Ehline Law Tort Law Scholarship Fund

A Multi-disciplinary rescue team, consisting of paramedics, fireman and a police officer tending to the victim of a car crash
A Multi-disciplinary rescue team, consisting of paramedics, fireman and a police officer tending to the victim of a car crash

Ehline Law Firm specializes in tort law, and is keenly aware of the negative impression many consumers have about “ambulance chasers.” We are also more than cognizant of the many lawyer jokes that regular folks tell about PI lawyers, car accident attorneys in particular.

But we want people to know that not all tort lawyers are wicked, or even “scumbags.” Some of us are in it to help others and don’t pretend to good, we just are good. Overcoming the negative image means crushing the stereotype with good works.

This is why we set up this tort law scholarship. It all starts with education. Open to all pre-law and regular law students, Ehline Law Firm, in a continuing effort to assure squared away and motivated people to enter and stay in the practice of law, has decided to set up this $500.00 legal scholarship fund.

We support legal education, whether it is law office study, or modern law school education.  Read more about our offering below.

Table of Contents:

Guidelines for the Tort Law Contest Scholarship.

All applications for the tort law contest scholarship must be accompanied by a 500 or more word essay about improving the image of the personal injury profession. It should include examples of at least one recent case of capping or running, and ways lawyers can prevent the image of “ambulance chaser” from further spreading into the public conversation. These two scholarships are intended to be used for supplemental income to subsidize your legal education in a positively.

Basic Award is $500.00. This is a $500.00 award

Number of Scholarships Available One scholarship is available per year until 2017 to all non-winners.

Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Participants must be enrolled in an accredited Law Office Study Program, or Law School, such as a judge’s chambers, law school, or another university in the several states.
  • Must either prove a GPA that shows cumulative Grade Point Average(GPA) of 3.0 or higher, or proof of continuous law office study up until the time of the receipt of the award.
  • All submissions shall be received by 10/1/ of each calendar year.

When Do I Submit Proof Of Student Status and GPA? The first stage is to submit the application and essay.  If you are a winner, you shall be contacted, and at that time, candidates shall submit proof of status and GPA, per the below guidelines.

Good Faith Showing of Enrollment: Students must make a good faith showing of intent to enroll, or proof of current enrollment in an accredited, or otherwise lawful institution of higher education.

Proof of 3.0 GPA: Proof of 3.0 GPA, or of outstanding student status if engaged in a Law Office Study Program (See also Scholarship Page below.)

Deadline & Submission Information

  • All essays and applications must be electronically mailed by no later than October 1, 2019, 2020 of that given contest year. (This is mandatory.)
  • Candidates are to be notified via electronic mail of their acceptance into runoff by no later than November 15, 2019, 2020, 2021 of that given contest year.
  • Candidates to provide proof of present student status and GPA by no later than December 15, 2019, 2020, 2021 of that given contest year.
  • Contest winner to be notified by electronic mail by no later than January 20, 2019, 2020, or 2021.

Where Do I Submit My Application, Essay, and/or Proof of GPA and Student Status? Contact Info for Scholarship: Mailing Address Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC 633 West 5th Street #2890 Los Angeles, CA 90071 Attn: Irene Perdomo Email: Website URL:

Scholarship Page:  /about-us/valuable-resources/scholarships/< Click the link to read the additional terms and conditions that may apply.

Additional disclaimers and conditions: In addition to the above waiver, conditions, and responsibilities, applicants and candidates hereby agree and accept the rules that any award, prize, or reward received shall be utilized for things like school-related expenses, such as laptops, tuition, books, and school-related supplies as they are commonly understood to be. By providing Ehline Law Firm with your essay, application, or any supporting materials, all applicants agree and accept that these materials, other than transcripts and proof of education, may be used on any and all forms of media.

This includes television, hard print, websites, blogs, videos like YouTube. But it could include other forms of transmission, and so forth. You at this moment, permit us to use your essay and application on any and all educational or commercial platforms discussed or mentioned above. In fact,  you agree to this whether you win or lose the actual contest.

[Click here to Download Our PDF of Official Scholarship Application]

Click to Download PDF of the Tort Law Scholarship

Students wishing to enter into this or another scholarship must be students in an officially sanctioned law school, pre-law course, or attending a law office study program. Feel free to get in touch with our firm via social media, or any other electronic media contact methods. Any other questions can be directed to the above email address.

Please do not contact us during regular business hours by telephone.

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