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Airline Passengers Act Swiftly to Help Woman in Labor

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Doc Delivers Baby Miles High

Airplane in the sky

At the height of 30,000 feet, a woman gave birth to a baby boy who, as confirmed by the medical teams, is healthy and safe.

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On Sunday, a United Airlines flight took off on an 11-hour flight. The trip, as confirmed by the sources, was a transatlantic flight.

The Journey of the Mother of the Baby Boy

The sources have confirmed that the lady who gave birth to the healthy baby boy was traveling from Accra, Ghana. The aircraft was going to take an 11-hour transatlantic flight to Washington, DC.

According to the spokesperson, the Ghanaian was not due until the end of February 2022. However, she ended up going into labor.

Praises to the United Flight Attendant and the Crew

One of the spokespeople at United Airlines praised the fast thinking of their crew and the medical professionals on the flight. They ensured that not just the woman giving birth and the baby boy but everyone on the flight was harmless.

Their priority was not only to ensure that the mother and the newborn were not in danger but that everyone on the flight was also safe and sound. It was the flight crew that ensured the safety of everyone and made sure there was no panic.

The Ghanaian Doctor and the Nurse

The sources have revealed that the doctor who helped the woman while she gave birth was from Ghana. He is now in the United States practicing medicine.

Alongside the doctor were two nurses; the first was a flight attendant who had been a nurse in the past. The other one was from Dayton, in the state of Ohio.

With the help of these medical professionals on board, the lady was in good hands, and there was no such emergency to proceed with the plane landing. The woman was reportedly flying in the business class of united airlines.

Dr. Stephen Ansah-Addo, a Dermatology Resident

Dr. Stephen Ansah-Addo stated that during the flight, he heard an announcement about the emergency need for a medic onboard. Addo, currently the University of Michigan’s dermatology resident, responded immediately and asked for the woman’s help. He thought that it was important he acted quickly.

Addo’s Situation

While being interviewed, Ansa-Addo told ABC News that he was baffled and completely taken by surprise. Although he had taken the responsibility, he was panicking and was trying hard to stay calm.

He told ABC News he could not believe it was happening that a woman went into labor during the trip. It was a crazy situation for him, but he knew he had to stay calm. Otherwise, he would be unable to help the mother or the baby.

The news surrounding the happening with titles such as ‘woman gives birth’ on an international flight is all over the news channels, even CNN. CNN has also covered the news and talked to all United Team members, airport paramedics, pregnant women, and even flight attendants.

Overall Situation onboard and Support from Other Passengers

Addo revealed that as the passenger went into labor, they had to make sure no one panicked, so he started with himself. He was glad he had the support of a former nurse and a practicing nurse.

Other passengers also jumped and assisted the medical professionals. The doctor stated that as the woman gives birth, people reacted fast, whatever they asked for or needed. This way, they quickly assisted the medical procedure while the lady in labor was becoming a new mother giving birth to a new baby.

Ansah-Addo stated that he has traveled in so many local and international flights, but this has happened to him for the first time. He was glad the crew was amazing as they acted quickly, assisted without hesitation, and made it a successful delivery.

Quick Thinking Worked in Favor of the Pregnant Lady

Ansah-Addo stated that it was obvious that they did not have the right tools during the journey. So they had to use a string instead of clamps to cut the umbilical cord.

The United Airlines official stated that the firm of a baby during the flight was uneventful. Just as the flight landed, the paramedics took the mother and her newly-born child under their care. Another United flight passenger posted a photo of the ghana mother with her crying child.

One United employee posted a selfie with the baby held by the mum in the background. According to Addo, these experiences greatly change people’s lives when they openly offer a helping hand without considering any differences. Things throughout the journey on the plane stayed in control and safely landed at the Washington Dulles International Airport.

At the Dulles International Airport, the United employee greeted the new mum and her newly born with a card and a balloon. The international plane for the US had taken off from the Kotoka International Airport.

During the journey, an attendant heard moaning. When she checked, she was shocked at what she had witnessed. They had someone going through labor on the aircraft, and the arrival time at the destination was still a lot.

The attendant stated that she was thrilled to witness something like this, and she had a feeling that this is not the last flight to excite her to this level. She did mention that she started praying and couldn’t wait for the Washington destination to arrive.

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