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Trucks and Inattentive Driving – A Deadly Combination

If you were hurt or lost a loved one to the grim reaper from a big rig truck accident, you’re not alone. But what’s worse, often the truckers are distracted and not paying attention. So that means it was an avoidable accident, but for the negligence of the trucker.

If this happens, victims have legal rights to monetary compensation. And Ehline Law Firm has assisted thousands of satisfied consumers in similar cases. Calling us after a trucking accident is the first step in getting your life back in order.

This article discusses the role of distracted driving plays in truck wrecks. Also, it covers how accident victims can protect their right to money damages after a truck crash.

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Why Must You Not Be Absent-Minded Regarding Your Surroundings?

According to the DOT figures, distracted drivers are responsible for many vehicles crashing on roads in the United States. So the available statistics infer that inattentive drivers cause over 500,000 collisions annually.

Also, DOT statistics show commercial trucks:

  • Cause a significant number of deaths, especially when operated by drivers texting, using a phone or computer.

Now throw a distracting pet like a dog or a cat into the cab or sleeper. All these things can become doubly dangerous distractions.

Why is The FCSA Info is Alarming?

The Federal Carrier Safety Admin conducted a tremendous amount of research. Some of it focused on commercial drivers pre-occupied by electronic devices. And they discovered that merely glancing down to look at a phone can be catastrophic if driving.

Did You Know that Glancing Down at a Phone While Driving is Time Enough to Travel the Length of a Football Field?

Distracted truckers can travel the length of a football field in seconds. This research was on a vehicle traveling 55 miles per hour. And all the while, the operator was texting.

So taking your eyes off the road for a second could end many lives. And there are many unseen dangers. These include potholes, cracks in the asphalt, and sinkholes.

In the meantime, road construction equipment amplifies those risks. Distracted drivers are 20 times more likely to crash. Contrast this with attentive drivers. Of particular interest, the DOT prohibited travelers from texting while driving in 2010.

The way the FMCSA enforces this is with fines. And these penalties can be as high as:

  • $2,700 or more extensive.

Also, newer regulations ban the use of any electronic device. So naturally, this includes banning using cell phones and laptops.

Did you Know and Impact Takes a Second to Happen?

The devastating results of a truck crash can change lives in an instant. And no one is immune from a collision with a large semi. One tragic event of this type occurred in 2010. There, four people suffered grave injuries. And the cause was the traveler’s negligence while trucking.

Also, according to court records, he was texting or using a cell phone. At that precise moment, he was traveling above the speed limit on a local surface street. And truck collisions like this occur on the highways, freeways, and interstates. Many cases result in significant injuries and death regularly.

Also, about 5,000 people die every year in accidents. And in numerous collisions, the driver is distracted. Sadly, we see and hear news reports involving mass casualties and big rigs in many of these cases.

What Else Should You Know?

Motor collisions caused by distraction are common. And it is usually due to:

  • Using a phone device.
  • Driver distracted by eating.
  • The driver was talking, reading, or doing something else that distracts them.
  • Also, if there is a distraction, operators may not have both hands on the wheel.

Most of all, they are not focused on the roadway or traffic. Research shows that driving and using a phone compares to driving drunk. Also, commercial semis are the largest vehicles on the road and heaviest.

So if in a tragic incident, the handler and passengers in a car will typically suffer significant injuries. Also, they can quickly die in a fatal event. So if someone is hurt in a tragic event, get help right away.

How Can Lawyers Help Me?

Most of all, our lawyers can assist in getting you the compensation you deserve. We do so by holding the distracted handler accountable. Help yourself by calling this number: (213) 596-9642. You may also visit our web page by clicking here.

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