Jan 8, 2019

Why Are Cancer and Brain Injury Patients Arguing For Scorpion Venom?

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A Surprising Drink

By Attorney Michael Ehline

Scorpion venom would typically be the last thing anyone uses to help heal people. But that is precisely what is happening as we speak. In fact, scorpion venom's use in the treatment or detection of deadly forms of brain cancer shows promise.

As a matter of fact, testing proves it helps spot cancer as an imaging assistant. It can even stop certain types of cancer.

As a personal injury attorney, I would like to see a serum that can cure any brain injury.

Science says some cancers happen due to genes. Other cancers come from out of the blue. Of particular interest here, certain different types of cancers arise from the negligence of others. Mesothelioma comes to mind as a negligently inflicted disease. But many occupational hazards cause cancers.

What does this mean for suing plaintiffs? It says that they need to hire cutting-edge medical experts in significant mass tort cases and cases of toxic exposure. We know for example that workers can be exposed to lead, chlorine gas and a plethora of other poisonous substances. All are linked to cancer.

Why are Experts Important?

Experts employed by the better lawyers don't help victims. They work to disprove their client caused your cancer. On the other hand, you must deploy your experts. But how do you do that with no legal training? The answer is, you don't. Only a plaintiff's lawyer with proper training knows these experts.

How Can We Trace the Cancer?

These will be people who can trace in the detection of deadly growths. Experts also help lawyers determine the cause and type of cancer. This detection helps us rule out negligence. It also helps us identify the proper parties to sue. So what we do first at Ehline Law Firm is gather the records and evidence showing your exposure.

Then an expert can corroborate. For example, they will say it is more likely than not that the plaintiff was exposed by the defendant's failure to keep the plaintiff safe from toxins.

Does Causation Remain Key to Moving a Brain Injury Case Forward?

Proving what caused the injury is key to understanding the cure. In any event, it can happen from smoking, or even from drinking too much. Natural causes often cause cancer. Or it can be something man caused.

When it's man caused, an unfair situation arises. Man now has interfered with the life of a fellow man. So causation remains the key to moving forward in a case.

Why else must accident lawyers determine the causation? The life care plan needs to include coverage for an existing and potential new treatment to help clients. Detecting and treating these diseases can assist the victims to live long and prosper.

Scorpion Venom and Experimental Treatments Remain Expensive. A Lawyer Helps Sue to Get Money for Negligence.

This usually means the victim will need a lawyer to help recover a sum of money to pay for the medical bills. Mitigation and detection before verdict or settlement also help the legal practitioner avoid malpractice exposure. Sometimes courts will disallow damages for experimental procedures. But what a client does with their verdict and money award is up to them.

There are also clinics and other experiments that clients and we can seek out. Sadly, treating the symptoms of brain damage is about as far as science has come. A cure for brain damage has only been in the form of gimmicks that are akin to snake oil thus far. But scorpion venom may actually hold some promise for the downtrodden.

This Isn't Just "Snake Oil" - Scorpion Venom Works on Certain Brain Injuries

Presently the uses for this new "snake oil" may only be experimental. But a great attorney is going to make sure that he or she argues everything that can bump up the final amount. This truth holds even if it is an "off-label" or experimental treatment. Let's take a look at a recent case involving college student Duane Rualo from Long Beach.

This gentleman saw the advantages of venom after being diagnosed with Glioma a form of deadly brain tumor. Rualo is amazed. After treatment with the venom, he relates success. He had undergone surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, yet still, the tumor came back. In this case, we have a tumor that is medically probably hereditary from childbirth, except that:

Environmental factors such as food, radiation, or chemicals may cause these changes to genes?

Yes, it's true, outside influence can trigger gene mutations. What this means to you, is that a parent could have been exposed to radiation, genetically altered food, or unhealthy food. So this could cause you, or in this case, Rualo, cancer through childbirth.

Other Causes of Gene Mutations?

But it could also be the case that genes may have been altered by an environmental hazard or other outside factor caused by a wrongdoer. If that is the case, often, the statute of limitations will be tolled until the reasonable discovery of the source of the injury (Read More.)

This also means you (attorney or victim) need to focus on any hopeful future medical care as part of any case resolution if you are suing. You have to stay alive and get better if you can. In the instant example, the college student stated he was "hopeless" after the re-occurrence of the growth. By then he was willing to try anything because he was too young to die.

This was when he learned about a rare giant yellow Israeli scorpion may work for his type of tumor. I for one, 100% empathize with Rualo, and this is why I am actively involved in charities supporting these types of treatments. Lawyers are humans too [well some of us anyways.]

Check out the Video of Scorpion Killing Cancer

I surfed around and found a lot of good info for everyone to peruse. As in the above video, the experimental treatment encouraged Rualo. Physicians are presently using the scorpion venom at the City of Hope Cancer Center in Duarte, California.

The treatment Rualo said, takes approximately five minutes. Researchers use synthesized venom injected directly into the brain. The molecules from the venom move throughout the brain. These molecules carry anticancer chemicals that attack the cancer cells without any harm to the brain tissue.

City of Hope Cancer Center Dr. Adam Mamelak stated that the goal of science is to discover the wonders of the world and this makes it seem nothing is here by accident. Rualo had no more signs of tumor growth, and he lived for a long time.

Testing the Venom

There are only two cancer centers nationwide using testing with the synthetic scorpion venom in the country. One center is in Duarte, California City of Hope Cancer Center. Drug trials can still go horribly wrong. But as a brain injury attorney, I am hopeful.

I realize that a treatment like this may not do anything for a closed head injury from a car crash. But it certainly looks promising for the tort mentioned above. The mere fact that it can help with imaging in the location of more tumors means a greater chance of survival.

It also helps the victim get money for the monetary charges when his or her lawyer is advocating and obtaining money for these treatments on his or her behalf. But it could still go another direction. It could also lead to medical malpractice lawsuits if things go south.

So it could be that the venom causes some other problem with the human condition. This may turn out to be a miracle cure. If it does, then your lawyer must argue for including it in your future medical care. Lawyers must get their clients the maximum value for their brain injury lawsuit.

Getting Paid For Treatment Means Thinking Outside the Box?

Seeking money damages from a lawyer's perspective means thinking outside the box. This is another reason why it is so important for a victim to understand a bit about the duties of attorneys. This duty is also why it is equally important for an injury lawyer to stay up on the latest medical news and breakthroughs.

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