, reach out to Ehline Law Firm at 888-400-9721. Back to the Top