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    Brace for Tire Blowouts When Passing Big Rig Semi-Trucks

Brace for Tire Blowouts When Passing Big Rig Semi-Trucks

Trucks hauling heavy loads come with built-in dangers to the truck driver. One of the most dangerous events truck drivers face is a truck accident occurring when a tire blows out.

California has approximately 380,000 lane miles of roads, and many of the state’s busiest and most congested motorways are used by significant semi-truck drivers hauling heavy payloads.

There is heavy traffic because most long-haul truck drivers haul goods semi-trucks to the densest population areas. For example, the truck driver’s journey behind the steering wheel is easygoing till a rush hour or busy port area like Long Beach, CA.

If a big right tire blew near you while riding a motorcycle, the blast and fragmentation alone are enough to turn a biker into road pizza. When a truck tire blows, the brake drum can often fly off, along with the metallic parts of the disc wheel. Even a small car can be peppered with shrapnel. We can hold the negligent driver accountable on your behalf.

Semi Truck Driver Accident Lawyer

Even a simple tire blowout might transform an otherwise safely-driving semi-truck into an out-of-control danger. For example, a trailer landing gear pad can break loose, flip, and bounce along the road. Injured truck drivers or passenger car occupants might search for a California truck accident lawyer to assist them in putting the pieces back together.

Here are some ideas for remaining prepared for the worst when driving near semi-trucks or a distracted or inexperienced truck driver.

What Are Some Causes of Semi-Truck Tire Blows?

The FMCSA, or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, has determined the root causes of tire blowouts on big trucks, and striking an object in the road isn’t one of them.

Truck Drivers Learning Safety Is Number One!

Safety is number one. Fifth-wheel truckers need a commercial driver’s license to haul a tractor-trailer and operate a big rig.


Providing drivers with adequate training, including rollover awareness training, will go a long way toward decreasing rollover accidents in oversized vehicles.

Truck Maintenance

The biggest failure in trucking safety occurs in commercial motor vehicles with poor truck maintenance.

Duty to Inspect

Truck inspections are crucial to avoiding a bad traffic accident. Before hauling them off, the trucking company and truck driver should thoroughly inspect all tires and parts. When they don’t, truck accident lawyers and various regulatory agencies hold the at-fault party for any accident caused by the vehicle involved they operated.

You must inspect for commercial vehicle damage in the following ways:

  • Weld cracks and repairs are attached to the tire rim.
  • Crack in the weld connecting the tubeless demountable rim to the adapter.
  • Welded repair on an aluminum wheel on the steering axle.
  • Other than disc-to-rim attachment.
  • Welded repair on steel disc wheel on the steering axle.
  • Hubs, especially on dump trailers.
  • Any bearing (hub) cap, plug, or filler plug is missing or broken, affording a view of the hub assembly.
  • Because of a bearing failure, I was smoking from the wheel hub.
  • Any wheel seal leaking, producing evidence of wet contamination of the brake friction material, etc.
  • Combination vehicle or dump trailer with steering axle or brake defects
  • Brakes won’t actuate effectively or contact the drum/rotor or audible air leak chamber.

Duty to Replace and Repair To Avoid a Blown Tire

The biggest mistake the commercial truck driver or boss can make is failing to replace noticeably damaged or worn truck tires.

Specific semi-truck accident causes include:

  • Failing to service brakes
  • Tires that are under-inflated or overinflated are a common problem.
  • Excessive braking, leading to steer tire blowouts
  • Overloading the trailer, or carrying too much cargo, can lead to a variety of issues of excessive stress being put on the tires.
  • Tire wear that should be inspected during routine maintenance
  • Excessive tire wear can indicate other mechanical or steering problems that must be addressed.
  • Tire shaving, tire notching
  • Tire wear patterns that are not identical, or other reasons for irregular wear patterns
  • Failure to obey tire recalls.

These mishaps are avoidable in most cases, and when they aren’t avoided, they can generally be considered culpable conduct. This implies that if you suffer damages due to a vehicle tire blowing out, you may seek compensation from a personal injury attorney.

The Dangers Of A Semi-Truck Tire Blowout Strike

A collision with a semi-truck may result in serious injuries to the driver and their passengers. There can be soft tissue damage, internal injuries, and more severe injuries such as fractures and breaks.

The semi-truck may also hit anything in its path, including the driver. In some situations, the driver might be crushed between the semi-truck and the ground or other objects. The spine, skull, and limbs may all be seriously damaged. Permanent disfigurement or disability can occur, as can significant emotional stress for survivors.

If You Have Been In A Trucking Accident

Being in an accident can be frightening, whether caused by another motorist, a pedestrian, or even a wild animal. The first thing to keep in mind is to document everything, take photographs and videos, and obtain a police report.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a vehicle accident, contact our California personal injury attorneys right away. They can provide you with the information to make informed decisions while also giving expert legal counsel. Call us or contact us today for a free consultation using our online website form or by dialing (213) 596-9642. You ask, we answer!

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