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Thank you for stopping by the Ehline Law Firm public outreach page dealing with job and work-related opportunities. We are always seeking experienced paralegals, legal secretaries, and even attorneys and interns.

  • Below is a current opportunity. Also, included is a description of tasks we presently are seeking legal and technical support.

Seeking Talent

Our firm is always looking for talent, especially technically minded individuals with knowledge of search engine marketing, brand building, and HTML. Stop by weekly and check out our offerings. We ask that you respect that we do not field incoming telephone calls for work and employment opportunities.

Email us at info at if you have a skill that fits the below opportunity. If not, DO NOT contact us. We do not take calls from marketing companies or sales calls. We are a BUSY LAW FIRM. So we do not have time to deal with people trying to sell us things. Unless they first send us a check for our time, we are unavailable.

We help injured clients. So we are not in business to take phone calls from non-emergency consumers. We will add your number to the National DO NOT CALL list if you harass us with sales calls. No marketing opportunities and we will also seek all legal remedies available against those who harass us. Serious applicants need only apply.

Job Description 1 – Personal Injury Law Litigation Secretary

Ehline Law is always seeking independent, as well as in-house, personal injury legal secretary resumes. These will be for both targeted and long-term litigation tasks.
  • Job qualifications shall include: Proof of past litigation experience, including among other things drafting/preparing discovery meet and confer letters. Must also demonstrate knowledge of recent court filing fees, law and motion calendaring, drafting and responding to correspondence. Also must be proficient in dealing with client follow up calls, office management, and dealing with lawyers. Many of these people may or may not have huge egos. Other requirements are proven computer and typing abilities. But most of all, we want reliable, independent, motivated self-starters who are self-motivated. So they must be fluently bi-lingual in English and Spanish as an additional skill.
  • Work Available: Presently, we are seeking part-time resumes, $13-15/hour depending on training, past and present skills and proven experience to start. We would also consider contracting our projects. But this is on a case by case basis. Eventually, we may take into account full-time positions with benefits.

Statewide Law Firm

  • Job Locations: This position carries with it many possibilities. For self-starters who are independent contractors, it represents an opportunity to grow your business brand from your location. For those people who wish to work for a firm, it can provide security and prestige as either a part. So if an eventual full-time member of the Ehline Law Firm legal family could include a base in San Francisco, San Bernardino, San Diego. Also, virtually any part of California that we do business, we will need help.
  • Job Contact: Contact “Alonzo Valencia” at by sending a resume either as a text, or file attachment. We are not accepting ANY phone calls for this job. DO NOT contact us ABOUT THIS JOB by phone. We run a busy law firm and want to SEE RESUMES. We will contact you if we feel you are someone we wish to consider for a job interview. Thanks for understanding!

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