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Awful Wreck Involving School Bus, Dump Truck, and Fuel Tanker

Mayor John Wilkerson reported that a Lampasas ISD school bus was recently involved in an accident on September 2022. Non-life-threatening injuries were reported among the children on the school bus.

Story Synopsis: Dump Truck, Fuel Tanker, and School Bus Collided

This collision happened shortly after 4 PM, and the school bus, dump truck, and fuel tanker were seen in the aftermath of the incident. Based on the preliminary investigation the authorities performed, it’s believed that only the dump truck and the school bus had initially collided.

The fuel tanker, while passing, clipped the dump truck. This all took place near a Valero gas station on US-190. Authorities continued to work on identifying what happened between the school bus, dump truck, and fuel tanker, as it was still unclear how the accident unfolded.

Medical Evaluation at the Scene Revealed the Children Suffered Minor Injuries

An evaluation was done to see if there were any children injured on the school bus. Following this, they were taken to City Hall to their families. The check revealed that two children suffered minor injuries while on the school bus. Their family members opted to take them to local hospitals to get the required treatment.

What Happened to the Driver of the Truck and Fuel Tanker?

The fuel tanker driver was taken to the hospital via an ambulance. Non-life-threatening injuries were reported. Unfortunately, the story of the dump truck driver was not the same. While everyone else suffered minor injuries, that driver was in critical condition and was airlifted from the scene.

Why a Truck Accident Attorney Is Essential

When you read the story of the school bus, dump truck, and fuel tanker collision, it sounds like things ended pretty well for most involved. You’ll not often hear that a driver and children suffer minor injuries after such an incident. Of course, the dump truck driver was seriously injured after the vehicles collided.

Truck accidents often leave people in similar or worse conditions. This is especially unfair if you were not at fault, but your life is being disrupted. A truck accident attorney collects the required evidence to build a case for you, deals with insurance companies on your behalf, represents you during a trial if necessary, and ensures your best legal interests are being served so you can focus on recovery.

What Kinds of Injuries Are Typical of a Traffic Crash Involving a Truck?

The school bus collided with the dump truck, and thankfully, there were two children injured in a minor way. However, such a crash could easily lead to more catastrophic outcomes. Some of the typical injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal damage
  • Loss of limbs
  • Lacerations.

How to Deal with a Truck Accident

If you find yourself in a truck accident, handling it well is the first step to helping you secure a proper settlement at the end. Here are some boxes you want to check.

Medical Attention

Just as the two children and everyone else got looked at after the school bus collided with the dump truck near the Valero gas station, getting medical attention was mandatory. Seek it for others, too, if they are unable to move around.

Police Report

Giving the police a statement to the police report can be used to help you later.


Take the relevant photos and get the contact numbers of everyone involved in the matter. If you can get witness contacts, this will also help.


Contact your attorney and share all the accident details. Pay attention to and follow all the instructions you get on the matter.

Types of Damages Your Attorney Can Recover

If you were the victim of a truck accident, then your lawyer will try to get all the following incorporated into your settlement.

Lost Wages

This speaks to the earnings you can’t have because you’re away from work. It will cover future lost wages as well.

Medical Bills

You want to recover the cost of your medical bills here, and your attorney will help you with that too!

Property Damage

Depending on how the accident unfolded, your vehicle or other property could be damaged, so you’ll need the cost of repair or replacement covered.

Loss of Consortium

An accident may lead a spouse to be unable to fulfill intimate duties. In that case, this element would come into play.

Pain and Suffering

This refers to the physical pain and mental anguish that the accident causes, which your lawyer will evaluate.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Competent and Passionate Los Angeles Accident Attorney Today!

Truck accidents can be incredibly deadly and life-changing for all involved. For example, while the accident on that fateful Thursday afternoon will likely not affect the two children for long, the dump truck driver may have permanent damage.

If you end up going through a similar thing because of another party’s negligence, you deserve compensation! Call Ehline Law Firm today at (833) LETS-SUE to schedule a free initial case evaluation!

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