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Alonso Bicycle Crash Jaw Surgery Set For January Plate Removal

After fracturing his jaw in a cycling accident last month, the second most experienced driver in the Formula One circuit, Fernando Alonso, is set for surgery to remove two titanium plates from jaw.

The world famous Spaniard, Fernando Alonso, Alpine F1 racer was taken to hospital after he crashed into a wall while in a training related bicycle accident near his home in Oviedo. He was subsequently ruled out of the season-opening Australian Grand to undergo surgery.

Alonso was riding a bicycle in Switzerland when he was hit by a car, leaving the double world champion fractured in two parts of his jaw.

During the off-season, Alonso had previously confirmed he would undergo further surgery in January, as necessary to remove titanium plates. These critical injuries need healing after they have undergone surgery and a “proper physical programme,” Alonso explained.

Alonso was able to hit the track for pre-season testing with Alpine, but he acknowledged that he would need some time to catch up with the team as a consequence of the bike accident.

Alonso revealed that he will have to have further surgery in the off-season and that he would undergo the operation next month to remove the titanium plates from his upper jaw fitted after a road accident earlier in the year.

“I need to be prepared or to get ready a little bit better than last year,” Alonso said as part of a small group of journalists last Wednesday.

“The accident in February with the bicycle didn’t help last year. This January, I will have to remove the plates from the face, so I will have two weeks in January off.” “But probably I would have had those weeks off anyway, even without the surgery, because it is just time to relax.”

“After that, we need to go into winter testing with a good programme physically, and also in the car, and get ready. If the car is competitive, I’m sure I will be 100%.”

Alonso notched his first F1 podium more than seven years prior, at the Qatar Grand Prix in November. He assisted Esteban Ocon to deliver a shock win in the motorsport Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix, super strong, back in July.

After Kimi Raikkonen’s retirement at the end of 2021, Alonso will be the oldest driver on the grid. Alonso revealed that his pre-season preparations have evolved as he has gotten older, but he was eager to make up for his reduced schedule before the 2021 season began.

“After the bike accident, I was just counting the days to go to Bahrain, and it was just on time to go to Bahrain, but not with a proper physical programme,” said Alonso in response to the rehabilitation after being injured cycling in Switzerland earlier this year.

“This winter I want to do it a little bit more. “Obviously, I don’t train the same now.” [as he will be age 40, not age 23 like when he started racing]. “You have to train more. You have to stretch more, you have to have a different food routine, you have to do many other things to be in the same shape and with the same strength.”

Alonso scored one podium finish in the last season, with his only race being third in Qatar and 10th overall. But he wants to come back hard and on track, Alonso said at a select media roundtable about a more limited programme.

“I’m ready to do so, that is why I came back as well. there are more sacrifices to do, but that’s the plan for this winter.” “I will be as strong as I can, and I know that I will have to train and have to do more than other drivers because I’m older than them.”

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