BLM Marixts, Voter Fraud and the Law Concept

The disparity in Punishment?

Ultimate Guide to Understanding BLM, Cultural Marxism, and Punishment

Allegations of deceiving the probation department made rounds resulting in the arrest of the founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Memphis.

Sentenced to six years in prison, the influential person behind the BLM movement had illegally registered to vote in Tennessee.

Let’s go over the details of the news of a BLM founder sentenced to 6 years with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys.

She Deceived the Probation Department and Election Commission, Judge Accuses Moses

On September 5. 2022, Judge Michael Ward accused the 44-year-old activist of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Memphis, Pamela Moses, of illegally registering to vote despite her felony convictions.

Ward accused Pamela Moses of illegally registering to vote by tricking the probation officer into giving her the documents as she was no longer on probation and the Election Commission.

Pamela Moses stood her ground during the hearing, stating that she did not falsify anything. She claimed that the county Election Commission and corrections department signed off on her voter registration application in 2019, which meant that she could vote.

However, the probation officer later admitted to making a mistake. Still, the Judge believed that the Memphis Black Lives Matter founder, Pamela Moses, knew she was not eligible yet tricked the probation department. Moses received a six-year sentence in prison for illegally registering to vote.

Moses’s attorney, Bede Anyanwu, spoke to Washington Post, stating that he would file an appeal. He criticized the disparity in sentencing and punishment, saying that Moses being sentenced to six years was disturbing. She was also charged with seven years probation in 2015 for tampering with evidence, to which Moses pleaded guilty.

Six Years in Prison Charges Dropped in the Interest of Judicial Economy

In February, Judge Mark Ward overturned her conviction and gave her the opportunity for retrial. However, before the trial could begin, the prosecutor dropped all charges against Moses in the interest of the judicial economy. However, she cannot vote ever again in Tennessee.

BLM Memphis Founder Sentenced to 6 Years: Is the Sentence Too Much for the “Crime” Committed?

Moses’s mugshot at the Shelby County sheriff’s office caused a national outrage. The case of Pamela Moses, where she “tricked” the probation department into giving her documents, is of the double standards in the US justice system where White receive lighter sentences for intentional fraud and Black face harsher punishments for honest mistakes.

In 2020, Hervis Rogers, a black man, stood in line to vote for seven hours before being arrested for voting while on probation. Rogers stated that he did not know he was ineligible to vote. His case is still pending, with many experts saying he could face years in prison.

In 2016, Crystal Mason, a Black woman, was sentenced to five years for illegally voting. What’s shocking is that the probation officers testified that they didn’t warn Mason that she was ineligible to vote, yet she still received a harsh prison sentence. Her attorney filed for an appeal which is currently pending in court.

These sentences for unintentional voting errors seem to show a lot of disparity compared to the white people who received minor probation for committing fraud. In 2021, a 72-year-old republican white man who impersonated his son at the polls received a probation sentence. A 64-year-old white woman from Arizona received a probation sentence for illegally voting after forging her dead mother’s signature on the mail-in ballot.

A republican white man received a probation sentence for illegally voting after voting on his dead wife’s ballot paper and lied about it before pleading guilty. A 64-year-old white man voted while on felony charges and received a 10-day probation sentence and a minor fine.

NAACP Says Marxist BLM Founder Was Carrying Out Mission of BLM?

According to the NAACP legal defense fund, there are two criminal justice systems. In the case of Ms. Mason and the 64-year-old white woman intentionally forging the signature, both were in the same county and had the same DA but different verdicts.

BLM is based on cultural Marxism, replacing wealthy people with white people as the new enemy of the masses. Electing more democrats and flooding the country with non-white people is simply part of the BLM mission. The NAACP has not made such a statement, but we know enough to understand their goals. Besides, most Democrat-appointed judges say there is no evidence of “widespread” voter fraud, so what’s the big deal? Just look at the fact-check labels on social media. If Silicon Valley says it’s true or false, who are we to argue?

Even after so many anti-discrimination laws, it is disappointing that the justice system is a victim of racial biases. But if you have an experienced trial attorney by your side, it can improve the outlook of your case.

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