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Los Angeles Youth Sports Injury Attorneys

When young athletes get injured, organizations like school systems or a coach in Los Angeles, in many cases, avoid taking responsibility. You see the story on a news site all the time: A football player sustains a traumatic brain injury and loses his life; a young cheerleader in school breaks a bone; a baseball player gets hit by a fastball, resulting in facial deformity; and a student attending Physical Education class tears their ankle ligament during class.

Don’t let your kids be the next on the news. Protect them and their health to ensure an opportunity to apply legal standards to a case.

The Los Angeles injury lawyers at our firm, and their combined legal experience, respect you, care about your worth, and can help with your claim to force coaches or an organization to take liability. Pick up the phone and call or email to see if you have a possible lawsuit or case, to understand the legal situation, and share information.

You can also ask questions, find information about laws in America and California, or other states, and talk to people who can help you enter into or start a case depending on what caused the problem.

LA Youth Sports Injury Attorneys

  • Youth Sports Injuries that Occur at Schools, Athletic Clubs, and Sports Leagues in the Los Angeles County
  • Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury, Head Injuries, and Other Serious Injuries Involved in Youth Sports in Los Angeles
  • Analyzing Youth Sports Injuries in California

In any of these catastrophic injury circumstances, the argument may state that an athlete accepts risks and danger by participating in the sport. Many schools and colleges spare culpability thanks to this argument. Every young athlete or responsible party, teen or parent, understands that playing sports is risky.

Officials and multiple parties, such as league organizers, teachers, school administrators, trainers, referees, and coaches, for example—might need to take accountability at times. This is especially the case when youth athletes suffer a severe personal injury or wrongful death.

A doctor might treat your loved one, but signs of TBI or other common problems like a blow to the body can affect their future. Lawsuits might be the only option to determine fault when dealing with this type of pain.

With such a robust defense shielding sports leagues and school systems from facing liability, only an experienced and qualified head injury attorney may be able to properly fight these entities.

Our friendly and charismatic attorneys at Ehline Law Firm, led by Michael Ehline, have lawyers who can help parents and clients. We go the extra mile for those who’ve suffered accidents due to the negligence of others, including a coach.

Our law firm devotes a significant amount of time and resources to this field of legislation: youth injuries. The lawyers here offer assistance for the following areas in California, San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica, and many more.

As a plaintiff, if your child gets hurt while partaking in a youth sports activity, pick up the phone and request to speak to our lawyers for a free consultation at (213) 596-9642 to receive financial compensation from the defense for an apparent sports injury case.

We can often settle out of court or without a trial for clients or members of the family involved in a tragedy that happened while playing sports, even if you sign a waiver.

Youth Sports Injuries that Occur at Schools, Athletic Clubs, and Sports Leagues in the Los Angeles County

In Los Angeles, CA there are numerous chances for teenagers and young children to participate in sports. Football, gymnastics, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, cheerleading, and karate are just a few of the many sports available in Southern California.

You might be aware that this is a good thing. Sports offers benefits like increased competitive possibilities, a greater focus on winning, more training, and more severe aspirations for fame, on the other hand, can push children beyond his or her safe boundaries.

And that’s not okay. The following are some terrible situations that can arise while participating in sports:

  • Concussions are a regular occurrence in high school football, but they also occur in a number of other sports.
  • Cheerleading is one of several activities and sports where traumatic brain damage can happen.
  • Tearing tendons and ligaments that require surgery
  • Loss of consciousness after a long practice on a hot day
  • Symptoms or signs of depression, change of personality, or slow recovery
  • Broken limbs, nose, ankles, or legs
  • Viruses or other infection transmissions, which are especially common in sports such as wrestling or a number of others
  • Permanent paralysis or wrongful death can arise from spinal injuries
  • There may be a negative impact on the child’s academic performance due to lack of time for studies
  • Asked to return to the team before action is medically advised

While playing sports, several injuries are unavoidable. However, some are a result of hazardous conditions and true negligent behavior. Adults or other players’ irresponsible and reckless actions or such behavior might also result if an accident occurred. If you suspect your child has been the victim of such activity due to negligence or other factors, pick up the phone and call one of our lawyers for a free case evaluation with a highly trained attorney for a class-action lawsuit.

Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury, Head Injuries, and Other Serious Injuries Involved in Youth Sports in Los Angeles

California legislators passed a concussion regulation for minor sports across various school districts, and the description has since been left unchanged. The approach applies the same preventative procedures to young athletes as are currently in place for college and high school athletes. The law attempts to reduce major concussion and head injuries among younger, more vulnerable athletes. Concussions and other brain injuries may have devastating consequences for patients and their families, according to California personal injury attorneys.

The following are the three steps in youth sports concussion protocol in California:

  • One must remove the injured persons’ helmet or headgear, and the child must sit out for the remainder of the game.
  • After the child has been symptom-free for a minimum of 24 hours, a doctor must give the participant permission to play sports.
  • Prior to actually returning to a game, the athlete needs to partake in at least one complete contact training or practice.

Analyzing Youth Sports Injuries in California

Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries might be expected as a result of the sport’s inherent risk. Sometimes it occurs as a result of a failure to adhere to the required safety procedures, but this doesn’t guarantee anything.

Children and other athletes in youth sports have legal responsibilities, which include providing appropriate training and explanations of the intended guidelines for the activities, providing necessary and appropriate protective equipment, providing supervision appropriate for the age group, combining youth athletes to prevent potentially hazardous disparities, and size, and providing treatment to minimize injury or avoid negligence. We can usually demonstrate fault without going to trial if they are entitled to important compensation. There are many times where cases never go to trial, thanks to our years of focusing on the rights of players.

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Ehline Law Firm consists of a leading team of professional attorneys, lead by the leadership of Michael Ehline, ready to work and who are dedicated to protecting the rights of injury victims and helping each client who has suffered get the compensation they deserve.

If your child or other family members previously experienced an injury in a California sporting event and you have a sports injury claim, contact our law firms online at our secure website, email, or via phone today for legal advice and schedule a free consultation with a Los Angeles, CA sports injury lawyer.

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