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New Twist in Anne Heche Death: Could She Have Survived?

Breaking News: Firefighter Recordings Are a New Twist in Anne Heche Death

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Anne Heche was in a devastating car crash in Los Angeles last month. However, some recordings have come to light about what the Los Angeles Fire Department did during the accident.
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To learn about what happened to Heche and the firefighters, continue reading below.

The Accident in Los Angeles

Heche’s Mini Cooper went straight into a home in Mar Vista on the west side of Los Angeles before 11 AM on August 5th. The accident caused the house to catch on fire. Recording shows that the firefighters were on the scene within minutes but could not get into the car because Anne Heche was trapped. It took them 40 minutes to get the car out of the burning building and Heche out of the car.

Deputy Fire Chief Richard Fields said that the heavy fire and the smoke conditions made visibility low for the firefighters, so they could not see what was happening at the burning house when they arrived at the scene. However, the recordings show a different side to what the Los Angeles firefighters did then.

The Recordings of the Los Angeles Fire Department

The firefighters arrived at the burning building at 11:01 AM. Afterward, the dispatcher radioed the team to inform them that someone was inside a car. Firefighters got a woman inside the house out for paramedics to look at. By 11:18 AM, responders radioed again to say that no one else had been located, and the firefighter agreed by explaining there were no patients.

However, an incident commander asked about the driver at 11:22 AM. A firefighter then confirmed that there was a driver. A heavy-duty tow truck needed to be brought to the West Los Angeles neighborhood to get Heche out of the car because her car was under the floorboards. She was not taken out of the car until 11:49 AM.

What Happened Next?

Heche was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center before being transported to West Hills Hospital and placed in the Grossman Burn Center for her injuries. Actress Anne Heche was later pronounced dead on August 14th when she had to be taken off life support.

The team at the West Hills Hospital in the Grossman Burn Center did their best to help Heche in her time of need. However, it has not been decided if the outcome would’ve been different if the responders located her more quickly.

Would Everything Be Different?

A working structure fire is challenging to tackle because firefighters need to consider that there is a building, and other people may be inside. Also, they need to ensure that they do not put themselves in a situation where, if the building were to collapse, then they would be injured.

Also, staff has said that it took the team 30 minutes to fight the heavy fire for a rescue to be possible. Also, the smoke made it difficult for them to see each other, let alone if someone else was inside.

Also, they needed a heavy-duty tow truck to pull her out. It would take time for that tow truck to arrive at the scene to take the Mini Cooper out of the house.

Heche’s death was confirmed as an inhalation and thermal injuries death. However, there were many strange incidents that culminated at that moment. Also, it was found that she had cocaine in her system after the accident. Previously, she had slammed her car into a garage of an apartment building and was caught speeding in Los Angeles.


Heche’s presence in the movie industry was remarkable, which is why she is someone who will be dearly missed. She was one of the first actresses to come out as part of the LGBTQ community and was seen on the red carpet with her ex, Ellen Degeneres.

She has been in films such as Wag The Dog, Donnie Brasco, and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Also, she won a Daytime Emmy Award in 1991 for her role in Another World. She was also in Six Days Seven Nights with Harrison Ford and acted beside Demi Moore in If These Walls Could Talk.

Even though Heche is now gone, her movies will live on, and her legacy will remain in Hollywood.

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