When Ghislaine Maxwell moved to the United States in 1991, she lived a modest life and soon started dating the American Financier Jeffrey Epstein. Little did she realize the life she got herself into. But instead of resisting it, Maxwell enjoyed it to the fullest and became a sexual abuse accomplice for Epstein, who, along with his political friends, had a taste for young women.

However, following Epstein’s arrest in New York in 2019, who took his life in New York jail, his girlfriend, Maxwell, came into the spotlight.

Maxwell Trial Began Following Allegations of Sex Trafficking

Authorities arrested Maxwell in 2020 on sex trafficking charges and allegations of sexual abuse of teenage girls.

Her lawyers maintained the position that the US attorney’s office arrested Maxwell as they failed to put Epstein on trial. When Maxwell entered the courtroom, she would not expect the trial to go the way it went.

Prosecutors Using Maxwell as Scapegoat, Defense Attorneys Argued

During Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial at the Federal District Court in Manhattan, her defense maintained that memories of Maxwell’s accusers were unreliable and that the prosecutors were using her as a “scapegoat” for Epstein’s actions.

Her attorney, Bobbi Sternheim, stated that the sex trafficking case against Maxwell was simply a misdirected effort by prosecutors targeting her because they couldn’t put Epstein on trial.

Defense Lawyers Stated That Epstein’s Accusers Were Seeking Financial Gain

Maxwell’s lawyer suggested that Maxwell’s accusers were motivated by the opportunity to win a lot of money by pursuing civil action against Epstein’s estate.

She also explained how women took the blame for men’s behavior ever since Eve was accused of tempting Adam with the fruit.

Prosecutors Brought Forward Victims Who Talked about Their Sex Abuse Cases

There were four victims in the case that the prosecutors brought forward, including Annie Farmer. The young women accused Maxwell of grooming them and serving them to Jeffrey Epstein in Lolita Express (his private airplane), at his Palm Beach estate, and at other luxury residences to be sexually abused.

They recalled incidents where and when Epstein abused them. The jury continued to hear similar experiences of many other teenage girls. According to the federal prosecutor, Maxwell helped normalize sexual abuse and was a partner in crime with Epstein.

Maxwell Found Guilty and Faces 20 Years in Prison

Under the United States criminal justice system, all defendants are innocent until proven guilty.

After 40 hours of deliberation over six days, jurors reached their verdict and convicted Maxwell on five of the six charges she faced. Maxwell faces 20 years in prison for aiding Epstein in sex trafficking.

Buckingham Palace under Serious Pressure Following Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

During an interview with author Daphne Barak, Ghislaine Maxwell referred to Prince Andrew, a member of the British Royal family, as a dear friend. The footage from the interview surfaced, stirring serious controversy around Prince Andrew and his connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

Former prosecutors believe that Maxwell’s statements about Andrew being a great friend are tainting his reputation. They are trying to distance themselves, but the statement worsened the Royal Family’s issue. The controversy in the United Kingdom regarding Andrew’s connection had slowly fizzled away, only to be reignited again following Maxwell’s comments.

Soon, a picture leaked on the internet that showed Prince Andrew with 17-year-old Virginia Roberts, who later changed her name to Virginia Roberts Giuffre. There was constant pressure for Buckingham Palace to explain Andrew’s connection with Jeffrey Epstein, to which Buckingham Palace would continue to deny Andrew’s involvement with young girls.

In August 2021, Virginia Giuffre sued Prince Andrew for sexual assault, to which the defendant’s legal team denied all allegations and requested to dismiss the suit. However, on January 12, 2022, Judge Kaplan refused to dismiss the lawsuit, which was later settled outside of court.

Maxwell Changed Her Previous Statements in Recent Interview

In the latest interview from prison, Daphne Barak asked Ghislaine Maxwell what she had to say when Prince Andrew’s team denied all connections with Jeffrey Epstein and her.

She replied that she knew what was happening to people previously associated with Jeffrey Epstein and that her conviction could no longer hold the friendships together.

Maxwell’s recent statement about the picture contradicts her 2015 statement, stating that the image was real. In a recent interview, she pointed out that she only recognizes the surroundings and nothing else.

ITV spoke to Lisa Bloom, Epstein victim’s attorney, about the recent comments. Bloom stated that there was zero evidence of any tampering with the photo, and if there was any, Maxwell and her attorneys had the opportunity in court to present evidence that they couldn’t.

Politicians and Others Distancing Themselves Following Maxwell’s Case

Maxwell also spoke about the relationship between herself, Epstein, and former US president Bill Clinton. She referred to the friendship as special since the three had a lot in common, and she expressed how bad she felt for Bill Clinton, who has also become the talk of the town for his associations with Epstein.

According to Newsweek, Clinton’s attorneys have stated that the only relationship the former US president had with Epstein was limited to Clinton using Epstein’s private aircraft for a total of four trips.

Even Donald Trump changed his stance over Jeffrey Epstein. In earlier interviews, he stated that Epstein was a great friend, but after the accusations surfaced, he changed his statements and said he had very little interaction with Epstein. Are politicians escaping liability in Maxwell’s case?

Can Politicians Face Criminal Charges for Associations with Jeffrey Epstein?

Unless they had engaged in sexual abuse, one could not hold politicians liable in a criminal or civil case for knowing Epstein. They are probably distancing themselves to avoid negative publicity, especially the rage among United States citizens after allegations started to surface.

However, if there are rape allegations against them, the government can pursue a criminal case. Victims, besides criminal prosecution, may also pursue civil cases as the statute of limitations may extend to six years and start when the victim identified is over 18.

Due to the beyond reasonable doubt standard in criminal law, it may be more difficult to charge defendants in a criminal case than in a civil case. O.J. Simpson won a criminal case, but arguments with the same evidence presented in a civil court were unsuccessful. O.J lost civilly and had to pay the damages for killing a woman and a man. We can help prove your case by filing a lawsuit in federal court, or a local state court and guard your rights.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Ehline Law Sex Attack Lawyers

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Contrary to what CNN and other media organizations with sexual predators running the narrative might tell you, we can help prove your damages, even if the crime happened decades ago. If you are a citizen who suffered sexual abuse or assault, contact us at (833) LETS-SUE for a free consultation, as you may qualify for compensation.



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