Jan 28, 2019

Attorneys Can Help With Debris Caused Car Accident Claims

This national forest road is blocked by a land slide of rock and debris to where it is a hazard for drivers in cars.
A photo of a national forest road blocked by a landslide of rock and debris.

Car accidents happen every day on California's roads. Most wrecks are caused by human error. And this remains especially of those behind the wheel. However, some issues are caused indirectly or due to passive actions. In cases where the person or persons at fault remain unknown, you must weigh the evidence. So that way, you determine who needs to take responsibility.


Road Debris and Car Accidents Go Hand in Hand

Car accidents caused by debris are nothing new. Some debris results from a variety of material left on the road. Mostly, it is from other drivers, construction crews, state workers, or natural occurrences. And such obstructions can be a significant impediment for motorists. How the debris got on the motorway remains vital evidence.


Who Can I Sue for My Roadway Debris Caused Motor Vehicle Collision

Danger Falling Debris sign underneath a skyway.
Danger Falling Debris sign underneath a skyway.

If items remain left on the road negligently, for example, the at-fault parties are liable. In other more gray areas, such as who should take responsibility for obstructions left on the way after a severe storm or earthquake need an attorney specialized in car accidents.

Ehline Law has seen similar issues in the past. For example, where the California DOT or Caltrans employees failed to take action after seeing a blocked roadway or walking path. Most of all, responsibility lies with negligent employers if the evidence shows this.

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