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Have You Sustained a Serious Injury or Suffered Emotional Distress after a motorcycle accident? Are you suffering debt stress from challenges presented by Medical Bills, Lost Wages, or Pain and Suffering after being injured in an accident riding a motorcycle?

Our Bell Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Will Seek Full and Fair Compensation on Your Behalf in a Motorcycle injury case!

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Our motivated personal injury attorneys are devoted to handling individual injury cases involving motorcycle wrecks, truck accidents, bus collisions, or pedestrians. MILLIONS of DOLLARS were recovered on behalf of clients hurt in motorcycle riding accidents.

Bell Motorcycle Wreck Statistics

From 2019-to 2021, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) received or responded to an accident scene over the following reports:

  • Total Crashes: 41
  • Total Victims: 4 Killed & 40 Injured
  • State Highway: 11 (26.8%)
  • Ped Crashes: None
  • Bike Crashes: None
  • Motorcycle Crashes: 41 (100%)

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Our motorcycle accident lawyers have over 18 convenient meeting places and services areas to meet injured victims and form an attorney-client relationship in or around Bell, California. These Bell car accident attorneys can be reached any time, day or night, to give you an opinion about any auto accidents with severe injuries or leading to fatal or non-fatal accidents.

Need Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Bell?

Suppose you were hurt in a Bell car accident involving a motorcycle. You need to double down and learn about your legal options and duties by taking advantage of a free consultation. Motorcycle crashes can present tricky issues and even trickier insurance adjusters trying to lowball you.

Skilled motorcycle accident lawyers from Ehline Law Firm are motivated, driven, and qualified to help any wrongful death or serious injury victim obtain an award of maximum financial compensation from the at-fault driver for causing any Bell auto accident.

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What Car Accident Compensation Can An Injury Lawyer Obtain?

During your free consultation, our motorcycle accident lawyers will help you understand liability (who’s at fault) and damages (medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, etc.) to understand how a motorcycle accident attorney evaluates a case.

To meet the plaintiff’s burden, a personal injury lawyer needs to satisfy the following criteria to bring and maintain your claim:

  • The automobile accident was caused due to the negligence of another party or parties.

  • You or a loved one sustained injuries or death when the accident happened. Medical treatment or autopsy reports prove these individual injuries are another natural outcome of such a foreseeable event.

For your lawyer to get the best possible outcome so you can recover the most compensation, the above test must be met.

How Does A Trained Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Handle California Insurance Claims?

Insurance companies know you will get more compensation in a catastrophic injury or wrongful death case with excellent lawyers. The deplorable insurer doesn’t care if you suffer without legal representation. They will typically send an appraiser to the body shop to appraise the evaluated value of the vehicle damage. Sometimes they will be obligated to declare the vehicle a total loss.

As our world-famous videos say, the “insurance company is not your friend.” These investigators are professionally trained taskmasters. The adjusters they hire are taught human psychology. The deal is that they will record your calls to obtain information and statements to use against the vulnerable accident victim later.

Adjusters are paid to fight to protect the insurer and explain away the evidence of particular damages; that is their business.

Thankfully, motorcycle lawyers fight to get enough dollars recovered to cover someone injured in an accident.

Keep in mind that the firm’s particular legal representatives are already cognizant of the exact methods and tactics insurers may employ. Because of this, we will warn you in conjunction with supplying tactics to be able to cope with your important questions with the right kinds of answers.

We often have clients defer to our talented legal team so that we can handle them on a case-by-case basis and protect the client’s accident claims. Proven results are the way we earned our reputation, and keeping you in the loop is why individuals choose to keep hiring us to several any news case.

Motorcycle Wreck Statute of Limitations – 2 Years to File A Lawsuit

Your time to sue or make a claim is limited. California has a two-year statute of limitations to file a court lawsuit in most auto accident claims. But you have less time, like six months, to sue a government agency like Los Angeles County or the City of Bell.

Exceptions may also apply depending on the plaintiff’s personal injury circumstances and age. Please pick up your phone and call us at (833) LETS-SUE to discuss the nature of your case and your expectations.

Quick Tips After A Bell Motorist Collision

  • Make a police report to validate the accident scene and get to the hospital in an ambulance. (This helps create a record documenting your Bell car accident.)

  • After your car accident, you should receive a free consultation from a talented legal professional before making an insurance claim. If the fallen motorcycle operator hired the right attorney, the courtroom would be in an excellent position to determine proper payments in the interests of the victims.

The cost of settling with no guarantee of covering future medical problems isn’t worth it. Don’t assume the insurance company involved will offer a just settlement offer. You will need money for property damages, out-of-pocket loss, lost wages, medical bills, etc.

You should forget about dealing with the insurance company if you want to pay the most for your collision with other drivers. A dedicated, top-notch lawyer at Ehline Law Offices won’t let the insurance company take advantage of people suffering personal injuries on motorcycles during a car accident.

Motorcycle Lawyer Bell, Michael Ehline, Esq.

Prevalent Causes of Motorcycle Accident Personal Injuries

Despite accident-avoidance technology, ABS braking systems, and other new technologies, wrecks and accident claims are daily on Los Angeles County roads.

OSHA black-box crash data and other data obtained by our firm and government agencies blame common traffic indicators, mainly distracted driving. Automakers don’t always get it right, and neither does Cal Trans. This is an actual fact most accident attorneys have learned.

Here is our non-exclusive list of common factors causing a motorcycle riding accident claims:

  • Speeding

  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Cocaine, Marijuana While Intoxicated

  • Building Zones With Dangerous Construction

  • Operating a Smartphone or Texting While Driving

  • Poor Roadways Conditions

  • Drowsy Driving, or Overreliance on Auto-Pilot Steering and Falling Asleep at the wheel

  • Blowing Traffic Signals and Traffic Indicator Signs

Main Personal Injuries From Motorcycle Collisions

Motorcyclists are possibly the most at risk of suffering harm in a car accident. The responsible defendant is usually a motorist driving distracted or violating the Vehicle Code.

Examples increasing the reasons for most vehicles involved in accidents include:

  • Speeding

  • Bad Weather Conditions

  • Vehicle Malfunction Defects

  • Rear-End Automobile Accident

  • Head-on Collisions

  • Hit and Runs

  • Rollover Roof Crush Accidents

Post-COVID, reckless, extreme driving has led to many travel-related gaffes that cause or contribute to many road accidents. No matter how alert you are while navigating Bell, Los Angeles streets, no amount of training can defeat the carelessness of any number of people operating cars, trucks, or buses.

Typical Personal Injuries Sustained In Los Angeles Motorcycle Accidents?

When someone falls off a bike or is knocked off, the first step before filing a lawsuit is having a doctor evaluate the injuries inflicted upon the cyclist. Sometimes, the kind of injuries received by motorcycle riders will lead to fatal situations. Even if facts aren’t deadly, some painful injuries won’t improve without the highest level of medical treatment for months or years after the incident transpires.

Lamentably, the length of healing time varies on a person-by-person basis for some personal injury victims. Some wounds heal in weeks, other years, some NEVER. Sometimes a personal injury will worsen over time. Medical-related expenses can be too difficult to endure for many new clients, leading to states of depression and even a step toward suicide.

Here is are some examples of accidental injuries our best accident attorney will litigate:

  • Brain Injuries Causing Permanent Brain Damage

  • Spinal Column Injuries From The “Whiplash Effect”

  • Broken Bones, including Facial Bones, Pelvis, Knees, and Ankles

  • Internal Hemorrhaging Injuries

  • Internal and External Scar Tissue Injuries

  • Lacerations and Cuts

  • Accidental Wrongful Death Personal Injuries

  • Permanent Paralysis Personal Injuries

  • Loss of life

The Bell Legal professionals at our law offices have experience helping people with fatal and non-fatal car accident-related injuries. We understand how devastating personal injury cases can be to your loved ones, families, and other occupants inside or passengers riding on vehicles. Injury victims face costly health care expenses for things like outpatient care.

Furthermore, most typical households and family members can’t afford to bear it in many instances. But our motorcycle accident attorneys will seek out a full and fair financial settlement. We make the other party cover these losses on behalf of the vulnerable. Gratefully, we stand ready 24/7 to bear your shield and wield your sword at any of our over 15 meeting locations.

Speak With A Bell Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today!

Did you or possibly a close family member or even a friend sustain an injury brought about by the action or inaction of a negligent, careless motorist or corporation that the individual works for?

If so, reach out to an adept, courageous Bell motorcycle accident lawyer. Let us help you obtain a full and fair award of monetary compensation. Click to Contact Us Today!

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