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    Will Auto Accidents Cause Degenerative Disc Disease Cases?

Degenerative Disc Disease is Serious

Emergency Disc Surgery. Will Auto Accidents Cause Degenerative Disc Disease Cases?Ultimate Guide to Understanding Degenerative Disc Disease Cases

A degenerative disk disease diagnosis is very complicated since it affects your spinal cord, causes back pain, and much more.
However, with an experienced and aggressive Los Angeles wrongful death attorney, your situation might change. Read on, and find out more.

What Are Degenerative Disc Diseases?

Degenerative disc disease is a condition that negatively affects a person’s spinal cord discs. Over time, the spinal discs can deteriorate and cause a lot of discomfort or pain.

In many cases, the person needs physical therapy and other types of medical treatment to manage the chronic pain that disc degeneration provokes. Consequently, the process can cause emotional distress since injured clients experience various uncomfortable symptoms.

Can Car Accidents Cause a Degenerative Disease Case?

Degenerative disc issues are a product of the natural aging process. However, a traumatic accident can cause sharp pain, neck injury, and many more symptoms if the person has a preexisting condition.

Thus, even though a traumatic event such as an auto accident cannot directly provoke a degenerative disc disease, it can still worsen the spinal column and cause physical pain, serious injuries, disk herniation, mental anguish, muscle weakness, and much more.

Proving Damages in a Car Accident

If someone has a preexisting degenerative disc disease and is in a car accident, they can recover compensation due to the exacerbated symptoms, which probably caused increased pain.

Nonetheless, for that to happen, the plaintiff needs to hire a personal injury lawyer to help them manage their case. Michael Ehline at Ehline Law Firm is an experienced attorney and the best you could get for your personal injury case, so if you’re looking for a civil lawyer near you, call us now at (213) 596-9642.

In various cases, the car accident claim might require expert witness testimony. Therefore, you may need a doctor willing to explain how the car accident caused more problems regarding your preexisting condition.

To prove your case, the medical professional might show x-rays or MRI scans of your previous condition to show that the car accident worsened your quality of life and aggravated your condition.

Insurance Claims

Unfortunately, it is often hard for victims to obtain money after an auto accident since degenerative disc disease occurs before that. Consequently, the insurance company might not want to accept the deal, so it is important to show any spinal x-rays that can be evidence for your case.

When you experience pain, you have to work with a car accident lawyer to guarantee that the insurance companies agree to compensate you and to ensure the negligent driver receives punishment for his breach of duty.

Michael Ehline is a knowledgeable lawyer at Ehline Law Firm who can help you from the first moment you make the call. After your free consultation, you may experience a beneficial attorney-client relationship. Because of this, you’ll feel confidence and trust as we start working to ensure the insurance company covers your back injuries, broken bones, medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, bone spurs, bulging disc problems, and overall any accident-related injuries, even minor injuries.

What makes us at Ehline Law Firm different is that we have several awards and reviews that back our experience. We have won millions of dollars for our clients and are ready to help you determine the best way to proceed with your case.

Severe Pain and Suffering

Personal injury claims also often include other types of pain besides car accident injuries or the aggravation of your existing degenerative disc disease.

Thus, degenerative disc disease settlements can also help you seek compensation if you experience emotional issues, psychological trauma, and more.

Even though pain and suffering are difficult to calculate, as a victim, you can file your claim and get help from expert witnesses and a knowledgeable attorney to get the best results possible.

An Experienced Professional Can Make a Difference

Going to trial is not easy, especially if you are expecting to receive compensation for your spinal disc problems. However, Michael Ehline is ready to guide you through the process. He was in the US Marines and had a unique sense of honor that no other law professional has.

Reach Out to Ehline Law if You Suspect it Was Caused by an Accident

If you’re looking for “wrongful death attorneys near me” and want a fair settlement, contact Michael Ehline at Ehline Law Firm. As an aggressive and experienced wrongful death attorney, he can give you the legal advice you need to get the results you expect and improve your quality of life.

Even though you might have had a degenerative disc disease before the accident, the collision could have worsened your symptoms, which is why you might want to get legal help. Only an experienced professional can help you if you’re going to file a claim, so get your free case evaluation at Michael Ehline Firm and start your process after a car accident.

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