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    1 Injured After Car Split in Half in a South Los Angeles Train Accident

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    1 Injured After Car Split in Half in a South Los Angeles Train Accident

1 Injured After Car Split in Half in a South Los Angeles Train Accident

On December 22, 2022, a train accident happened in South Los Angeles, splitting a vehicle in half. Let’s explore the details of the news with Ehline Law and our Los Angeles car accident attorneys.

Car Split in Half in Train Collision in South Los Angeles, Injuring the Driver

According to South Los Angeles Police Department, at around 3:45 PM Thursday, a Metro Blue Line train crashed into a vehicle on the 1600 block of East Vernon Avenue. The firefighters immediately reached the accident site and found a car split in half.

1 Injured with Broken Hip and Another Suffers Minor Injury Makes News in South Los Angeles

When the firefighters reached the crash site where the Metro Blue Line train slammed into the vehicle, they saw the woman driver shut in her car from the impact. The firefighters used their tools to rescue the woman inside the car and get her to a nearby hospital for immediate medical attention.

The South Los Angeles police reported the woman suffered a broken hip from the train crash. Besides the woman driver, a pedestrian suffered a minor injury when the crash occurred.

Train Slammed into the Vehicle Due to Driver’s Negligence, Initial Reports Suggest

Following the Metro Blue Line train crash, the police started their initial investigations. They found that the woman tried to steer around the crossing arms and over the tracks just before the Metro Blue Line train slammed into her vehicle.  During investigations, the law enforcement authorities temporarily shut down tracks 1 and 2 of the Metro Blue Line train.

Who Is Liable for the Injuries Caused in the Train Accident in South Los Angeles?

In the train crash on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles, the initial investigation reports suggest that the woman driver steered around the crossing arms before the train in the area slammed into her vehicle.

Drivers need to exercise caution and follow traffic rules and signs. If the crossing arms were down, as the initial investigations suggest, the injured woman was negligent and responsible for her own injuries.

However, it could be possible that the crossing arms were not active, and there were no signals to suggest an incoming train, resulting in the accident. If that is the case, the railroad company could be liable for the damages caused to the injured woman.

An impartial investigation is always crucial following an accident as it can help reveal the circumstances around the accident and the evidence needed to pursue a personal injury claim.

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