Sep 10, 2020

What Are The True Origins Of Black Lives Matter?

What Are The Origins Of This Radical Movement?

BLM, ANTIFA = CommunistsAs we have seen over the last several months, radical political movements can pop up anywhere at any time. Put together some social unrest and a pandemic, and voila-- you have the recent cause of the day. Add a catchphrase that may seem innocuous at first, and here is a chance to start to tear down many of the institutions of the country one at a time.

And with the support of a willing news media and one of the political parties, it seems like this whole process is pretty darn easy. That's exactly what has happened to our country over the last several months. Black Lives Matter was started as a radical political group well before our current year.

It's narrative is that all white people are racist and that all police must be abolished. Like ANTIFA, they are primarily made up of white, college-aged kids. However, it has grown in power and influence well beyond its original scope in 2020. Even large corporations and government agencies bend the knee to the movement.

There are many reasons for this, as we will see below. Some are political. Some are financial. In addition, some are a combination of cowardice and cynicism. Regardless of the cause, we delve into the origins of the movement and some of how BLM has become something far different over the course of this year. Plus, the stresses of the pandemic added to what should have been easily rejected out of hand.

Hate groupA combination of Marxist arguments and virtue signaling means that BLM is likely here to stay. And if Joe Biden or Kamala Harris enter into the White House, its values will likely be those of the federal government. In short-- strap in. It's going to be bumpy next several months and years. And if you haven't been paying attention to the election, now may be a good time to start.

I understand that this is a complicated subject to write about. It was also a complex subject for research. I've read dozens of articles on the subject since the first BLM protests in 2016. The issue is one dear to me. Our law firm, Ehline Law, specializes in civil rights law. We care intensely about equal rights and equal application of the law. That is part of the reason that the violence and cancel culture revolving around the current Black Lives Matter movement bothers so many Americans who understand the history of the Soviet Union and its vassal states like Cuba.

This isn't the same as the sit-ins and protests of the 1960s. This isn't Christian activism. Instead, it is often neo-Marxist claptrap wrapped up in the cloak of activism. And so I took to writing more about the subject in order to better understand it. And I didn't like what I found. In my decades in the legal field, I always have been able to balance my feelings with the law and social movements.

The same remains now. At the same time, I understand many of the driving forces behind BLM and why it is so dangerous, especially now that our nation is so desperate. We've made so much progress on so many racial and social issues. I don't want to see all of them sent down the drain in the name of useless protest, rioting, and looting. And unfortunately, it looks like this is the direction we are headed in the coming months and years. As I wrote above-- prepare yourself.

Hypocrisy On Many Levels"

And making the matter even worse, many in the black community understand this. In fact, in many cases, violent acts happening across our nation's cities are often committed by upper-middle-class white kids who still live at mommy and daddy's house. Take, for example, a recent arrest for rioting damage in New York City. Was it from a poor inner-city youth just looking to have their voice heard? Nope. It was from a 20-year-old upper-class white girl with wealthy parents. Her actions caused $100,000 in property damage:

As a member of the Rice Young Democrats, she helped work on Beto O’Rourke’s failed 2018 bid to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz. She donated $121 to the Rice Young Democrats PAC. “Does Beto make you feel this way too??? THEN GO VOTE!!!” she captioned a Facebook photo showing her looking up, earnestly, at the candidate. Clara Kraebber didn’t have much to say when reached by phone at her second home in Connecticut on Friday night.

Some Pushback, But Not Nearly Enough?

BLM is often described as a Marxist front organization. And for many of the chapters of the group, that is certainly the case. However, it is not an entirely black organization-- not by a long shot. Often, the most radical members of the movement are college-educated white kids with nothing better to do. Their parents pay for their lifestyles so they can go out and make-believe that they are activists.

To conservatives, fortunately, President Trump signed a ban on racial brainwashing this past week. He decided to withhold funding for critical race theory-- a Marxist theory based around misunderstandings and lies about American history. And such brainwashing is often not cheap:

The average salary for a diversity and inclusion officer in the US is above $90,000. A quick search of Glassdoor shows that nearly every major company in the US has a diversity and inclusion department, and that they're hiring more people. Executive pay goes up to $146,000, at least. Cornell, Georgetown, Temple, Yale, USC, and Harvard are just a sampling of the American universities that offer certifications in diversity and inclusion, with Yale charging over $3,000 for an online three-week course.

I'm glad to see some pushback-- finally. However, I fear that much of this may be simply too little too late. We've allowed many of our institutions to try to get out of real action through virtue signaling. Or to simply lecture us on issues that have actually improved quite dramatically over the last 50 years. We have so much more at stake. It is time to come together, rather than tear each other apart during the time of a pandemic. What do you think about all of this? Put that in the comments.

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