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Alphabet Suit Shows Depth of SDC Mess

Just the Latest in Alleged Self Driving Car Abuses

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The ongoing back and forth between Google’s parent company Alphabet and Uber is a delight to watch. The two competed over the self-driving car market. Now the fight spilled over into the public eye. Now Alphabet says Uber was colluding with an employee while the former still employed him. This is just a small portion of the issues between the two companies.

SeekingAlpha reported on the incident. A multitude of allegations and lawsuits mixed between the two. Furthermore, neither company is backing down. Multiple suits and allegations of sexism mired Uber down already. This is getting more interesting by the day.

Allegedly, the employee worked for Waymo, an offshoot of Google/Alphabet. Alphabet offered documents showing Uber interfering with their then-employee Anthony Levandowski during his employment at the former. The engineer worked on self-driving car tech.

Allegedly the documents show that Levandowski downloaded and transformed 14,000 documents to Uber. The suit further alleges he received stock options worth over $250 million.

What is The Role of the SDC Industry?

What does this all mean for the self-driving car industry? Well, for one it shows the weaknesses of the major players. Both Uber and Google taunted each other for years over the development of such tech rights. However, when push came to shove they were each weaker than expected.

Each also spent more time and money fighting each other than anticipated. All of these weaken the case for self-driving cars anytime soon. Rather than putting their focus into the tech, these companies delay and delay.

For the average consumer, this is a mixed bag. Many people want self-driving cars. However, they realize the reality that it isn’t happening soon. They also see the fratricide between these companies and the results it has on the tech process. We here at the Ehline Law Firm cover this issue very closely. Keep it here for more info. We update our readers all the time.

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