Alec Baldwin Must’ve Pulled Trigger in ‘Rust’

New forensic reports and information show that Alec Baldwin must’ve pulled the trigger on the set of “Rust.” This article tells you all about it.

A New FBI Forensic Report Shed More Light on the Accident

Hollywood was shocked to hear the devastating news of the accident involving Alec Baldwin. According to different sources, he was handling a prop gun and accidentally fired it, killing Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza.

Alec Baldwin admitted he pulled the hammer back moments before the tragedy but said he ‘didn’t pull the trigger.’ However, a recent FBI forensic report says otherwise.

According to ABC News, the FBI report mentioned that someone couldn’t fire a gun without pulling the trigger. Thus, the gun Baldwin was holding must’ve been fired by him.

Law enforcement officials conducted a series of accidental discharge tests, and the FBI forensic report obtained that Alec Baldwin must have pulled the trigger off the .45 Colt Caliber F.lli Pietta.

Experts say that without a pull of the trigger, he couldn’t have fired the gun. Thus, it seems like the fatal shooting was due to the actor’s actions.

The Conclusion Is Still Unclear

Even though officials conducted random discharge testing, there is no way to know whether the gun that Baldwin was holding was defective. If it was, it means he is not responsible for what happened. However, a pulled trigger releases live ammunition.

Neither Baldwin nor Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the person in charge of all weapons in the set of ‘Rust,’ agreed to comment on interviews. However, the County Sheriff’s Office in Santa Fe is still leading the Bonanza Creek Ranch investigation.

ABC News also reported that law enforcement officials had sent the most recent findings to the New Mexico office.

Alec Baldwin Attempts to Distance himself from Blame

Even though Baldwin has repeated that there was no pull of the trigger on his part, he has also said that he would fully cooperate, which is not entirely true.

Baldwin said he would give his phone records to the New York office, but he hasn’t done that. News reports say that he’s dragging it out.

The FBI says that with the hammer fully cocked, there is no way he could not have fired a gun with working internal components.

Additionally, the most recent news mentioned that reports from the medical investigator prove that it was an accident. Baldwin’s testimony confirms this, mainly because he has said he thought he had a ‘cold gun,’ or in other words, a gun without live ammunition.

What You Must Do if You’re in an Accident

Accidents can be devastating, and they can result in someone’s death. If it happens to you, you must know what to do, so take a look at the steps you should follow:

Call an Ambulance

Firstly, call an ambulance. You must do this even if you think you didn’t sustain any injuries. Sometimes, wounds are hidden and may not develop until hours or even days after an accident.

If you don’t want your injuries to worsen, you must call an ambulance as soon as possible. If you cannot reach your phone, try to get someone else to do it for you.

Call the Police

Calling the police is essential after you contact an ambulance. Officers will file a report on what happened and ask you and any witnesses different questions to understand what occurred.

Hire a Lawyer

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